• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poorly made charger...

    We bought the Ipod 5 for my teen aged daughter for Christmas. She loves it. But she has not been able to charge her Ipod 5 for a few days now because the small end of the charger broke. She is only allowed to use it at home, never outside and when it's charging it's charging in one place. The fact that it's been plugged in and out of the device wears it out this quickly is a bummer. For the product itself I would give more stars, but not the accessory. Should be covered by the warranty :-)

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    Worse Cable Ever

    This cable is horrible. I have ordered 4 and one by one all of them break. I bought the iPhone 5 because I love apple products and the design of the phone was great. But the fact that apple ruins it by making such a poor cable instead of adapting to the micro usb world is pathetic.

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    breaks easily

    The lightning end of the cable is flimsy. I have already had one replaced and, now, less than two weeks after receiving the replacement, the new one already has a kink in the tubing... i wish there was some way to reinforce that end to prevent it from breaking...

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    Poorly Made

    The average lifespan of one of these cables in our house is about a week. Forget about it if you decide to take it on a trip with you and charge your phone in your car. This is a poorly made cable.

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    lightning fast to break

    the connector is too small and delicate for use with Ipad. breaks easily and a bad experience for me.

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    Breaks Easily

    I've had my charger cord since I purchased it in November. It has already broken and only charges when it feels like it. I have never owned such a badly engineered product. This cord has not been bent, cut or frayed. Luckily I have a backup cord from my daughter's iPad mini. The cord's design is obviously flawed and too fragile for regular use. Apple should provide replacements at no charge. I've already stepped away from the iPhone band wagon, it maybe time to step away from Apple based tablets. I am truly dissatisfied and refuse to pay another $18 for an item that shouldn't have broken just sitting on my desk.

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    Ipad 4 cable

    The cable is useless, I'm on my second one in 2 months and they have both broken at the 8 pin end, complete waste of money.

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    Cable is too short and not durable at all. I'm buying my third one in four months and all I do is charge the device with it. It isn't abused in any way

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    Made in China for sure

    The new USB Lightning cable is the worst thing I ever used, I have already bought 3 new cables, within 4 months. Not acceptable, if Apple want loyal customers they should fix this issue with the poor quality. It should be included in the warranty until they fix it.

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    Love the idea, if I hadn't already bought 3

    I have had my phone for about six months and have gone through a new charger about every two months. I can't really tell if it's an "apple" problem of just the concept. I have tried the original that came with my phone (.5m) and the (1m) then I tried the one made my Griffin to save 3 dollars and they all have broken. I have pretty much used all the money I saved on the upgrade for my phone, just buying chargers, it's ridiculous.

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    Broke FAST

    I've had the old chargers for years and they lasted just fine. I got an iPhone 5 about 3 months ago and already had to purchase a new one. NOT HAPPY! I'd better not have to buy a new one every three months!...the newer one does feel a little thicker than the one that came with my phone originally, not sure if it's just because it's new or if they redesigned it after all these broken chargers. If they haven't they should because that's ridiculous that an accessory provided has such a short life.

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    Why do chargers ALWAYS break?

    So , this is about the 5th time ive repurchased this charger.And the old charger ( the one compatible with the older generations) was even worse. Im surprised this lasted a month.i liove that is is easy to plug in to your ipod/iphone but,even one small bend can ruin these chargers.I hope apple can make better chargers next time instead of focusing just on the product that is supposed to be charged.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very high quality and durable

    I stood in line to buy the first available iPhone 5s. I was about 100th in line and I have moved around my cable plugged it into my laptop and charged it en route charged it in the car, train, plane, home, hotels, and constant travel -it is still in mint condition. Anyone who says that this thing lacks durability is either lying or cut it with scissors. Also the reversibility and tiny size of the usb cable is excellent. I do nothing to preserve the cable just toss it around and throw it in my backpack.

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    Breaks way to fast

    2 months and I am on my 3rd one... the cord breaks way to fast.

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    Recently got an iPhone 5 and this charger did not last as long. Only lasted me a few months.

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    Should have lasted a lot longer

    The cable came with the Ipad and I would expect it to last a lot longer than 2 months. We had to go out and buy another one for $18. That's ridiculous. The quality should be a lot better. It's also way too short.

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    Breaks constantly

    All i do is buy new ones, £15 every time it breaks, cant keep it up. Terrible, should get this problem fixed, it only works for a few months, ive actually bought two this time ot last me, absolute joke.

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    Apple needs to address this!

    I've been an Apple consumer of almost every single product they offer. They have all been consistent in quality and value... until the new lightening cord. My charger cord is a few months old and already won't charge the phone. I have done nothing except plug it in and out of the phone properly (no water, no drop, scratch, etc) In researching this issue it seems to be a common problem, clearly something Apple needs to recognize and compensate for. I have a genius bar appointment tomorrow, if they don't give me a new one I am going to be really upset. Please don't make me regret my iPhone 5 purchase!!!

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    Same cord issues as everyone else...

    Hello everyone, I have a 4th gen. iPad and an iPhone 5 along with 4 chords. Unfortunately, 2 of the four chords are exhibiting the same problems as others have mentioned and the charging is temperamental and inconsistent. Sometimes I plug these two cables in and no charge is indicated and it's becoming more and more frequent. This is very frustrating because these symptoms began within two months on these two chords. If this problem persists I'll be forced to get a droid phone as new cables every few months could become cost prohibitive.

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    i have only had my i pod 5 for about a month and my charger just all of the sudden stopped working. we didn't think about the warranty or i would have sent mine back already. this i pod charger is nice to have a smaller input piece but after only a month mine broke.

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