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    Continuously falls out. There is nothing worse than leaving the house in the morning to find out that my laptop has not been charging through the night. Terrible design.

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    This Adapter is pure garbage!

    I sold my Mid 2009 MacBook Pro and bought the 2012 MacBook Air. While I like the Air better the new adapter is useless. It disconnects and/or falls off all the time. I'm an Apple supporter through and through but this thing is a joke. I agree that Apple should recall this product and give us all the old style adapters that never fell off or disconnected unless I wanted it to. PLEASE APPLE, RECALL THIS PIECE OF JUNK ADAPTER!!!

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    It keeps on falling everytime. I have 2012 macbook air 11 inch previously i have 2011 macbook air with l shape connector and it is flawless. I dont know why apple did this stupid thing. Recall this and do something alternative. Hate this. I want to buy a macbook pro retina display but i wont until apple changes this stupid design

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    MagSafe2 keeps falling out!

    MagSafe2 is ruining my otherwise perfect experience with my Macbook Pro Retina.
    It falls out if you look at it, breathe on it, move it in any way, think about it, disrespect it, etc.

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    This is the most terrible design.. It disconnects so easily and stops working sometimes and I've only been using it ONE WEEK.

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    Bad Apple

    Really, this is most disgusting design and unintelligent, too. Now, I have to buy new one because the original is not working. I checked the wires inside the power adapter and one is pushed down or bent.
    Apple, Samsung looks better and better.

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    TERRIBLE design -- PLEASE REPLACE ...!

    oddly comforting to know I am not alone ...
    came here looking for a replacement because the power adapter that came with my new MBA is a nightmare and for all the reasons so well articulated in the earlier reviews. it is so annoying not to be able to use the old adapter that came on my older MBA -- the one that was beautiful and worked so well. apparently, the power adapter itself is compatible ... only the connector design changed, presumably in a cheap and annoying move to increase sales of accessories. frustrating to be nickel/dime'd by Apple this way -- this small change was probably relatively inexpensive to effect (in hopes of smart returns) but is causing nothing but grief. heading to Apple Store today in hopes of finding someone who will resolve the problem.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does the job quickly and nice safety features

    The other reviews are quite surprising. This charger does its job. It charges my Mac Air, it charges it much faster than Windows chargers I've used for Windows machines, it is quiet, small and has a decent length of cable with the option to extend it as well or wrap the excess up with pop out hooks on the charger. It doesn't get too hot and it's fairly portable.

    Those complaining about the charger disconnecting have obviously never tripped over a charger cable and pulled their laptop off the desk. That doesn't happen with this charger because it disconnects easily and safely.

    My only complaints would be that the cable gets filthy, being white, and that the older magsafe connector (pre 2012) were a much better design. Less likely to be knocked out accidentally when used on a lap or cluttered desk, more form fitting and universal. I don't see why the connector needed to be changed.

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    Adapter too easily disconnects while using computer in lap

    I love my new MBA, but the MagSafe 2 power adapter is a bit of an annoyance as it continually disconnects from the computer when I am using it in my lap. If I shift positions or move the computer, even a little, the adapter frequently falls off. When I can, I prefer to use the computer plugged in, and save the battery for when I am away and not near a plug. I much prefer the old design which fit more snugly to the computer and had a stronger magnet. The adapter still charges the computer just fine after 5 months of use and shows no signs of wear. I just wish it would stay connected better.

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    Huge conspiracy

    The guy who invented MagSafe 2 must be sent by Microsoft or Samsung or other rivals that Apple is currently facing. Yes the size is smaller, by like 15%, but the usability is 100% worse than the previous generation. The magnet is strong, let me tell you; but the plug's angle is so badly design that even a slight up/down move/shake can separate this thing off from my laptop. That means it is almost impossible to charge the Air or any other products that use MagSafe 2 without putting them on a flat surface. Not even an improvement, not even a replacement, but definitely a draw back. A stupid marketing move by Apple just like the new iPhone 5 and iPad 4th gen plug. If Steve Jobs was still alive he would probably die again if he saw how Apple is screwing its reputation right now.

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    I love the Macbook Air...I HATE this charger

    It falls out all the time. I have to charge my Macbook Air on a flat service and then disconnect it so I can use it in my lap.

    Right now, I have to connect my Macbook Air to power so I can download a new update. Since I cannot do that with the computer in my lap I will have to bring it to my counter and plug it in--- and then download the update. What a waste of time!

    Please fix this or give us an adapter to enable us to fix it ourselves. Like I said, I love the new Macbook Air 13 inch computer but I hate the new charger.

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    Extremely annoying

    I just got my first MacBook Air and I really hate the power cord. It is almost impossible to use the laptop while it is charing because if the cord (or anything) moves the slightest bit, it pops right out. This thing must have the tiniest magnet on earth. I like the computer otherwise so far, but am toying with returning it because of this annoyance and based on the other reviews which caution it may stop working altogether.

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    New design is a step backward

    I just bought my wife an MBA after loving my own - and it now comes with a new magnetic design that is always falling out. My older design does not. The new design sticking straight out is a big step backwards and very disappointing. I'm not sure why on earth they made it so much worse.

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    Fall outs too easily

    As many other reviews have mentioned, the new design of the MagSafe adapter makes the part that connects to the laptop fall out really easily. I often use my Macbook Air in my lap and the slightest movement of my legs when I shift around will disconnect the adapter. This is partly because the magnet is not strong enough, but also because the thinner connector now sticks out a lot horizontally, so it is easily disconnected by an upward or downward (but not outward) force. This never happened with my old Macbook Air and the old MagSafe adapter, and it's a huge annoyance for someone who often uses their laptop in their lap cross-legged like I do.

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    Stopped working after 4 months

    The adapter seems to be of very low quality. It stopped working after 4 months of mostly domestic use

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    Disconnects to easily

    When ever my battery gets low and I need to use the laptop still, any slight movements and the chord comes out of the socket. The magnet is too weak to keep it in place. This is highly annoying and I wouldn't have expected such an issue with a Mac. -The battery seems to be weaker than expected too. I'd say I only get about 70-80% of what apple advertises in battery life.

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    Broke within 4 months

    My Magsafe adaptor new one broke within 4 months, all of a suddent it stopped working. It was the one I used at work and never really moved it from port to port as well. Just normal wear and tear.

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    MagSafe 2

    I own three MBA's and one of the features I have always liked is the MagSafe 1 connection on the power supply.

    I do not like the MagSafe 2 adapter on my newest MBA ... as others have said it falls out. Ironically the best solution is to get the old power supply and get the 10 dollar adapter and it stays in the new MBA much better than the power supply that came with the computer with the new MagSafe 2 connection.

    Apple took something that worked very very well and made something that creates the most frustration for an otherwise elegant product. I would image the MagSafe 2 team are rapidly figuring out how to fix this if they still have their jobs...

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    HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this thing. It falls out every 15 seconds, and I am not exaggerating. I have been using Mac products forever and have never reviewed a product before. This adapter makes me hate my new computer and regret purchasing it. Zero stars. Did I mention how much I hate this thing?

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    Mac Air Mag Safe Rip Off

    My wife's Mac Air has never had the power lead removed from the same power supply in 14 months. It just stopped charging. Took it in to the Apple store and was told this is a regular problem. Answer give us $89 for a new one. As we needed the laptop urgently had no choice. Thank you Apple.