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    Hate the T shaped connector

    Please bring back the L shaped connector. I don't know why Apple went back to this design; we always hated it on older macs and were so glad when they switched to the L shape. Hopefully this one will short out like all of our old ones did and we'll get a free replacement, and by then Apple will have come to their senses and gone back to the L shape.

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    Not Pleased

    Ok I love the magnetic feature of the adapter but I hate the new look. The magnet doesn't stay in the Mac like it did in the old Macbook Pro as well. When I move my Mac around it detaches too easily. I can't stand that. Overall love the concept still of the magnet but don't like the new look or design. Not functional and that is unlike Apple.

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    Apple: Bring Back the L-Shaped Connector, Please!

    I've been using MacBooks/Pros for many many years and this new MagSafe connector is a serious annoyance and major step backwards. As everyone here is saying, it can't stay in place during normal use as "laptop" computer, which means additional wear to the battery!
    Apple: please listen to your loyal customers and give us the choice of an L-shaped connector!

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    MagSafe 2 Power Adapter is Great!

    What a great idea that works! Disconnects safely instead of ruining connectors or connection ports with an inadvertent hard pull or tug. Magnet works well to me. Plenty strong enough to stay connected to the MacBook Pro unless you're using it like a tightrope. Great invention Apple! Wish my iPads had the same kind of connection!

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    Just like the last versions of the magsafe power adaptors the cord is prone to splitting near the power supply box. On my last MBP I had to replace the power adaptor 3+ times in its 5 year career. I was hoping this new one would be different somehow (I dont know why i would think that). It finally broke again, after just 5 months of use. Luckily it is covered in the applecare so I wont have to buy a new $80 power adaptor.

    For those who wonder if it was my doing somehow, it was not. As I have dealt with this problem before I take steps to prevent it from happening again. carefully wrapping it up, not pulling on it and I have a hard case it sits in while it is my bag.

    Also, as many others have complained the magnet is not powerful enough. I agree on this point as well. It could use a stronger magnet so it does not fall out as easily. I can see how this would add to more cable splits from the power supply box.

    Unfortunately, I realize that if you are reading this you already have a macbook pro (most likely) so you really dont have a choice in the matter. The only advice I can give to you know is that if you computer is covered in the applecare warranty, so is your adaptor (as long as its the one that computer came with). If the cable splits, get a genius appointment and get it replaced.

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    Great product!

    I dont know why you people complain! The connector has to be smaller in height to fit in with the smaller designed retina display macbook pro. I much rather have the slimmer notebook, than the previous macbook pro. The new connector stays in just fine. Yea, if you move it up or done it does come out a little easier, but this is good because the laptop is lighter weight. If the connector was just as strong as the previous design, the retina macbook would move a couple inches if you trip on the cord.

    It is all about proportions people!!!

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    Zero Problems

    Unlike many of the reviewers, I've had zero problems with this charger. I bought the 13" MBPr on release day and I haven't had any problems with it falling off or not charging properly. I usually charge my laptop on a desk and my feet sometimes kick the cord, and the charger has stayed in place. I was surprised to read all the negative reviews as I was looking to buy a second charger to leave at the office.

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    Constantly falls off

    the new charger does not stay connected. this must be corrected!

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    magnet useless

    this magnet is so weak just breathing hard will sever the connection. i can just shifting the laptop right now caused it to break connection. unbelievably bad.

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    Falls out!

    The magnet is so weak that the weight of thin part of the power cord alone is sometimes enough force to remove the magnet. This really frustrates me as every time the cord falls out it is wasting a cycle of my battery's life. It would be great if this was remedied. and a new cable was to replace this one on a recall.

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    Disconnects all the time

    Gets disconnected all the time. I've had a 2010 MacBook Pro for 2 years with the original MagSafe and it pretty much never got disconnected. This is a HUGE downgrade from the original.

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    Falls off often!!

    Doesnt over heat like the previous one but falls off very often!! Do something!!

