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    Plays then spits it out

    I've had the USB superdrive for less than 2 months. I have it plugged into a 27 Thunderbolt display, the drive plays the cds 20 -40 minutes then it spits it out. The disks are professionally replicated and I use the drive for QC, well I would like to use the drive to QC them.

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    Hi. I must be just about Apple's number one fan and have numerous Apple devices. iPhone's, iPad's, iMac's....the list goes on. To add to my new iMac 27 Retina, I thought I'd indulge myself and purchase the Apple USB Superdrive. I've always wondered how it would be and this week I found out. It's painfully slow. On my old Sony USB CD/DVD writer, I can rip a 7GB DVD (using RipIt software) in around 25 minutes. The Apple Superdrive takes about an hour! So far, I haven't had any problems with it but it is so very slow. if you're contemplating this purchase too, be prepared for the length of time a DVD rip will take. I cannot recommend this unit purely because of the speed of the device. Finish and the feeling of quality are there, it's just the slowness.

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    Not so super

    There's nothing super about the Apple Superdrive. At first it could read most CDs, but within about a year it was spitting out some perfectly good CDs as "unreadable" and never was able to burn a DVD. Two years in, and it can't even bring a CD into itself. When I plug it into the computer there's a little clicking sound that indicates it's getting power, but without an indicator light I can't be sure. Anyway, it doesn't work. I expected more, both from Apple and for the price.

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    does not work

    Stumbles over regular CDs - spits them out as error Disk Not Found - and does not read or write Blu-ray. Better options available for your Mac.

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    Scratches Discs, Refuses to Eject, Runs Loudly, etc...

    I bought a SuperDrive with my Mac in 2013 and I have babied it for two years. It now will not download a disc without making loud humming noises and leaving the downloads with clippings throughout. If I wish to avoid loud humming and songs skipping, I have to tilt the Drive at a sharp angle. It sometimes refuses to eject CDs to me and has scratched a few of my brand new CDs.. On the rare occasion that these things do not happen to me it works great! One star because I am afraid to use it on my beloved CDs.

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    Not good for burning DVDs

    I'm a wedding videographer and burn quite a few DVDs each year. I picked this guy up with my new 5k iMac and burned 6 DVDs. It refused to burn more after that point so I exchanged it for another. The second did around 14 DVDs but has just died on me again. If your looking to burn anything to DVD avoid this product.

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    Not if you want a DVD burned

    I've had nothing but Macs since their Performa and all have worked flawlessly. This drive worked great for me for about 2 years which is no time for a drive when recently I started getting this message when attempting to burn a DVD:

    The operation couldn’t be completed. (DSPPublishing error -29.)

    I've called all over and everyone acts like the issue doesn't exist although the apple website mentions it, the 2 reasons they gave for the problem don't apply to me. Apple you need to get it together. No one has money to throw away. I must have used about 10 DVDs trying to get it to work. Today I'm looking for another more reliable drive/burner.

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    Used this piece of junk maybe half a dozen times and now it won't eject the disc. Waste of money.

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    does what it should do!

    runs smooth not loud at all

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    Won't Burn DVDs

    This product has worked fine for me far with CDs but DVDs are a different story. Every time I try to burn a DVD it says it cannot generate the laser power required or something like that. Considering burning CDs and DVDs was my main purpose in buying this product I am very dissatisfied.

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    Broke after three uses-- worthless.

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    Piece of junk

    I bought one for my daughter to use at college with her Airbook. From the get go, she was telling me it would not eject, not read the DVD/CD, etc., pretty much the same complaints that I see on this site. The last straw was when it would not eject a CD, AT ALL. So I opened it up and inside was a Toshiba drive. Are you kidding me APPLE???? I have been a loyal Apple buyer since 1993, and never have been more disappointed in the brand as I have been in the last 4 years. One MacPro laptop arching at the power source to the point that it stopped working. USB SUperDrive, countless power cords. I am done.

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    We love our Superdrive!

    It's so small and it just works - so we love ours.
    We knew a superdrive was being excluded from all new iMacs so spent just a little more on one of these and it's been great!
    It reads discs that we knew to be unreadable by other drives. How about that!
    It's good and tiny and useful and is part of our Mac. Plus if it goes wrong (which it never has and we've used and used it for quite a while now), we know we can just unplug it, recycle it and plug in a new one at a very reasonable cost.
    Thank you Apple - this has been a good product for us. Seriously good value.

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    Broken too soon

    I bought mine at the same time I bought my MAC, my 1st Apple products. Along with the already mentioned short cable, mine broke today (i.e. will no longer read disks of any kind). Even though it is nearly 2 years old, I have probably only used it about 10 times, so much for Apple quality.....my replacement will be from Amazon not this product.

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    Works When It Fells Like it.

    I recently had to copy over 18 cds worth of info to my iMac and 1) it had trouble reading 3 of the cds and 2) several cds failed to eject unless we restarted. I took the offending cds to work and tried them in my HP desktop. The CDs were read flawlessly and I was apple to copy them to a jump drive without a problem so I could then copy them back to my iMac. I am very disappointed in this product. And from all the negative reviews I see here, I am not alone.

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    Very Disappointed

    I never thought as a life long user of Apple products that I would write this about one of their products but I have to say it's the truth when it comes to the Superdrive. Apart from the short cable and the fact that it really would be much better if the Macbook Pro still had a built in CD/DVD drive, this CD/DVD player / burner actually has trouble reading 1 in 10 of my DVDs and wont burn certain brands of CD and DVD which makes it a bit useless in my opinion and rather annoyingly the inbuilt drive on my old Macbook Pro from about 10 years ago worked a dream, never had any problems with it – and I didn't have to pay an extra £65 for the privilege of having an annoying extra piece of kit to plug and unplug from the few and far between USB ports available on the Macbook. If I had to buy again, I would definitely look into other brands for this one.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Have owned for 3 years, no issues with my iMac 27

    Works as advertised, have owned for 3 years. I've burned hundreds of CDs and DVDs and played many, many more. Usually, if there is an issue, it's with the application I'm using and not with the device itself.

    You won't find a more stable and solid external USB CD/DVD player/writer in this price range.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't Eject

    I haven't tired to burn anything so I can't speak to that part. It plays fine when the disc is in there and recognized. However, it will fail to eject sometimes. I read someone on here who tried to get on a high horse and pretend that people just didn't know what they were doing. They don't know what they are talking about. I have dragged the disc to the eject icon and the disc simply disappears and doesn't eject. Command-E only works if you have a disc to click on, but it disappears on you. The only thing that works is to unplug it, plug it back in, then try ejecting again. If Apple didn't always try to be so hip and cutting edge then there would have been a physical eject button. There's a reason there has always been a little paper clip hole because even the hardware can fail, and Apple's software frequently fails as anyone with an iOS device can attest to.

    Just be prepared that if you buy it, you will most likely have eject issues.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Was fine until it ate my CD

    Wondered about all the negative reviews since it was working fine until I accidentally hit the eject button on my keyboard and the CD would not come out - and this is a very valuable CD listing my customer base. Now it's stuck in there and will not come out. Please do not buy this product if you intend to use it with something important!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I can't believe Apple has let us down like this

    This player worked about six times, and then refused to spit out the dvd in it. Its icon disappeared from the desktop, who apparently forgot they had even met. I feel betrayed by Apple for producing such a piece of junk and $79 is a lot to start with when I wasn't even able to use it on my MacBook Pro.

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