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    I bought an iPod 5, and I took it home and the charger didn't work. I took it back to the store because I thought maybe it was just a defective cable, and they gave me a new one. 2 months later, 2 of the pins turned black and it started working on if I put the cable in on a certain side. Yesterday, my charger became very sensitive and it would only charge if i held it a certain way. Today the charger isn't working at all. I tried to plug it in but the cable got really hot and it shocked me. Now I have a hurt finger and a broke iPod. Thanks.

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    I love my iPhone 5 (purchased about 6 months ago) and I loved my iPhone 4 (still have it and use it as an iPod) however the chargers for both iPhones are of such poor quality!! It is so dissappointing and I am so dissatisfied! I already have had to replace my iPhone 5 charger and have replaced my iPhone 4 charger 2 times. I don't understand why apple doesn't produce a reliable charger that will last More than a few months! I wish I could give ZERO stars

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    Very fragile.

    I've had mine since October, and only in the last month did it start to go downhill. iPhone 4 chargers before this generation last for years. I'll buy one more cable, maybe it's how you handle it.

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    This charger stops functioning after only a short time of using it, and is not even close to long enough. And I wish Apple had never switched to this charger. That was an awful decision for the company.

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    6 chargers under 1 year!

    Ive had the iphone for just under a year.. And everytime i buy a new charger, it works perfectly fine for a while then stops! Its ridiculous! Love the phone hate the charger and battery life! Spent alot on the phone least they can do is give a decent charger!

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    This is ridiculous

    Man I just brought this charger less then a month ago I can't believe it's broken already! I'm extremely up set because of apples greed of making you pay all that money for a charger that has the life span of a dandelion!

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    Good enough!

    I like the size and everything is perfect! And I am content��!

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    Too short and poor quality

    I like the type of charger it is, but the plastic comes off easy after multiple use. Sometimes it does not recognize my device, from the cord being so short my phone falls on the floor... This needs to be improved if sells are going to be successful. I brought another brand other then apple and its 6ft and material of making is different and better!

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    Lightning cable is a FIASCO

    I bought an iphone 5 (my third iphone after 2 and 4). I never had an issue with their usb cables. I also bought a new generation i pad 6 months ago. They both use the same cable - lightning to usb. After a few months both started not to charge. I blamed my daughter that she misused them but I realized that this product is a REAL EPIC FAILURE.

    I'll buy another lightning to usb again knowing it will probably break again. I checked everything and I think the cables inside are too thin and do not carry electricity too long. I have realized also many times that the cable was really hot while charging. I will charge from pc only using usb port and see if the cable lasts longer.

    But Apple really disappointed me this time. Apple should take the responsibility and call these back and replace them, at least the broken ones with an updated more reliable lightning to usb cable.

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    Why is it that Apple can perfect every technology and software imaginable EXCEPT for a charger that will last for longer than 4 months? Something's got to give.

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    Such a bad item

    So expensive and cheaply made, ripping us off when they brake easy

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    Keeps getting damaged!

    What's wrong with this thing?
    the one that came with my iPhone 5 got damaged after maybe 2 months!
    I bought another 1 from Virgin Mega Stores as we don't have an Apple Store here.. It's not cheap (around $22) & it got damaged again!
    While writing this review the 3rd one is starting to go crazy now, it keeps cutting off! Charging/not Charging, I have to keep moving it to find the right position to charge and I'm sure this will cause problems to my iPhone
    my sister and fried both had the same problems too!
    My iPhone 4 stayed for around 3 years and I was using it for both my iPhone & my iPad.. but this lighting is really weak thing.. It's driving me crazy

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    stay away!!

    I am now on my third lightning cable since Aug 2012 (10 months). The cable seem to always fray where the cable meets the lightning end. I am reinforcing my third cable with white duct tape at that joining. what a rip-off.

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    Too short. Breaks too easily

    Cable itself needs to be about a foot longer. Apple still has not resolved the strain relief defect at the phone end that causes the cable to break prematurely. I have never had one of these cables (including previous generation) last a full year

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    The rubberized insulation material is EXTREMELY delicate compared to the older the quality of older 30-pin models. Within weeks of having it the rubber began to "ripple" similar to an old elastic waistband.. fast forward a few months and there are large gaping tears on various parts of it. The cord has never been treated roughly; it exclusively stays in the outlet in my bedroom, the rubber has simply degenerated with moderate usage.

    Mine is in the worst shape, but I have noted several different friends who's cables have at least "rippled" in the same fashion.

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    Very poor quality

    I have the original USB cable for my iPod that still works after over seven years. But I've only had my iPad Mini for a few months and the cable is in really bad condition. It only works at a certain angle and I don't think it's going to last very long. It's great that it charges quickly but the quality is more important.
    On top of that, it's very short. I'd have to be very close to a power outlet to be able to use it while on charge, and even then it's still too short.
    This really needs to be fixed ASAP!

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    How to rate ZERO?!

    Seriously. :| Annoying. For a person who breathes on her iPad Mini (I read a lot of ebooks), I need a reliable charger. I had TWO now and one even electrocuted me a bit cause the wiring's been exposed. And don't give me the ()*@# that it's all about the usage. I treat my iPod 2G's cable the same and it's still alive and kicking!! Ugh.

    Apple, if you don't get your shizz together, you're gonna LOSE MORE market.

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    Flimsy and Broken

    It's a great design, but the thing is very very flimsy and easily breakable. The wires near the end of the cord (where it connects to the phone) break very easily. And mine doesn't come under the warranty just because I tried putting tape around it to see if that would work. My advice to the people who have these cords is to be flippin' gentle with how you put the cord in or out of the phone.

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    Buying Cable Barons cables from now on

    With a new iPad mini ad iPhone, it was time for me to buy a few cables. I purchased one of these cables, but have since switched to buying my cables from Cable Barons. They're similar to the Apple Lightning to USB cables, but are reinforced with a fabric external skin. Australian based guys. Haven't received yet, but looks good so far!

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    Absolutely ridiculous product ever made

    If Apple can make such a nice piece of work then this one is the horrible. Make one that's durable and not the one that easily breaks. This makes me think it's made not to last so you can get people to spend more money than they should. This is very frustrating!!!!