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    Ipod 5 cord

    This is the second cord that has broken. I have had my ipod since December. My sister also has had her ipod since December and has had to replace her cord as well. Apple replaced the first cord.

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    Two cables bad so far

    Looks like this design is turning to be the worst design apple has for charging.

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    The cables aren't long lasting, very short life span

    I've been on vacation for 6 weeks, and have gone through at least 4 cables. They all seem to pull out from where it connects to the IPad. They all start out great, but by the beginning of the second week, they do not want to charge the Ipad...this is getting annoying and expensive. Is there some adapter that can be purchased to strengthen the cable connection into the Ipad, that will not pull the wires out. I am very careful in connecting and disconnecting the device, but I cannot believe that the "new cable" is this bad! Please advise on how to rectify this problem.

    Thank you

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    Need to fix the cable

    This cable is the least durable thing ever I would rather have the old charger back than this. They need to fix it I'm going to have to get a new cable tomorrow this will be the third one and its only been 4 months. If apples sales go down this will be why.

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    This is a bloody JOKE!

    So I got an iPhone 5 for my work phone so while charging the phone I removed it out the phone and the main wire separated from the connector!!!! It only lasted 4 DAYS!! And they cost $19!

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    Absolute JOKE

    I've had this cord for about four months and the lightning end of the cord came loose and won't charge my phone. It's a shame the 30-pin connecters would last 4 years, not 4 months.

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    Cable fail!

    This cable works fine for only 6 months. Then the connection was failing and I had to buy a new one.

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    Got the iPhone 5 on the day it was released. Wasn't too thrilled with the USB cable having been changed to begin with, but understood the reasoning. Several months on, and I have to ensure I don't touch the phone, otherwise it keeps disengaging. Very poor connection. Extremely unhappy with it, and judging by the reviews I've seen so far, it doesn't look like Apple are giving people replacements?!

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    I've owned many cables for iphones, ipods, Macs for years and never experienced any problems with them. Now, I've had 2...TWO of these Lightning to USB cables go bad. They both cause connection issues. I am replacing them today and hoping they will be of the quality I have come to expect from Apple products.

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    I am just about to pay for my third one! They break constantly!! Never had this trouble for the 2 years I had my iphone 4 charger! Apple need to get this fixed

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    absolute joke! ive had my ipad since christmas and ive gone through 10 leads! ive just had to buy another one, ive had it not even a week and its broke already. useless! SORT IT OUT APPLE!

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    Good design and well made

    The "lightning" plug - the end that connects to the phone - is a big improvement over the old 30 pin design: smaller, reversible, stronger, easier to insert - much better than a micro USB. The cable itself is strong, soft and flexible. The USB end, of course, like the old cable, plugs into your computer for syncing or charging, or into the small Apple power converter cube for even faster wall charging. As with any electrical cable, do not kink it; do not yank the cord to unplug it; insert and remove the plugs gently. Duh. If for some reason the cord should fail within a year ( mine never have) by all means take it back to any Apple store or put it into an envelope and return it to Apple for a replacement.

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    Seems like there is a trend here

    My lightning to USB cord also lasted me about four months as well! I have to put it on a hard surface after fidgeting with it for five minutes. My 30-pin cord lasted about five years! These are very poorly made and I'm not happy about having to shell out $20 for a cord! I love my iPod touch but now I'm hesitant to get an iPhone if every few months I have to spend $20 for a poorly made cord!

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    Poor Quality

    I have had my iPhone 5 for about five months and my charger has stopped working. After reading many reviews, other Apple customers have had the same problem. My 30 pin cords have lasted me a very long time (6 years). I am very disappointed that I am already having to buy a new cord, especially since I am broke college student, I can not afford to be buying new chargers every six months or so. These cords are no where near long enough for charging the phone either.

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    better of throwing away money than buying this

    Iphone 5 lightning USB chargers are the worst things ever .. break within two months of each other .. considering the amount of money we spend on our iphones, ipods and ipads and what not - perhaps they should provide us with better quality chargers!!! £15 each time and i find myself purchasing one about every 8 weeks !!!!

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    Cord lasted 4 months!

    I bought 3 of these cords and 2 of them stopped working after 4 months! For $19 a pop they should work a lifetime!

    I have an old ipod cord from 2005 that still works.... what happened to the quality on the new iphone cords?

    Not happy.

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    Broke in 2 months

    I got this with my Ipod Touch (5th gen). It work fine until today because when I went to charge my ipod this just broke now got to buy a new one. Not happy with it. As owning a second gen Ipod as well my old charger lasted for 3-4 years. Needs work NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love the new charger, but I got this phone in Novemeber and the charger is already being fickle! It has to be in a certain position or it won't charge. I wish that the new cables were as strong as the original chargers. :(
    -broke college student

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    Terrible Product

    This new Lightning Cable is of very poor quality. I have owned my 5th Generation iPod touch for four months now and this cable has completely stopped working. This is indeed an atrocity because I have owned my 30-pin USB Cable for over two years now and it works perfectly fine. I am extremely disappointed with Apple as now, seeing as I am deployed, it will take weeks in order for me to acquire a new one. If due diligence was perfomed on this product, instead of changing the connection in order to get more money out of the consumer, this would not be an issue. The only reason why this gets a one-star is because you are unable to give it NO stars.

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    Lightning Speed, Shocking Price

    I have recently purchased the iPhone 5. The cable works perfectly and charges faster than the old cable. The disappointing part of this cable is that it is $19. I have 5-6 old cables that I use to charge my iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPad. Now that I have the iPhone 5, I need more than one cable. I like to keep my cable in my room for when I charge it for the night, one in my living room, and one in my car in order to play my music on my stereo. t would be great if the price of this cable and the wall plug that it connects to can be brought down to reasonable prices for people like me who need more than one cable. I must also add that these cables are not that strong which means it breaks easily. My friends went through 4-5 cables within the past year of having the iPhone 5. If this product breaks easily, then apple show lower the price because it makes no sense to charge the consumer to buy a product that will not be reliable.

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