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    magnet very weak

    I have the old magsafe from the past macbook pro, and the magnet on that was perfect. strong enough to stay in when moving the computer around, but weak enough to disconnect if you tripped over the cable. the magsafe 2 magnet is very weak. just moving the computer around, it falls out, even tilting the laptop will make it fall out. i wish there was a way to make the magnet stronger.

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    Mag Safe T - BAD ..... MBP RD - GOOOOD

    The T connector does NOT stay in, if I am working portably away from my desk, I find that the slightest up or down bump dislodges the connector. The L connector never did this. Disappointed that such a wonderful machine can have such an annoying disability.

    I also don't like the fact that the cord extends perpendicularly to the MBP, liked the L cord running backwards away from laptop, it just was a neater appearance and worked better universally, i.e. when the plug was either to left or right of my laptop, it didn't matter.

    This is my 3rd MBP in the last 3 years, upgrading each time happily, so I have worked with the 3 different connectors, and for me the L connector has been the best so far.

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    I like the T shape. But it's too weak.

    The L shape always seemed like an "almost" to me—it's almost flush, but it wasn't. The T shape seems more like a proper connector. The issue isn't that the magnet is weak per se—it takes quite a bit of force to pull it out straight. But it's super easy to knock up or down, and that's when it's weak. I blame it on the thinner design, which results in a smaller magnet-gripping area. It's super easy to knock down. I'm tempted to pad it with a thin layer of lacquer or something…not really, but that would be what it takes—the plug doesn't sit completely flush with the side of the rMBP.

    As long as it stays in, it does a great job of being a power adapter. ;)

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    About that "weakness" issue...

    I just received my Macbook Pro with Retina today and after reading constant reviews about how easily the magsafe 2 adapter came out, I was ready to be disappointed. Well after trying it out today, I am very pleasantly surprised. It doesn't quite snap in as easily as the first generation t-shape but once you get it in there it stays very well. Other reviews had mentioned the adapter coming out from simply picking up the laptop and moving it, well I just spent a whole minute shaking it harder and harder. I did manage to make the connecter fall out once by waving my computer around like a maniac but before that I was moving it around pretty fast and it stayed in perfectly. If it does come out easier than the first gen, it's not much easier. Maybe Apple silently fixed this issue throughout production, but I can confirm that the slimmer magsafe 2 adapter that came with my rMBP today works wonderfully. Hope this helps :)

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    Magnet too weak !

    I had a Macbook Pro (2011) with the T-magsafe 1 and it stayed put at all times except if I tripped on the cable when it disconnected easily (as it should)

    I have now got the Macbook Pro Retina with the Magsafe 2, and it is very annoying. It disconnects all the time when I am sat with the macbook on my lap, and the slightest movement (like getting up to place the laptop on the seat dislodges it)

    I am disappointed in this as it seems a backwards step, and detracts from what otherwise is a brilliant product.

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    Weak connection

    I have had a magsafe connection on my old aluminium macbook pro for over 3 years without the connector ever falling out incidentally. It also disconnected as designed on the few times that I have tripped over the cord and probably saved my laptop, which didn't budge. However, the new magsafe 2 barely stays connected on my new macbook air. The slightest vertical pull will dislodge the connector. When using the air on your lap like in front of the tv or in bed, it won't stay in.

    I never had the L shaped connector but it seemed to be the perfect design, so it seems odd it would revert back. Having never used it though I can't comment on whether this is an improvement or not.

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    Need's better design & it's weak compared to Macbook Air.

    Wish Apple would make the connection stronger. The magnetic connection is really weak compared to the one on my Macbook Air. It's constantly slipping off anytime the cord is bumped from top or bottom like when I'm using it on my lap sitting down. The L-style on the MacBook Air would be a much better fit and I prefer over this new connection. Also would be nice to have a cord that was a little longer. Overall two stars because I think this can be improved a lot!

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    I agree with everyone who says it's too weak. Also, I prefer the L-shape flush design. Less likely to get bumped.

