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    Love the size and look, but where the charger meets the phone it broke so if ihold my phone while its charging it wont always charge. Now i gotta get a new one :-(

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    Chalk up another ONE for the Lightning to USB Cable

    I bought my iPad two months ago. Now the cable won't work to charge the thing when I plug it into the wall. Replacements cost $19, but who knows how lightning-fast the next one will break?

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    Wires- thumbs down all around

    I just got my iPhone 5 in February it is now July and my charger no longer works I'm scared to touch it it doesn't charge if it's moved.. Not to mention my MacBook Pro which I also bought around the same time ..that charger has already broken at the magnet ..I also noticed a similar problem plugging HDMI cables to the MacBook Pro it seems like every cord or port on these products is JUNK!! For the price of the products I expect better quality regardless of the warranty covering everything. It's a huge inconvienience. I am a heavy user, but I take very good care of my products.

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    Poor Quality

    This is my second lightning cable in six months. Both had the same problem with shorting out. The cord is not thick enough. The 30 pin to lightning adapter is much thicker and durable. Maybe Apple should use this cord on their usb to lightning cables.

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    Really disappointed!

    I really hope apple have read all these reviews the new cables are absolutely rubbish. I have never had any problem with the old charger. It was much more reliable I have bought three cables in the last 5 months, all have broken and I'm left without a phone. What are apple going to do about this? I really want to get a new phone now. Apple what a big mistake to make this change to such poor quality. What a disappointment!

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    IPhone 5 charging cable

    This cable has to be the worst part of my iphone experience hands down. I was a blackberry user for so many years and decided to give the iphone a try. I have not had this phone for more than 8 months and I now have to go and exchange this cable for the third time. I am utterly disappointed with the build quality of this cable. Especially from a company the size of apple. If this issue isn't fixed and a better quality cable offered I would really start considering moving back to blackberry just so that I can have a phone that charges properly. I wont even touch on the garbage battery life right now as I don't have enough words to express my feelings towards that.

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    Not fit for purpose

    Unfortunately, these cables are necessary for charging the most recent generation of iPhone and iPad. Out of the box, they work well. But they are not able to withstand normal daily use. My family tend to be reasonably careful with cables and we have not experienced complete failure. However, after about 9 months, all three of our lightning to USB cables are beginning to fail. It is now quite difficult to plug it in and find a position to put the device and cable in to ensure that it continues to charge.

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    Stopped working after a couple of months. Problem seems to be around the lightning connector end loose wire or broken connection. I have 3 of the older 30-pin connectors that have worked perfectly for several years. Apple need to look in to this and resolve the design/quality problem ASAP.

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    complete garbage

    i got my iphone5 at christmas and my third cord just broke. As all other users it seems, its at the end of the cord every single time. had i'd know about this defect, i would have stuck to the iphone4, whose cable i never ever had a problem with. these cords r a complete rip off.

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    I hate it GRRRR!!!!

    I have gone through about 10 of these chargers this month. The internal wiring separates right where the cable connects to the lightning end. I hate these cables. Yeah it's small which some people seem to like, and they charge quick. But they're still Trash!!! I just want my 30 pin connector back. I tried the lightning to 30 pin adapter also. The lightning tip pulls out of the adapter and then they're the same trash that the stock cable has proven to be. Rated -10 for anything lightning related.

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    Poor durability

    Not nearly as durable as the old ipad cable. Seems to be a very poor design, I've went through several. Need to make the lightning connector much stronger.

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    Rubbish... Very Poor Quality! Over Priced!

    I have had my iphone 5 since the end of november and I am now having to buy my 5th cable to charge it as they keep breaking.. you would think a company as large as apple would provide a product that is fit for purpose especially as they charge £15 a time for them! I have now spent £75 in 8 months (no doubt that figure will rise) on cables which i find unacceptable for a product as expensive as the iphone they should be built to last! Disappointing apple!!!

