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    Works fine

    My cable has bet sat on and tossed about and still works fine after almost a year.

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    Very poor quality, I expected better.

    I don't know what plastic Apple use as the outer cover/insulation for these cables but it is terrible.

    I have 3 cables, all purchased less than a year ago, and used thus.

    Cable one - At home, the plastic coating on this cable has entirely perished and almost completely fallen off. This cable was a replacement for the original that came with the telephone, which failed in the same way after 3 months.

    Cable two - in the car. Used with a car charger, this has started to fail in the same way, especially at the connection between the cable and the lightning connector.

    Cable three - at work. This one has held up the best of the three, but is still becoming brittle.

    For a £15 cable this isn't acceptable. I am not overstressing the cables. They live on a shelf with the charger, out of direct sunlight (with the exception of the car charger). Sort it out, or post me a new cable every 2 months.

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    Deserve more stars

    Seriously people, why so many bad ratings?

    It reversible, charge way faster than the previous one, and works perfectly.
    Yes it's not a standard. But Apple is not using mini-USB just because their plug is way better. So 5 stars it is.

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    Why Apple? Why?

    Proprietary cable? Fine... Expensive cable? Fine... 4 $20 cables dead in the last year? NOT FINE!!!!!

    I have had a lot of cables in my life across a vast array of technology products. I have NEVER had cables go bad. The reason these cables die is Apple has decided to put active circuitry in them for no other reason than to ensure you buy a certified cable.

    Note to Apple: I would happily pay your premium for proprietary cables but cables should NEVER die. Since these die at such high rate it worth just buying generics.

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    Very, very poor quality

    Apple should be ashamed to produce such a shoddy product. These last me about 3 months before they become worn at one end or another. At $19, consumers should be able to expect more. It's bad enough Apple won't use standard USB, they should at least make a quality proprietary cable. This is how you lose customers.

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    Cable frays.

    Cable frays at Lightning bolt end after a few months of careful use.

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    On my third lightning cable.

    I never thought I would write a review on a measly cable, but I think its about time. This cable, although speedy at charging the iPhone compared to the 30 pin, has become a hassle. I've gone through these cables like hot cakes.The cable starts to fall apart and simply stops working for no apparent reason. Good thing, Apple Care covers the cable and will provide a replacement, but still, ain't nobody got time for dat!

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    Lightning Cable: Flawed Design Meets Poor Quality Workmanship

    My experience with the Lighning Cable has been similar to that of many others, as I've had to replace it 3 times in the past 6 months. Obviously, there is a major design flaw with the Lightning cable, as well as a deficiency in the quality of manufacturing. The cable on my previous phone, an iPhone 4, never failed in the 3 years I owned it. My last Lightning cable only lasted for 1 month! Hopefully, Apple will take action to correct the design flaws and the manufacturing quality issues. Until then, the only positive thing that can be said about it is that they will replace it at no charge under warranty. However, I do have to ask, if they haven't fixed it when my 1 year warranty period ends, will they then want to charge me $29.95 for yet another defective Lightning cable?

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    Zero Stars

    This cord is the biggest piece of junk. I own 6 of them and all 6 are starting to are have already broken in the same spot. (right where the wires plug into the jack) What junk. Apple needs to do something.

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    Poor build quialty

    The wire near the lighting connector eventually crumples breaks and opens u, it's literally imploding to death. Its shocking considering the price! Steve would be ashamed of this Tim!

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    Poor Quality

    Cable wears out on lightning connector end, even with careful use. I've gone through 2 cables in less than a year - not just normal wear and tear issues. Apple won't replace or even offer assistance with broken cables. Very disappointing, considering old cables last years. Will not replace with Apple brand.

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    Clean your sockets!

    People keep giving this a one-star review, but just need to clean the lint out of the charging socket with the end of a paperclip. It really is as simple as that. A blast of compressed air wouldn't hurt either. The cable being reversible is a major plus, I just wish it was USB 3.

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    This product could NOT be worse. Who wants this **** connector. Everyone else gets to use microusb for the devices. Without any question the last apple device i purchase ever.

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    Poorly Designed Internal Connector Structure

    My son and I replaced our i432's with i564's and since then, it has been screams of frustration as another lightning cable broke:
    Only 2 of us in my family have i564's and the other two got the i4S for 2 reasons; 1.Hearing that 4 cables broke in the first two months and 2.Not wanting to increase physical size.

    During the 1st month of owning the i564's both of our included Apple cables failed, and since then, I have purchased 3 Apple Brand and 7 Aftermarket and a 30pin to Lightning adapter.
    I will say that the Apple Brand lasted an average of 1mth each and aftermarket 2weeks each. This is a perfect example of the aftermarket copying apple, to its own detriment. It's too bad the aftermarket didn't come up with their own design.
    I have now taken apart all the failed cables and determined that the issue is actually very simple, NONE of the connecting materials are fused to each other, they are only pressure mated and these materials are both flexible at very different rates as follows:
    Connector Wire Sheath: Not fused to wire or housing.
    Wire Jacket: Not crimped or connected to anything.
    Wires: No Shield Anchor, only 3 micro-solder points.
    Housing to Connector: Only pressure, no fusion.
    Connector Plate to PCB: No Solder Points, Only Pressure.

    The external design itself isn't the issue, it's the execution of the internal design. Just look at the USB mini 4pin or micro 6pin, they are all molded designs, this is what needs to happen instead of waiting for a class-action.
    About 2 months ago I re-soldered the wires and filled the housing with different adhesives: HotGlue, LocTite FlexVinyl, LocTite (CA)Gel, (CA)SuperGlue.
    Both the HotGlue and LocTite Flex seem to be doing fine after 2months now. Both CA's feel brittle as if they will fail any day.

    If I can fix them, I'm pretty sure Apple can redesign it as a molded connector.

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    It just gets worse and worse

    The cable that came with my iPhone 5 (purchased oct 2012) gave out in about 6 months which I thought wasn't too bad. My next cable was the same kind and have out in three months. I purchased a third cable which has lasted about two months and now I must purchase another tomorrow. Not cool.

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    Will stop buying Apple products.

    This simple little cable problem has made me so angry at Apple that I am going to pay the early upgrade penalty and get a Samsung before my iphone contract is up. Bad enough that Apple doesn't use micro USB like everyone else, bad enough that they changed the cable connection from iPhone 4 to 5, making us all buy new cables and adapters, bad enough that they fix it so we can't buy cables from any other manufacturer, then, on top of all that they make such a terrible cord that I can't even be sure my phone will be charged in the morning. They have totally lost me!

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    Extremely poor quality, do not buy if you don't have to!

    These cables are absolutely the worst Apple charging cables I've ever purchased. They are also the most expensive. The part between the plastic connecter and the rubber cable always warps and frays from normal use within 1-3 months to the point where the internal wires split and break, destroying the whole purpose of the charging cable. If Apple wants to engage in anti-competitive market practices, block 3rd party manufacturers of cables and charge a fortune to force us to buy overpriced Apple cables, they should at least make them durable and fit for purpose.

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    Horrible Horrible Horrible

    My lightning cable is not even a year old and its torn up at both ends. And a new cable is a whole $19!

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    I've broken two already. They broke from normal usage, nothing unusual. I'm disappointed.

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