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    better of throwing away money than buying this

    Iphone 5 lightning USB chargers are the worst things ever .. break within two months of each other .. considering the amount of money we spend on our iphones, ipods and ipads and what not - perhaps they should provide us with better quality chargers!!! £15 each time and i find myself purchasing one about every 8 weeks !!!!

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    Cord lasted 4 months!

    I bought 3 of these cords and 2 of them stopped working after 4 months! For $19 a pop they should work a lifetime!

    I have an old ipod cord from 2005 that still works.... what happened to the quality on the new iphone cords?

    Not happy.

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    Broke in 2 months

    I got this with my Ipod Touch (5th gen). It work fine until today because when I went to charge my ipod this just broke now got to buy a new one. Not happy with it. As owning a second gen Ipod as well my old charger lasted for 3-4 years. Needs work NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love the new charger, but I got this phone in Novemeber and the charger is already being fickle! It has to be in a certain position or it won't charge. I wish that the new cables were as strong as the original chargers. :(
    -broke college student

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    Terrible Product

    This new Lightning Cable is of very poor quality. I have owned my 5th Generation iPod touch for four months now and this cable has completely stopped working. This is indeed an atrocity because I have owned my 30-pin USB Cable for over two years now and it works perfectly fine. I am extremely disappointed with Apple as now, seeing as I am deployed, it will take weeks in order for me to acquire a new one. If due diligence was perfomed on this product, instead of changing the connection in order to get more money out of the consumer, this would not be an issue. The only reason why this gets a one-star is because you are unable to give it NO stars.

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    Lightning Speed, Shocking Price

    I have recently purchased the iPhone 5. The cable works perfectly and charges faster than the old cable. The disappointing part of this cable is that it is $19. I have 5-6 old cables that I use to charge my iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPad. Now that I have the iPhone 5, I need more than one cable. I like to keep my cable in my room for when I charge it for the night, one in my living room, and one in my car in order to play my music on my stereo. t would be great if the price of this cable and the wall plug that it connects to can be brought down to reasonable prices for people like me who need more than one cable. I must also add that these cables are not that strong which means it breaks easily. My friends went through 4-5 cables within the past year of having the iPhone 5. If this product breaks easily, then apple show lower the price because it makes no sense to charge the consumer to buy a product that will not be reliable.

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    Pretty Good...

    I have had the iPhone 5 since it first came out, and I have been using the same cord since I got the phone and I haven't needed any replacements, but it appears that the lightning end of the cable is frayed on the inside of the sheath. But over all I like the cable.

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    Rotten apple (product)

    # cables stopped working after less than 4 months... ridiculous!

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    So stupid

    I've had my iPod touch 5g since Christmas and so far I have had to buy like 3 charger cables. I got insurance through Radio Shack so I get a new one free. Needs to improve immediately !!

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    Bought 3 ipad minis at christmas...cords have stopped working and have been replaced (some more than once).

    We also own 2 regular sized Ipads and 2 Iphones. The old 30 pin cords that originally came with the older hardware still work to this day.

    These new lightning cords are terrible quality.

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    £45. Yes. £45! I've bought THREE Apple cables in the past 4 months! I'm absolutely disgusted with the quality of them. They just seemed to break! I'm always, always very careful with things I buy and these cables are just expensive and nasty. I'm just utterly disgusted with Apple. Horrible quality and far too expensive! Get it fixed!!!!

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    I Hate This Charger!

    Many of my friends chargers have already broken, and mine has also. Its extremely inconvenient because all my other apple products require the other charger, and then my iPad mini has the lightning charger.

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    Horrible Job apple!!!!

    This Lightning charger is absolute garbage!! I have now gone threw 5 and they are still breaking. Horrible build quality. You must be supercareful not to bend the wire or else you will be lead to utter doom and end up payin 19 dollars for a new one. Very disapointed in you apple!

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    I got this with my iPhone 5, worked well at first, but 1 month in I had to leave it at a certain angle for it to work. Now 2 months on it has stopped working completely, and I am having to buy a new one! This is totally unexpected from such a company like Apple, what happened to the superior build quality of Apple compared to its competitors? I am greatly disappointed.

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    I phone 5 usb

    Absolutely shocking. First time I have ever purchased an IPhone, or any Apple product for that matter, and I have to say the quality of the usb is absolutely shocking. I have had the phone since around November and I have already purchased 3 usb devices. It seems to be a common problem with the wires coming apart.

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    I don't know why apple had to change the old charger in the first place! Probably so I would spend my money buying docking stations etc. The old iPhone chargers worked perfectly never had a problem, then I purchase the iPhone 5 the charger worked fantastic at first but within 4 months it started to only work on one side or at only some angles! After four months my charger has stopped working completely! I'm now going to have to purchase another one!! Apple needs to fix this charger or bring down the price!

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    Breaks too easily :(

    I've had my iPod for about 4 months and just underneath the actual connector that goes into the iPod - the very end of the wire - started to become loose and bendy. So I tried to fix it myself and opened up the wire. Then I found out that the metal coil inside that goes around the coloured wires snapped and so did the red wire so unfortunately I needed to spend another £15 on a new one

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    I've only had this for a month and the cable is breaking it looks like it is broken in side of the cable and will fall apart soon I took good care of it and still it's gonna break I'm sure it was how it was made

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    don't buy.

    i have had my iphone 5 for about 6-8 months and have went through 6 chords now 25$ each. Basically all my friends have iphones aswell and they have had to replace their chords many times aswell.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I have owned my apple iPod 5th Gen since December, and it only charged when it was at a certain angle, and I would have to sit and make sure it was charging, if not, I would have to move it. Up until yesterday, it worked if I moved it, and now it has stopped working completely. Completely and utterly disappointed, I will not be buying another before speaking to apple, and will expect a new cable to work for a much longer period. I suggest apple get their act together and sort this cabling issue out asap.

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