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    The Lightning to usb cable snaps within 2 months 11 of my friends also complained mine and their cables snapped in 2 months Ill have to keep on buying them but whatever

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    i had an iphone 5 that i bought last february. the lightning usb is ok. but after two months my phone is not charging when i use its original usb lightning cord. then i bought another original cord then after 2 days its broke easily. when i connect my device on it a text appears that says this accessory is not supported with this device. and i bought another one and its broke again like what happen on the second usb lightning cord. and i spend almost Php.3000 in just one week just for the usb lightning cord.. am so disappointed on it. :(

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    Ideal Additional cable

    Same spec as that supplied with the iPhone. Works perfectly in daily use when treated with the same level of care given to anything I own.

    I only purchased this as an addition to the original so I have a charger at home and in the office, and am perfectly happy with the quality and function.

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    Worst USB cables ever!

    I've never really had a problem with iPhone cables in the past, considering my iPhone 4 cable never broke, and still having a cable in fine condition since 2008 (5 years) from an old iPod nano and still works perfect! But the amount of trouble I am having with iPhone 5 cables is ridiculous!! I've only had my iPhone 5 for five months so far and i am on to my fifth cable... I cannot afford to keep wasting my money on such a terrible item. I will admit some of those cables were "cheap" fake ones..which weren't so cheap anyway so i don't blame apple for any of those cables, but honestly the ones that were apple products only lasted about 1-2 months. They tend to always break at the lightning end, the wires inside just snap.. PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE APPLE!

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    iPhone 5 lightening connector

    Ok I have been an apple avid fan for over 18 years. I am so upset that the lighting cable has broken more than 12 times resulting in me buying replacements the cost of which amount to the hundreds. Apple store never been bothered even though on all occasions happened within a month of purchase
    Also apple seems to be on the back foot in terms of technology and this is starting to upset me especially with the cost of the product. From an acid loyal fan. Apple today you have lost me. I will be selling my iPhone 5 with a new lightning charger costing me an extra £20 so o have spent £230 on chargers. It seems I'm not the only fool to stick with this problem an keep fixing their mistakes. If apple want to contact me please do via my apple user name but I doubt you will as you have wasted and had my money and customer service has disappeared since the company grew so big. Sadly my friend who has a rival product is treated way better than I have in my local apple store.
    Never again am
    I going to stay loyal to a company that is not loyal to me especially after forking out hundreds of pounds on useless oem chargers!!

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    Horrible quality

    My lightning cable now started to have all the same problems everyone else complained about. I have to angle my phone just to get a charge now and that's with normal use. This cord is not worth 20 dollars

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    this product is absolutely shocking
    i have had to replace it four times in two months, i had an iphone 4 for a year and on had to replace it once

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    Wire broke

    The wire broke after a short amount of time !!! Rip Off. I was not rough with it and there was no visible damage.

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    Good but not good enough

    The cable that came with my iPhone decided to melt towards the actual lightning bit that goes in the phone. Although they are better than cheap ones, apple, you really need to lift your game and make decent ones.

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    I have had several of these chargers for my iphone5, all breaking, the first one I got in Jan with my phone lasted a while so when it stopped I wasn't too fussed as I thought the next one would last a while again. I was wrong..
    As many of them kept breaking I thought it was my phone, rather than the charger, only to be told it wasnt. This is my first iphone and everything apart from the charger issues, is great, i love it!
    Considering the iphones are so expensive (contract or to buy outright) it is a big letdown and should be more durable rather than a flimsy little wire that breaks constantly. I'm fed up of wasting £15 here and £15 there just make it better!!
    The worst part is when the charger starts to break as the vibrating is SO annoying - where its trying to charge but only likes certain positions so you have to hold it or try to wrap it around somehow and hope it charges.
    Pathetic, DONT BUY - just wasting your money

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    I have the latest iPad and the iPhone 5. I use this cord for both products and they just keep breaking. I do not want to keep spending money on new power cords. That is simply ridiculous. I have heard about several users having the same issue. Apple needs to come up with something to fix this problem. It is unfair to apple users who use this on a daily basis but have to replace it almost every 1-2 months!

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    Bad quality control

    I bought this cable eight months ago to use along the just wireless car charger. The cable appeared to be in perfect condition, until last week, when the lightning end of the cable began to get really hot. Later that day, I was driving when someone noticed that there was smoke in the front part of the car. That is when I noticed the cable had melted!

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    Worst Cable Ever

    I got the iPhone 5 when it came out and the cable that came with it scrunched up at the end where the dock is within 2 months. I'm on my THIRD cable. I have to angle it around until it gets a charge, and that only works for so long. I now have to buy ANOTHER cable because these keep scrunching up and not working.

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    Worth a quarter of the price

    I really hope this product is covered under warranty. I received when I bought the iphone 5; it lasted a few months. The wires at the end you connect to the phone have completely snapped, it even caused my computer to go into emergency shut down. Ridiculous.

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    This was a great step-up from the previous wire, in regards to the switch to lightning; however the cable/wire section of the wire is lacking. I've had the cable with my phone for less than a year and already the cable was bent near the lighting connector. This caused the charge to go in and out because the coil inside the cable must be bent as well. Apple should really consider beefing up the strength of the cable so that is does not become faulty so quickly. I use my phone a lot while it's charging and I end up twisting the cable and it becomes faulty. It still brings a charge to the phone; however if I move the cable slightly, it disconnects from and to the power source intermittently. The cable is too expensive to keep replacing; please consider this issue.

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    this product is extremely flimsy and cheap. I've already had to get 3 new usbs this year because of how easily it breaks. I rather buy a more expensive usb than only spending $20 on a product that will only last me 2 months.

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    Lightening Cable Made of Poor Material

    I find apple accessories in particular the USB cable made of very poor material. My old iphone 4S USB cable had this same thing the wire ripped off from the charging end and same has happened with my iphone 5 lightening cable. I don't take out the wall charger and the USB cable from my bed side power plug point and I take a very good care of all my gadgets. So there is no point of rough use. REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!

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    I find that they typically only last about 2 months

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    I have had to replace my charger multiple times, and have experienced other people's cables not working as well. It is beyond ridiculous, this is a terrible product. I don't know how they can sell something that breaks this often. I am not careless with my chargers, but no matter, this one will find a way to stop working.

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    Too short, too fragile

    The cable is extremely short and does not hold up well over time. I have used it lightly over 9 months and it is already broken. It has no frayed wires, but no longer charges; have verified that the cable is the issue.