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    Accessory not supported.

    I do not understand why the original cable from my 5S is no longer supported after 1 month of use. I don't fold or bend my cable. It has been hanging in my room all this time. I really suggest that apple stops such restrictions as it is causing a lot of inconvenience to customers that may have the same issue as me. If apple want to get something done, it should be rock solid that when using the original cable, such a MSG should not be poping out and stop my phone charge. How am I suppose to charge my phone now? Buy another cable?

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    A pen spring?! Really?l

    I am a loyal Mac girl from way back, but seriously Apple, when the best solution for the disastrous fragility of the lightning cable is the spring from a ball point pen??? Wow! Some legendary brilliance would really come in handy about now.

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    Rate it 0

    How does this product even get an overall review score of 2. It should be a zero! Apple fix your terrible USB cable. Great and your making me give you a star when you don't deserve it!

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    Not worth 1 star

    We have 3 devices that use these and have gone through 7 in the last 12 months, all with the same fault, the cable breaks internally just below the lightning connector, they are sub standard and are not worth a couple of £s never mind the ridiculous amount apple are charging for a cable. It's about time apple came up with a better design and gave every one a free cable as compensation.

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    Expensive repeat problem

    Bought 3 iPads for use in ICT department at high school. So far all 3 cables have failed, not charging being the issue each time. Now the replacement from Trafford centre apple store has physically snapped at the joint where it inserts into the iPad. Another trip to the Manchester, with costs and hassle. Very busy shop, very little by way of an apology beyond platitude.

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    Useless and Expensive

    The cable lasted 2 months before it became defective.
    A deficient over-engineered product designed to tie you into the Apple production line.

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    These cables are garbage!

    Shame on you Apple. You charge 5X what the cheap generics cost and your cables are no better. They break just as quickly. Your designers really screwed this up royally. You should be totally embarrassed. I had to give it 1 star to write the review but it doesn't deserve any stars.

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    Sick of buying I Phone 5 Cables

    I am now on to about my tenth I Phone 5 cable and I am sick to death of having to buy them. I have a 24 month contract and to be honest I cannot wait to change the phone. I am spending way too much to charge my phone. I will be changing the phone I have as soon as I can and will not be coming back to Apple. Surely you should be able to make a decent charger and should have stuck to the original one instead of trying to make a totally new one to gain more money.

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    An Absolute disappointment

    Bought all of my family iphone 5s for Christmas, four out of the five charges that came with the phones are all damaged in the same area. For a seven hundred dollar phone to have these type of issues is extremely disappointing.

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    Poorly made

    My kids and I each have iPads, and we all have gone through at least two of these cords in less than a year. I have my original cord from my iPod 3rd generation I bought in 2008. Says something about the quality of cord.

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    Drastic Improvement

    I have several of these cables now. The only thing I don't like is how inflexible the new environmentally friendly wire is (it wants to spring back to being straight instead of saying coiled where I want it). The connector itself is fantastic and is a huge improvement over the previous cable. I hope Apple will support USB 3 transfer speeds over Lightning cables soon.

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    Did Micros**t design these?

    Apple's design hallmark is usually a compulsive attention to detail in order to enhance functionality.

    But not here. More attention seems to have been paid to Lightning's slimness than to to its intended function: TO BE REPEATEDLY PUSHED INTO/PULLED OUT OF VARIOUS APPLE DEVICES.

    The result is a flimsy, grossly overpriced, proprietary accessory that can't stand up to daily use. Unfortunately this accessory just happens to be critical to using the iPad/iPhone/iPod.

    In my opinion this is a serious lapse in design. Shame on you, Apple.

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    Short but good

    I have been using apple products through many generations of their products. I really like the new lightning adapters. They are much faster and easier to insert than the 30pin adapters.the only problems I have had is that I wish I could get a longer 6 foot cable made by apple (tried an "apple certified" off brand that died within a month) and second, the cable is thin which makes it nice and flexible, but that thinness also makes them prone to breakage where they connect to the adapter collar. Last year I found a great "life hack" solution online for this: take out the spring on an old ballpoint pen and put it on the cord to bridge the connector collar and cord. It will keep the cord from bending too far and breaking. It's such a simple solution.

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    Cord falls apart

    The cord falls apart at the tip. It pulls itself in, causing the wire to fray and then become exposed, as others have noted. It's too bad that for 19 dollars Apple can't manufacture a cord that is longer lasting.

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    Cheaply made

    I've had my iPad mini for about 3 months now, and as a few reviews said, I only ever use the charger at night, where it sits still, and isn't moved from the spot. Last night, after trying to unplug it, the metal end of the cable (The piece that goes inside the iPad) fell out of it's plastic socket, and stayed in the iPad. This is the same problem the old chargers had, and I don't understand why they haven't fixed it yet.

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    not so good.

    Not sure what the deal is with these cables. After a couple months, the end of the cable becomes twisted and almost "chewed up" in appearance. At that point, you have to maneuver your phone around to hopefully get the cable to charge it. Eventually, it just won't charge. Disappointing...

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    Too Expensive, No Multi Packs, Poor Quality

    Subject line says it all.

    • $25 for a poor quality cord that fractures and breaks close to the connector,

    • Can't upgrade all your old chargers at once, economically with a multi pack,

    • No 0.5m that I can find in Australian Store.

    Honestly, how on earth do you justify the price for such an insignificant item. The fact they fail, or performance drops significantly when the cord fatigues internally increases the disappointment.

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    Broke off inside Ipad

    I've had my iPad4 since July, when it was brand new and issued with the cable. Today when I unplugged the device the end of the lightning cable broke off inside the socket. Everywhere I have looked people have complained about the poor quality of this cable but apple representatives in store immediately accused me of abusing the device. I plug the ipad in nightly, in the same spot on a side table every night, the cable only travels with me to work when I have 24hour shifts. I cannot imagine how I could have damaged it to the point that the metal casing on the pin broke. Disappointing.

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    I am forced to buy this poor quality cable again and again because apple has stopped 3rd party cables working. This cable breaks inside and you can hear the cable sparking if you move it around. Very safe thanks apple....

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    New Lightning Cable

    Bought an iPod Touch and iPad Mini for 2 of my kids in November'12, via Apple's online store. Both cables failed, one Sept'13, the other Oct'13. Went in to 2 different Apple stores in London and received a free replacement for each without any issues as they were within the 12 month warranty. Original cables were duff but the replacements seem far more sturdy and expect not to have to replace these again. Do not buy replacements for silly money if they are within 12 months of their warranty as there is no need to.

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