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    One starred people need to stop whining

    I love the new design of the Apple chargers. In a few years everybody will have them and you won't have to worry about your friends not owning one anymore! I looked at a lot of reviews and a lot of people only giving it one star. All were saying how disappointed they were in apple because they hated the new design, and that it was cheaply made. I don't know If they are the most unlucky people in the world, but I've had my lightning charger for over 7 months and the thing runs like brand new. not one single problem. People, stop being so destructive with your property and then it will last longer. Stop whining. This is a great product.

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    .... another broken Cable...

    *facepalm* I... I don't even... this is number 3 Apple. They are so thin that they just a little bend where the Lightning or USB adapter are and fall apart. Right now my 3rd one has a tear where the Lightning head is. Why is this so terrible. If I had a camera besides my iPhone (which is dead because LOL NO CHARGER) I'd take a picture of this garbage. This is... just wow Apple.

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    Only lasted five weeks

    I assume the wires are broken at the end of the cable where the plastic coating is buckling. It charges intermittently and works when I wiggle the cable. I will try to use my ancient but still functional old-style cables with the 30-pin to lightening adapter for my iPad, but I see that the negative reviews for that product reveal that the adapter will not work with most iPhone cases so I will have to cross my fingers with a new one of these cables for our iPhone 5. I do not want to purchase another of these poorly designed cables, but what choice do I have?

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    come on apple sort this one out Please

    Power cables. lightning to usb poor quality there is nothing to Grip when plugging in and out. The cable case around the heat shrink creases up and i guess the next thing to happen is the connections become defective its an expensive cable i am careful with mine and is showing signs of defect already and this is my second cable since purchase of my i phone 5. The 32pin had a similar problem but lasted longer because plug had more to grip on to you need to bare in mind these cables are used daily for charging as battery life is limited.
    please look at a solution to help rectify this problem as most of your reviews flag this as a problem!.
    Thank You.

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    And it lasted for so long...

    I received the new IPod Touch 5 when it first came out. I did all the research and I love every aspect of this IPod! For all the time I have had this IPod, I have had no problem. Sure, the shortness of the cable has been somewhat of an inconvenience, but I was willing to overlook that because of the stunning product. I think I was one of the very lucky few who had a decent charger, until now. At the lightning end that meets the IPod, it has very mildly experienced what you might call "crunching." My best guess is that it is the result of use while charging. Anyway, a few days ago the charger became very fincky if the IPod is moved at all during charging. I tried to resist using it during charging, but it impossible. Everything important is kept on this device- my documents, contacts, emails, just everything. This device is basically connected at my hip at all times whether I'm at home or in public, but now, the cable has completely stopped working. I am very disappointed that after all the money paid for the IPod, I will have to dish an additional $20 I simply do not have. I am disappointed that I will face the inconvenience of spending the gas money for a 1 hr. round trip to the Apple Store. I'm disappointed that Apple believes $20 is a fair price to replace a product that comes with unavoidable wear and tear. I'm disappointed that this problem has not been addressed with more concern and focus. I still will forever love Apple products, but I'm also forever disappointed with this one.

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    Had it for 2 months

    I had this charger-the one I got with my iPhone- for about 2 months, then the wire underneath the part that goes into my phone bent, and would only work on and off for about a day them completely stopped working. Horrible quality and appalled by apple.

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    I recommend Never to buy an "iPad mini" or "IPhone 5"

    The charger cable is weak and is prone to eventually break. Completely waste money and I recommend to buy an "iPhone 4S" not an "iPhone 5" .Very disappointed in apple, returning my iPad mini as its quality is nowhere near the value of nearly €400. Apple have completely failed in this new charger. I urge if you are planning to purchase an IPhone 5 or iPad mini..Please don't! You will lose out on value. Apple have completely failed with the IPhone 5 and IPad mini charger. They urgently need to make the cable more robust.

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    worst cable ever invented!! why change !!!

    this cable is disgraceful I've had 7 of them so far 2 of them melted there s*** every one of them tells me this accessory is unable to charge my phone is stupid I never write reviews but I'm never going to use apple again after my contract as run out. for a phone that costs over £600 you would of thought they could create a charger that's works! why didn't you use the old style they were perfect!! rant over!!!!

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