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    Firstly, cable is too short - 1m sounds like a decent length but when plugged into wall socket not good enough.

    Had cable about 6 months, no problems until last couple of weeks. Only charged when cable was at a certain angle, then barely charging at all. Now, I've open the white outer cable myself and find that one of the cables inside has snapped meaning I can no longer charger nor sync my iPhone 5... and we all know how often the 5s need charging!

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    Lighting to USB Cable are horribly made.

    Going to have to get a 3rd lighting cable now. Same issue with the first 2, where eventually I will have to move/wiggle around the cable very carefully until I find that magical spot for it to actually want to charge, and then I have to make sure a piece of dust won't fall near it or else it stops.
    Hope they have been doing replacements on the Lightning Cables. As I can't afford to keep replacing these.

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    Breaks easily

    for some reason the cables for older iPhones have lasted way long than this one. it breaks after the little part that covers the first bit of the cable on the lightning side, it needs to have a bit larger part that covers the rest of the wire. The casing comes unattached leaving the wire free to bend and become frayed right away.

    It probably because the cord is short and the lightning end is where it's most likely to be bent, but Apple needs to take that into affect and maybe even making the plastic casing longer so that your entire index finger can grab it

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    Apple, you pride yourself on the technological advancement of your products. Pride yourself on listening to your consumers. This cable is pathetic. It breaks too easily and the replacement cost is too high for its poor quality. Embarrassment should be your stand on this one as it was with your map skills.

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    No issue with the cables

    Unlike other reviewers who have reported issues, our experience is completely different. My wife and I have been using these cables since the iPhone 5 came out. We have bought 2 extras and we use them heavily, as we travel a great deal. All cables are in excellent condition and we have no issues to report. They seem to be lasting much better than the old 30 pin connector cables (we went through quite a few of those!).

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    Worst charger

    Can't believe apple are producing a product like this. Breaks after a couple of uses. Got my iphone 5 last November and had 5 chargers since. Awful.

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    Utter Rubbish

    Such an awful cable, my first cable broke after 2 months, the end of the cable (at the lightning end) srunched up and split and then stopped working. Second cable short-circuited in the phone last week destroying the phone and melting the cable as well as tripping out the whole house!
    On 3rd cable after 5 months

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    absolutely useless

    I wish I had got an Ipad3 instead of an ipad 4 for my son. it's slower and been through 2 cables so far in less than 7 months. Apple was supposed to be a reliable product. well, it aint looking that way based on my recent experience and the other comments on this site!!! maybe I should have got him a samsung tablet instead. By the way I owuld have rated this product at 0 stars if that option was available!

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    Too short

    Haven't had a lick of problems with the cable but seriously why must it be so short, anything less than 6 feet is a pain the but, I use a USB extension with mine, definetly way higher quality then the know off cables. My cable is now 9 months old, no problems

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    Constantly breaking just before solid plastic bit (inside break such as loose wire). At £15 it costs a fortune for the cable and I'm not the only one I know who has an iPad/iPhone 5 where their cables are coming loose inside. Terribly made.

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    This charger is terrible, they always break. I am on my 5th one. Also the chord is way too short. I wish there was another charger to use

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    Not up to Apple Specs

    I have had 3 cables since the Iphone 5 came out and all have broke. The cable is really mediocre and apple should be embarrassed to have put out such a shoddy product. Having to twist and turn a cable and rest it under a shoe to get it to charge is unacceptable for a $ 20 cable that only lasts a couple of months. I wish Apple would do the right thing and offer me some free cables to make up for the poor quality ones they have forced to buy on multiple occasions.


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    These are LOUSY

    Quality is lousy. Too fragile. Must buy 3rd one now. We deserve a fully functioning complete product for the premium we pay to be loyal repeat customers. Galaxy products look better to me every day. Apple is quickly losing its way and mojo. I'm forced to give it at least one star, so I guess that one is for the fact that this connector is reversible. The only plus.

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    Have always had iphones.. this cable is BY FAR the most annoying thing ever! I am on my 4th one in 3.5 months time and I'm VERY careful! The iPhon 4 I had for over 2 years and never replaced even ONE cable!
    no stars.

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    Cable broke within 3 months. Wasn't treated badly at all....

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    The new iPhone charger is horrible the wires your so
    Small that there so easy to break! Not impressed!

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    This is my fourth cable in 1 1/2 years. If you touch it 100 times, it stops working. Is there nothing consumers can do?

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    Worst Apple cable ever.

    Apple has always had cheap cables but this is by far the worst. I am on my third cable since I upgraded to the IPhone 5. It is ridiculous that this company can't provide a quality charging cable with their "superior" smart phones. Can't they get smarter drones to make better cables?

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    Awful. Just awful

    The design of this cable is absolutely awful. The cable is so fragile, that simply charging your iOS device will result in the cable end coming loose and failing within a relatively short period of time. I've gone through 4 of these cables, and I am very careful. The cable could be made far better by reinforcing the end and perhaps adding a plastic/rubber tab that would be easier to grip with thumb and index finger. This is almost as bad as my 17"MBP that won't charge under load... Very dissatisfied. Would give 0 stars if possible.

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    2 Cables bad in 6 mos. = defective product

    I really, really wanted an iPhone. For years. Now, I want my Droid back. The latest peeve is that my 2nd lightning cable in 6 mos. has gone bad. Both cables started out ok, then would intermittently loose power and connectivity, and eventually stopped working altogether. I don't have children or pets, and the cables just sit on my desk -- I don't abuse them by carrying them around in a bag or a car. These things are not cheap, and should not be so flimsy. I would give it 0 stars if I could. No wonder Apple's stock is tanking.

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