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    Apple superdrive

    Apple superdrive will not work with a powered USB hub. I am an inclined plane wrapped helically around a common axis.

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    Flawless Operation

    I purchased this drive to load software and to view dvd movies. It works with my macbook air with absolutely no issues. I have noticed that some people have complained about it, but I suspect it's because they are using an older mac and this drive is compatible with Apple's newest offerings.

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    Overall a good product!

    Honestly, not having that disk drive in your computer is a hassle. But the USB SuperDrive gets the job done and I have had no issues. Definitely worth the money!

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    Superdrive not working

    Does anyone care at Apple that this is not working. Used twice, got a new computer went to used the superdrive and it said no can used (dead). Ok guy lets get something that works and or take this thing off the market as you do not have this thing working for all the great Apple customers. Let's get it corrected and make it work every time it's needed. Sorry but this thing is wrong

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    Power hungry and unreliable

    This drive works only when plugged directly into your laptop. I tried using a double-headed USB cable into a POWERED USB hub, giving it 2x the normal power of any USB thumb drive or hard drive. It still produced the error of "The attached USB Device needs more power."

    It only plays DVD, not Blu-Ray. And it doesn't even play DVDs well! It is very poor at skipping over any scratches or glitches on the disk. Other players work fine with my DVD movies. Not this one. Absolute junk. I am returning this product.

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    Elegant and easy to use

    Although I think Apple's race to eliminate optical drives from even its desktop computers in the pursuit of slimness is a bit excessive and also premature, I've had only good results with this drive. I use it with my iMac and my Retina MacBook Pro with absolutely no issues. It plays and burns DVDs without complaint, working exactly as expected after nearly one year of use. The aluminum enclosure is solid and I find the slot-loading mechanism to be reliable. In contrast, the Samsung Blu-Ray drive I also use is plastic and somewhat flakey in its behaviour.

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    apple usb superdrive

    I brought this product with a Samsung computer plug it in straight away did not take disc took it back to store they replaced it with another and guess what same problem. Both times the computer said functioning properly. How is it functioning properly when it does not accept any disc. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT ITS

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    Don't buy

    Every CD I played or imported into iTunes had skipping glitches. Not worthy of the Apple name. Apple was useless when I called them about it.

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    Slow Quality

    I bought this to transfer several hundred CD's to my iMAC. Transfer rate is slow; ~ 8 1/2 minutes to transfer 8 tracks @ 50 1/2 minutes playing time. Ejecting the CD is easy with the eject button on my keyboard. Backing up in the background is the way to go with this quality external CD/DVD device.

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    warning: it doesn't take those tiny CDs

    Like most Apple gear it looks great, and with standard DVDs and CDs works fine.

    But I bought mine so I could load software that comes on those little CDs onto my iMac. Big mistake as it doesn't handle those little CDs that provide the software for my Battery Charger monitor, my multimeter, and my USB microscope.

    So, I had to buy a third party drive - annoying

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    i received this for a christmas gift and I've used every day since with my MacBook Air its amazing i love it and would recommend to everyone

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    SuperDrive at best an average drive

    No Blu-Ray (Who doesn't have Blu-ray now?);
    Needs a lot of power - it does not work in USB hubs because it exceeds the allowed power.
    This is not Apple quality.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't buy

    I don't know if the problem is the hardware or the drivers. I've used this drive less than 2 dozen times with my macAir. if the macAir goes into sleep mode, this drive does not wake up -- or maybe it does after 10 min, but I didn't want to wait. In addition, when trying to wake up, the file finder does not show the drive and getting a disk to eventually eject is difficult. All in all -- a sleek package for a crummy product. If I could, I'd give it no stars.

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    Great Drive

    Works great with my iMac and MacBook Pro. No complaints. Have been using it for about 6 months now.

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    Very Disappointing

    I thought that buying an Apple product, it would be durable and be user friendly! Wrong!!!! First of all, it does not have no eject button on the SuperDrive. Also, when I played burned cds, the songs skips!!!! I was very disappointed in this product but I have to admit, no hassle at the Apple Store to get my reimbursement.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Exactly as it Says it Will

    I was hesitant after reading all of the negative reviews but the device does exactly what it says it's going to do. I ripped 50 discs in 24 hours without a hiccup. The only issues I have is that it's noisy when you load and eject a disc and the usb cable isn't detachable. These really are nit picks though as the unit works great.

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    B.A.D. Do not buy..

    I switched from a PC to Apple with a Mac mini, then realized I wanted to watch DVDs and I did not have a disc drive. So I bought the Super Drive external player and it worked OK for a few months but has now become unresponsive. Today I put a disc in to play and it did not respond and I was unable to eject the disc. Completely dead. Now Apple support says I have to get an exchange, at my expense, and I will lose the disc I put in it to play. Lovely. As usual this seems to happen just outside warranty coverage and we the customer is left holding the bag for an inferior product. I am shopping for a non Apple DVD player that has actual controls and external power. Do not buy this product !!!

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    Not very super

    I loaded one commercial product using it. All seemed well. I loaded a second product and the drive refused to eject the disc. Loading two programs before failure is not a good record.
    I'll be taking it back to the shop. Do I just hope I was unlucky?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost perfect but would be with blue ray!!!

    I can't fault this drive. The disks slide in with ease, the build quality is amazing and it is very small and perfect for taking anywhere. The only things that i would change is the addition of Blue ray and a physical eject button on the drive. Overall this drive is perfect for my needs and it is definitely worth the small extra cost over a cheap drives by other companies which i have had bad experiences with in the past. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a small, good quality drive that they can take anywhere.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Does it's job...but...

    BE CAREFUL! If you are watching a movie on DVD and using the SuperDrive, watch out. If you are like me and enjoy laying in bed, the short usb cord can hang. It works fine, even when dangling, but BOOM, one false move and the SDrive can smash into your beautiful Retina screen and break it. Worst feeling. I wish Mac's would get on the Blu-Ray train as well. I love my movies as well as my HD, iTunes downloads look great, streaming Netflix or Cable pretty good, and DVD's passable, but man I would love a SDrive that played Blu Rays. Again, watch out... the SDrive is durable, but it can break your laptop if you are not careful

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