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    I'd give it 0 stars if I could

    Not everyone has a cat; however, it's not unreasonable as a manufacturer to assume that many consumers have pats. That being said, I just bought the new MacBook Air that came with this power cord and the first night I had it my kitten chewed a couple spots on it and though no wires were broken or sticking out, the product no longer worked. I thought, ok maybe she did break a small wire and bought a new charger. I had it plugged in for 10 minutes before she snuck up and took one tiny nibble. It barely broke the plastic and the whole charger was rendered useless. Now, apple is not responsible for my kitten needing training, but she did the same thing to my iPhone cord and it still works fine! One minuscule puncture to this power cord and that's $80 down the drain, ridiculous! I'm sure this doesn't just effect pet owners, I'm sure a good kink in the cord over a little time or dropping an object on the charger's cord would completely ruin it if it cracks the cord at all. Very dissatisfied.

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    Constantly falls off

    This new power charger is terrible, it falls out of the computer at the slightest bump, which happens all of the time with the t design. The older L charger has a stronger magnet and is less in the way, I wish they would change the design of this! It's absolutely the worst part of the MBPr!!

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    Charges fine, magnet not sticky enough.

    Charges fine, so I guess it does the job.

    Doesn't overheat like my older one. So thats good.

    Cable hasn't frayed at the connector, so I guess that's a plus.

    I get why they made this thinner (nothing to do with the laptop being thinner....makes it harder to accidentally shove a usb stick in there) but:

    1) The L shape design was more convenient.
    2) Sit in a chair, move a little, and the thing falls off. Constantly. All. The. Time.

    This is the first time I can remember where Apple got the actual usability so broken.

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    MagSafe 2: The worst thing about Retina MacBook Pros

    My MagSafe 2 connector comes unplugged at least 3 times a day. It seems Apple has stopped testing their products. No one should have let this go into production. Two of my other Macs started crashing with new OSX releases. Then iOS 6 Maps. Why do faults like this keep happening over and over again in Apple products? It's no wonder that their stock has dropped 200 points in 3 months.

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    Such a downgrade from the L chargers!

    I was having trouble with the original T-shaped WHITE macbook charger from a while ago, so when they released the new L-shaped chargers I was ecstatic! It worked amazingly and I could move my laptop around without the charger falling out! I recently just bought the new 13" retina display macbook pro, and I am very disappointed with this new T-shaped charger! It falls out when you pick up the laptop!! It is just flat out ANNOYING and IRRITATING! BRING BACK THE L CHARGERS!

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    I am very surprised at the number of people who have described weak coupling of their MagSafe connections to their laptops. I assert the most likely explanation for their experiences would be either; they have received the 2-5% of product manufactured that are deficient (as happens in all products) and the magnets are weaker than intended. Or; another possibility is that the magnets have been weakened due to being impacted (a well known phenomenon of magnets). My explanation why there are so many bad vs good reviews is that for those of us who have well functioning examples there is less motivation and no incentive to get online and write a review. Those frustrated by their experience posses motive and motivation to express such.

    My MagSafe 2 power adapter is awesome. It holds on very strong and has NEVER been unintentionally disconnected. My example performs perfectly and is an obvious improvement in design and function over the previous version. Its hold is stronger than that of my 2006 17" MBP, which occasionally did come out unnecessarily, but still within my expectations.

    I assert this product is well resolved and that many of those with bad experiences have unfortunately received the 2-5% that are lemons. Get them exchanged under warranty and see how you go. Unless the cause of those problems is a weak receiving magnet in your laptop, which is another possibility…

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    "Magnet Not Strong Enough" -- Seconded

    I love the fact that if you trip over the power cord, your MacBook Pro does not end up getting a major "shock test". BUT, I agree with the reviews that state the adapter releases way too easily. If the battery is low and I'm not using the MBP on a desk, I find myself reconnecting the adapter every couple of minutes.

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    Why Apple devolved into going backwards to inferior design of the T-shaped connector is beyond me. The previous designed stayed in place exactly when i wanted to and it could be leaned against things, which was the beauty of the newer design!
    But the changed it back to the original, which now constatnly flips off the MacBook cause of weird angles of holding the laptop. Boooo

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