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    Works very well.

    I received my MacBook Pro with Retina Display a couple of weeks ago, and the charging adapter works well. It comes out if my dog runs across it, or I step on it. Which is exactly what it is made to do. I can have it sit on my lap for a couple hours straight and it won't fall out. I move around quite a bit as well. It falls out occasionally, but no big deal. I'm guessing many people received faulty pieces. Which is very common if you buy a product when it first comes out. If you have problems with the new design, buy an adapter. Although mine works exactly the way it is supposed to.

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    magsafe 2 is a few steps backward

    It is too thin and sticks out too far which causes the magsafe to constantly disconnect from the macbook air. This thin design would work much better if they just kept the L shape. The thin surface area of the magnetic contact wouldn't be effected as much if the L design was kept rather than going back to the T design. The L design seemed to me much better. Why Apple would go back to the T doesn't seem rational to me but to thin down the magnetic surface and go back to the T design was really stupid.

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    Very Practical and Safe T-shaped Connector, love it!

    I'm not sure who writes all these negative reviews and for what reason...
    the power supply that came with my Retina MBP works great! the T-shaped power connector sits securely (when in normal use of course), yet when I accidentally step on the power cord - it does come out, and it should, as this protects the cord/connector from breaking, this works safer with the T-shaped connector.
    I also use the previous generation MBP at work and the MagSafe with L-shaped connector might hold the power cable even more securely, but I don't see a benefit in having a stronger magnet if the new one works just fine.
    The L-shaped power connector is nice but I like the new one more, I think this new power connector is more practical, it also looks elegant and yet simple. This is a remarkable product, like everything else Apple makes :)
    On a side note I rarely even have to attach power, because the battery life on my MBP is amazing (considering all the performance and utilization).

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    Unplugs too easily.

    It's a combination of a few engineering over sites. Not enough surface area for the magnet to hold firm and it extends out too far so even some of the weight from the cord itself has enough leverage to unplug it. I think going back to the "L" shape would solve the problem..

    Also on a similar yet side note... I've always thought it would be incredibly convenient to have a charging connection on both sides of the MacBook. See what you guys can do, Apple :)

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    Something is wrong with this.

    The new magsafe (2) is really badly designed, if disconnects constantly. The T shape is a step back. Why would anyone want to go back to a solution which has so many disadvantages?

    When the computer sits on my desk, I often wonder how i got to deplete the battery. The problem comes from the cheap magnet in the new magsafe. It disconnects at any occasion, shuffling some papers around is enough... I never had this kind of problems with my previous macs. This is a step backward for apple.

    On my laps the magsafe rarely remains connected, I gave up. Now I use the computer disconnected when I'm not at my desk.

    The rMBP is gorgeous, but the new magsafe single handedly spoils the experience.

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    Mag Safe Charger

    I Know some of you are not happy with your mag safe staying on, mine seems to stay on well maybe they rectified it since my Macbook Pro Retina is only two weeks old, but i like the way it comes off with a little force. My last computer Toshiba went flying on the floor when it got knocked off with its cord plugged in and now has a wobble in it's socket was not happy about that luckily i passed it on to a family member. No problem on my side great idea and plenty of magnet attaches to my Macbook Pro with plenty of magnet strength.

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    Very perplexing remarks here

    I just received my MBP Retina, and the magnet is as strong or stronger than the magnet on my MBP 17"! This leads me to believe that a bad batch of cords got out there, and those experiencing this problem should (MUST) report this to Apple. Carping about it here will do no one any good - least of all those experiencing this problem!

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    You're kidding me, right?

    This is an example of a product that needs the option to rate it 0 stars. No, negative stars. I'd give it -2. It's that bad...

    I'm sure you've already read all the other glowing reviews for this POS so no need to repeat. My advice? Buy the old style charger and spend $10 on the tiny aluminum adapter. Yes, the tiny adapter does get stuck to the machine once in a while when you unmount the charger and you will probably eventually lose it one day. But the likelihood for this combo (either the adapter or the charger) to pull out under normal use is reduced 10,000 fold over this poorly designed charger.

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    Design/magnet must have been updated

    I purchased a rMBP last week with the new MagSafe2 power cord, and the first thing I noticed was has strong the magnet was. It takes considerably more force to remove than the old design.

    It seems they might have rectified the issue, I hope this is the new norm for future buyers.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I love my MBPR but I hate this Magsafe

    Worst design ever. Come on, Apple. Love my MBPR, but this thing is too lose, I am unable to charge my computer it keeps getting loose.

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    Doesnt stay in....

    I really hate how it falls out under its own wait. Terrible design.

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    Disconnects at the slightest touch .

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    Extremely loose. Terrible design.

    When I push my MagSafe 2 connector down, it will disconnect at the slightest push. It takes more effort to disconnect when pushing it up. This implies a design flaw, because it would presumably be equal pressure when pulling from below and pulling from above. Really not impressed, Apple. My Retina screen also has to be replaced due to ghosting, will get them to check the power con out when its in store.

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    New cord?

    What's with the new, super stiff cord? The extension cable is the worst, it will not stay in its place. I don't know what happened, I definitely like the older magsafe better.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    very bad design

    just got a new retina.....tried to use this while sitting down on the couch kept falling out constantly. why not a 90 degree cable like the macbook air? or even better move the thing to the back of the computer????


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    Im about to go buy my 4th macbook pro charger as the first.. stopped working, the 2nd caught on fire and burnt my carpet quite severely, and my 3rd just decided to stop.. had enough of their lame chargers!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It IS too loose

    Really annoying. Everything else on the retina MBP is sweet, but I don't see how this passed user testing.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Weak magnet = ANNOYING!!! Enough already!

    It's hard for me to grasp why I spent $3800 on a Retnia MacBook Pro when Apple can't bother to fix the AWFUL AC adapter that never stays plugged in. If you touch it it falls out. Can nobody at Apple test such a simple thing before unleashing it on customers? Apple - please - when are you going to acknowledged and fix this already??

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    So Annoying!

    The strength of this adapter is extremely weak and very ANNOYING. It pulls out at the slightest touch. I don't give a hoot what shape the darn thing is (but I do prefer the L-shape)--I just want it to stay put with light use. This is a big fail for Apple, in my opinion. Especially for a $2400 computer.

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    Falls Out Too Easily. Awful

    The MagSafe 2 is a complete downgrade from original magsafe.
    The worst part being the weak magnet. Or it might just be due to it's rectangular shape instead of the cylindrical shape like the previous Magsafe, but if the plug is not perfectly horizontal with your MacBook IT WILL FALL OUT.

    It falls out too easily.

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