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    Magnet Problem

    For those of you who wonder why the magnet isn't strong enough you should be thankful. The reason why Apple didn't make the magnet stronger is if you were to walk or pull the cord accidentally, the cord wouldn't pull the computer with it and destroy it. Do your research before you look stupid again.

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    Comes off all of the time

    The slightest movement or using the laptop on a non flat surface like a bed cause this to come off. Due to its length and the thin height of the new laptops this comes into almost immediate contact with any nearby surface coming loose. The connector really needs to project at an angle like the previous generation or be much much shorter.

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    Terrible, needs a stronger magnet

    It charges, when it is plugged in, but don't try moving your laptop or breath on it. It falls out any chance it gets. I feel as though this will destroy my battery in the long run, which will cost me $∞ to replace. It feels like Apple is making worse products so you have to replace them more frequently.

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    Magnet not Strong Enough

    In continuation of the fact that the Magnet is too weak to stay in, the fix seems to be the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter. It is much stronger than the Native MagSafe 2 adaptor by itself. Use it with your older adaptors or buy a new 85W MagSafe 1 or 1.5 adaptor and use the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter for a stronger bond.

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    Falls out constantly

    The previous charger, which hugged close to the laptop, was definately suited for "real world" use. This new charger is akin to a toggle that flips and disconnects from the computer under the mildest of pressure. Also, because of the increased flex the cord will experience because of this new design. It wouldn't surprise me if the coord eventually breaks.

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    Falls out constantly

    Even though it's thinner, the larger profile and seemingly weaker magnet contribute to this thing becoming disconnected much more easily than either the old "T" or "L" MagSafe "1" adapters. Maybe a millimeter thinner, but definitely a step backward in terms of real-world usability.

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    As a die-hard apple fan, I was bouncing off the walls to get my new retina display computer. Along with this, comes the new power adapter, which is thinner.

    I am very disappointed in apple for the workmanship with this particular aspect. It is a downgrade from my previous power adapter which hugged close to the computer. With this one, it sticks way out and easily falls out. For example, I will have it plugged in and move seats, and when i sit down that movement alone will cause the adapter to fall out.

    I understand the reason for this "upgrade" in that it accommodates for the thinner computer, but Apple, please remember your customers love you for your surefire quality.

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    Love the rMBP, HATE the MagSafe 2

    Why Apple? Why did you have to change back to the T charger? Im constantly having to plug it back in when the computer sits on my lap. Please bring back the L charger!!!

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    It just works...

    This power supply works great. The magnets are quite strong, Mine requires about a pound of force to disconnect it. It will disconnect if resting on the side of my leg in such a way as the weight of the MBP is being supported by the T-connector (but then that's not exactly what it was designed to do). I do wish it was a little less expensive as I'd like to have two or three of these to have a different locations (home, office, mobile).

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    Thanks for going back to the T-Shape

    I was unhappy when Apple made the switch to the l-shape a while ago but now we're back on t-shape and that works much better for me. The L-Shape always disconnected when I pushed the MBP closer to the wall.

    Now about the magsafe 2, was it really necessary to come up with a new design for just saving 1mm in height? I was thinking Apple would put additional contacts on a redesign of the magsafe, like thunderbolt so stay tuned for the magsafe 3 soon.

    All in all a good power supply of good size and love the ability to wind the cable around it (plus the clip!)

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    Love the new 15" Retina Display Mac Book. Seriously dislike the new Magsafe 2. It's weak magnet allows it to fall out with even minor movement. Almost impossible to move the Mac without it falling out. I find myself trying to think of a work around. Glue? no. Binder clip? no. Duct tape? maybe. Stupid design...

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    Cannot use my laptop on my lap anymore

    The T connector is just horrible. Try using the laptop on your lap and you will spend most of the time reconnecting the power cable. Apple did not spend any time on the details with the new connector. The previous L shaped connector rocked.

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