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    Power cord falls out if butterfly lands on it.

    Between working on my bed and the couch I have to bend over and re-attach my power cord 5-7 times a day. no joke.

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    Falls Out Constantly

    I've had Apple's since high school, iBooks, Powerbooks, Macbooks, and Macbook Pros. Overall the new Apple Retina Macbook Pro is great except for this one major design flaw. At first it seems like it is not a big deal, as if the problem is, touching the cable or moving the computer cause the issue, well then don't touch the cable or move the computer. Unfortunately that is not realistic for a "laptop".

    As a web professional I use it all day so while I haven't counted I would imagine at least 30 times day it falls out. Many times I plug it back it, other times I don't notice and now constantly wonder why my battery is always in the read and then realize the cable unplugged. My partner has the exact same computer and the exact same issue.

    Apple will never admit fault and will simply fix it it's next major revision which is quite unfortuante for all of us who forked 2 to 3 grand for this laptop. I can only hope they release and updated MagSafe 3 that works with the current retina that resolves the issue. Sure we would all hate to have to spend 40 bucks or such to buy a new cable due to Apple's design flaw but at least it would cure the issue.

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    Badly designed

    Quoting NYTimes: "The beauty of the MagSafe connector was that Apple had found precisely the right balance between attachment and detachment. Strong enough to hold the connector in place, weak enough to detach if it gets yanked.

    The MagSafe 2 connector fails that balance test. Badly. The magnet is too weak. It’s so weak, it keeps falling out. It falls out if you brush it. It falls out if you tip the laptop slightly. It falls out if you look at it funny. It’s a huge, huge pain."

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    It's going to burn my house down

    The MagSafe 2 has never been dropped or abused. When I plug it into the wall it sparks. It actually gets so hot you can't touch it.

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    This is the first time i have ever had to complain about anything apple, the magnet is way way to weak and i've only had the computer 2 hours and had to plug it in god knows how many times

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    Poor Design

    Ok so there are a lot of complaints about this power adapter coming detached way too easy and there are reviews saying quit complaining! Well I have had a Macbook Pro since 2006 and have updated 4 times and this new incarnation is the worst of them all. The magnetic connector was brilliant and saved my Macbook from being yanked off the table on many an occasion but this new one is very poor.
    In my opinion its the design, the power cable comes straight out from the port instead of a 90 degree angle and this plus the weight of the cable is enough to make it detach very easily. Like other reviewers mine will detach just by moving my Mac, I am a huge Apple fan and love their designs but this one is a mistake, they need to go back to a cable that is angled from the port so it will stay connected but still come dislodged when the cable is yanked with enough force. Come on Apple read these reviews and tweak the design and make my retina Macbook the best laptop I have ever owned again!!

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    Why the downgrade?

    Falls out all the time. Bring back the old version!

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    Bad charger connection

    After only 3 months of use. The charger now falls out when resting on a desk and charging. The magnet cannot support the weight of the cord. I have to jiggle the the connector around for it to make a proper connection. I'm afraid this action will lead to a poorer and poorer connection because the connector does not fit as tightly as it first did. I hope I can still charge my computer a year from now. I otherwise live the computer but if I can't charge it what is the point. When I first bought it the connector was very difficult to pull out. Now that gravity is pulling it down and out I wonder if the problem is the type of metal the computer is made of. It seems to me the part where the connector goes in is looser and this is causing the problem. The magnet required a bit of a tug to remove in the beginning and this may have caused damage over time.

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    Fix The Problem!

    Ever since getting my Macbook Retina the charging port cord falls off way, way too easy. This isn't my first Macbook and my others don't do this. It falls off just by moving it from one spot on my desk to another without touching the cord, that is how sensitive it is. I fear that this problem will eventually make the charging port bad because of having to plug back in the charging cord every time I move, thus reducing the life of the Macbook.

    I would say "expect this with a first gen product" however Apple holds themselves to such high standards and attempts to show that they are elite, so I'm holding them to that. This shouldn't be an issue and for over $2800 dollars you would expect any problems to be fixed before releasing a product to the public. You can't say Apple didn't know about this problem before releasing it. I smell another class action lawsuit on the charging ports on these Retina laptops!

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    Quit crying

    Everyone that is complaining about the charger falling out easy, needs to quit whining! What would you have Apple do? If the charger cable was stronger and had to be pulled out with force, then most if you would complain that you tripped over the cord and it pulled the laptop off of your desk or something. It does what it is supposed to do and that is to charge your laptop. Here's a thought, why don't you just set the laptop aside and let it charge so that you're not yanking it out since that seems to be a reoccurring theme in these reviews. Be smart, not ignorant.

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    Falls out CONSTANTLY

    Charger falls out constantly!!!! The magnet is incredibly weak. Please fix this! Bring back the old charger!

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    Serious Design Flaws, Awful Quality

    I recently got a MBPR.THe computer is great but the connector is absolute junk.After a few months of use the connecter is frayed at the connection to the cord to the power adaptor.Plus a month ago the charger surged and destroyed the logic board in my computer.The lights did not flicker and nothing else surged so it was clearly the charger.The magnet connection is awful, Most of my family uses the original magsafe chargers in there computers and they work great.I can clearly see apple did not thoroughly test there product.I would recommend this charger to no one.

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    Bring back MagSafe L, PLEASE!

    I thought the trend was to miniaturize. What's up with the bulkier Magsafe 2?!? I gather that the hope is that if someone trips on the cord, it won't drag the MBP to the floor. The problem is that the connection is too strong laterally so it doesn't disengage when pulled laterally (which is when you want it to disengage), but too weak to remain attached when something lightly brushes up against it (which is when you DON'T want it to disengage). The L-connector was a much better design.

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    adapter falls out too easily

    agree with everyone else - if you sit with the laptop in your lap, the power adapter falls out with the slightest movement. no adapter on any MBP i've owned in the past has ever had such poor design. shame on apple!

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    falls out too easily

    if pulled directly, it stays plugged in well enough....but with any bump or pull vertically, it comes unplugged. incredibly inconvenient as it constantly detaches while on lap or whenever moving the computer.

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    Very weak magnet

    This magnet is very weak compared to previous MagSafe versions and as a result it is constantly faling off when used on any surface other then a desk.

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    Hate the "New" Adapter

    Absolutely unbelievable for a Laptop power connector to NOT stay connected when its on your LAP! Hello Apple, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Never had a problem with the old adapter. Why did you have to change it? What "benefit" do we get with this new adapter? Did you forget these laptops might not be used at a desk and people will need a power cable ATTACHED for extended use? This adapter is totally unacceptable! Is there a fix so we can actually use our laptops without holding the adapter with one hand or balancing everything "just right"?

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    Unless you put the Macbook Pro on a desk and plug it in you will find that this adaptor always comes unplugged with the slightest bump. I like to sit in a chair with the computer on my lap but if I plug it in the screen goes dim everytime the plug moves. I want another plug.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I hate the weak magnet!!!!

    It sticks out and the magnet is so weak it falls out if i move even the slightest bit, it is SO annoying i hate it. Not to mention, if I forget to bring my charger to school, I can't borrow anyone else's bc it's incompatible with older chargers. At least it charges (in the event it actually stays connected). Apple should issue every single customer and adapter for this POS, terrible design.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    New adapter inconvenient

    Next to what other people have been saying about the adapter I want to note how annoying the t shaped connector is. I love putting the MBP on my lap to work on stuff but with the new T shaped connector it easily gets disconnected. This NEVER happened to the L shaped connector. It's very tricky to have it on your lap and not have it disconnect. One constantly has to be aware of the adapter. It's no good!

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