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    Works.... Then doesn't

    I got the iPhone 5 for a couple of week thes original cable worked perfectly until the bit of wire towards the lightning adapter starts to crimple, eventually it just doesn't work after more weeks off the cable working and not working constantly vibrating when trying to sleep, can drive someone mad!, I then bought a new offical cable and yet it worked perfect and the same problem occurred, I am sick of paying £15 each time the cable fails to get it replaced!

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    Durability - Huge Issue

    I am not one to write reviews and have always been happy with Apple services and products to this point, but this item has cost me time, money, and caused frustration. I received my iPhone 5 about a month after the release date and have already gone through two of the Lightning cables and am on my third. At $20 a piece and as a necessity to using the phone it is frustrating. On both of the faulty products the area of the cable that connects to the phone-charging end has folded on itself like an accordion to the point where no charge is transferred to the phone.

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    Do you really need a review to buy a charging cable?

    I ordered an extra to leave in my car and, as expected, it works fine - the darn thing charges my iPhone.

    I'm really not sure what a "wrinkled" cable looks like or how it really matters since we're only talking about a charging cable. But, I would suspect the most of the negative reviews are more just venting about the change from the 30 pin connector and the impact it has had on ALL of us. But then again, it's no different from the mini USB to micro USB change-over that affected my BlackBerry and first Android phone.

    So if you've hung on this long to read this review - just buy it - you'll get a real charge out of it!

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    Faulty Cord

    I have never had a cord get a short in it after only 4 months. Especially since there is no visible damage to the cord itself. It seems the wires twisted inside and the only way my phone charges is on an angle. This phone cost too much to have such a shoddy cord included with it.

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    Weak made Charger

    I got my husband an iPhone5 a few months ago and I have had to buy two new of these cords already. They are not durable at all. The plastic near the end of the cable keeps breaking and the wires in the inside are exposed. After, it breaks and the cord does not charge then phone anymore. I don't think this is safe and its waisting money that i dont think i should have to spend. A more durable cord will be most appreciated. Thank You For Your Time!!

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    Bad design - 3 months use and no longer work

    3 iphone 5s. Each came with these lighting cables. Out of the 3 cables, 2 no longer work as the wires twist inside near the connecting head.

    Bad design. Costly to the consumer to replace. Apple needs to compensate customers NOW!

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    Why is everyone so upset!?

    I am not sure why everyone is complaining? I mean i get that your charger is maybe wrinkled or you are on your fifth one, but Apple is really good at replacing your stuff. I mean, I just don't get why people are buy 5 and 6 chargers. Take it to the Apple store and they will gladly help you. I have never had a problem.

    I will say that they are expensive. Heck, even the knockoffs are expensive.

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    On complement. Three complaints.

    The new small, polarized design of the lightning connector is brilliant.

    The strain relief on the lightning end is still lacking. Apple of old would have fixed this problem by now. In fact Apple did fix the problem while creating another. The short corded 30 pin to Lightning adapter does have a proper strain relief. However it is larger than the standard cord. The case manufacturers have to allow for two different lightning plug sizes now. Big mistake. This should have been standardized by using the stronger plug/cord for both upon the release of the Lightning connector. I had to return an $80 dollar waterproof case because the larger plug did not fit.

    Heads would have rolled not too long ago because of this oversight.

    Somehow Apple needs to get the heavier duty plug and strain relief into all of the USB and power cord designs. This would make the entire line better and safer. MagNotSoSafe cords need this treatment as well.

    Lastly, I would also like to request shorter and longer USB cord options for my iOS devices as so many have requested before me. I especially need a short cord for attatching a battery extending device to my i5 while biking. The display and GPS need extra power to run more than an hour or two.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Be well.

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    Seriously Apple your disapointing us. The cable wrinkled at the end for only 1 week, after i got my iPad Mini..... I think your loosing people with those cable... People are alot more going to Samsung now because those cable are s.c.r.a.p

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    Broken already

    When I bought my iphone, it came with 2 of the cords. Both of them are broken already, and I got mine about 3 months ago. It seems like the wires got twisted around on the inside, because there's no visible holes in the casing.

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    Worst cable ever

    I have two charging cables one of which wrinkled at the end and eventually ripped. The other is only a matter of time before it does the same. Apple should offer replacements after they FIX THEIR DESIGN

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    0 Stars. TRASH!

    My cable wrinkled up at the end of the cable only weeks after purchasing my iphone5...I never moved it or even used my phone while charging it..and it ended up ripping and sometimes wouldn't even charge...so I bought another one..SAME story, way to go apple! Charging an arm and a leg for defective products. Very unhappy customer!

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    Brand New Cable Doesn't work for charge or sync

    I bought an extra Lightning to USB Cable to use at work when I bought my iPhone 5 through an authorized retailer. It does not work when plugged into an Apple Charger or when plugged into my computer. It will not charge and the computer doesn't recognize my iPhone. It just says "the USB device has malfunctioned".

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    Doesn't last but no alternative

    We bought four new iPhone 5s and a new iPad mini for Christmas, and all but one charger has had to be replaced already. At first I thought my teens were being too rough with them. Now I realize the design is faulty in the cord and they just don;t last more than a couple months. What a rip off! NO ALTERNATIVE. TodayI will shell out another $40 for two more chargers. Bad enough we had to competely replace all chargers, docks etc, that they don't work is even more disappointing.

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    tricks of the trade

    Don't know one see this coming,this is a rip off the lightning cable to small so therefore it can't be
    rugged it is weak i only have my Iphone 5 for 2 months and the lightning calble,i am on the 2nd cable.

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    Please Apple - RECALL this item

    Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 4th both come with a new lightning to USB cable. Read all the complaints on Apple communities about the USB end getting stuck in computers, cars, etc. Apple is denying the problem and consumers are getting the run around. I noticed that certain Apple lightning to USB cables have an additional dimple on the metal part - others do not - the ones that DON'T have the dimple are the ones getting stuck...of course I have that one. A friend of mine has the one with the dimple - no problems at all. Look at the image of Lightning USB cable closely, no dimple - look at all your previous Apple products (mouse, keyboard) they all have that little dimple...and NOT getting stuck. Please recall product.

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    Not sure what everyone's problem is!

    I have to admit that I wasn't to happy that Apple went to the Lighting cable at first, as I was thinking about the adapters (30pin to Lighting) that I had to buy which are very expensive. However, I find that the Lighting cable is much quicker to plug in (either direction too) and I find that it chargers fast.

    Reading all these reviews where people are having these issues of failure and "on my 3rd cable because of epic failure" is very confusing to me...IT'S A FREAKING CABLE! How can you be having so many issues with it... really???

    The only reason I rated it a 4 instead of 5 is because of the added extensions and adapters I have had to buy. But besides that it's all good with me.

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    iPhone 5 USB

    TERRIBLE! I have purchased TWO chargers and each of them resulted with a shortage and are both broken. My phone is always dead due to these chargers.

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    Not Durable Enough

    The design is great for ease of use but like others have mentioned, it does not last. I have had mine for 2 months and use it about every other day. I can still get it to work but it now takes 2 to 4 tries to make the proper connection where it used to do it on the first try.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    i really liked the new design on it first and that it charged faster, but after about 2-3 months it didn't work anymore, i had to twist it and find that perfect spot where it would charge and it took me usually about 15-30 minutes to find that spot. i'm now on using my 3 cord!! i really wish they would lastlonger! and i have used it in the exact same way as i did for the old cord, and the old one lasted for 2 years before i got this new one!

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