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    Absolutely awful

    This USB cable came with my 5th generation iPod Touch, and it's been nothing but a pain in the hind end. It's so short that I have a hard time getting it from the USB ports on my computer to my desktop, and I'm afraid that it'll slip off the desk and fall while it's charging. Not only that, but the USB itself is defective; every time I plug it into my computer, it gets stuck and I have to spend the next 20 minutes gently wiggling and pulling on the adapter to get it to come out without damaging my computer. I'm not the only one having this problem, either; a quick Google search of "ipod usb stuck" will pull up pages and pages of support forum responses about stuck USB cables. What an expensive piece of garbage!

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    Really??? I have 3 iphone 5 cables and all are broke!!

    I have owned my iphone 5 since it was released and I bought 2 extra charging cables just to have extras. Well glad I did because each one broke FAST at the end that plugs into phone. I have several old cables from other apple products and they all still work great! PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! Consumers shouldn't have to buy charging cables every few months!!! I love the Iphone 5 but simply because of charging cable problem, I would take my Iphone 3gs back right now!!!!

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    1 month??

    Literally just paid my first bill after switching over to AT&T and only having the iPhone 5 for one month and the cord is already defective. It's twisted at the end where it goes into my phone and I have to bend it a certain way just for it to work. I love this phone but it's hard to love a dead phone -__-

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    My cable doesn't work after only owning my iPhone 5 for 4 months and I'm reading
    Reviews of somebody whose already gone thru 5 CABLES!!!! So what exactly
    Do you (apple) plan on doing about this clearly defective new charging cable? Every old cable
    I own from all my old products still work???Please do something ..

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    Terrible cord design

    I hate this cord! I have to drive an hour each time I need a new one, and I'm on number 6 in 3 months! I would go back to my iPhone 4 if I could just because of this cord.

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    Poor quality

    Like everyone else, 3 months and my cable is defective and needs to be twisted in order to get it to charge my phone.
    First the Maps....now the charger..

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    I have had the Iphone5 for 3 months. The charger has broken 2 times and I've had to replace it. $40 dollars on chargers! It's insane!! I take very good care of my stuff and have never had issues with any other charger I've ever had.

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    Sick of it

    Today marks the day that I have gone through yet another iPhone cord. This is the fifth iPhone cord I have bought for my 5 since it has came out. My iPhone 4 and previous worked perfectly never had a problem with a simple task as charging my phone. Every since this new charger has came out I have had nothing put problems and I am tired of it. I have sort almost 100 dollars just on a cord!

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    Hate it!

    I've been with apple for years and have never made a complaint until they made this new charger. I've had my iPhone 5 for a couple months and I'm on my second cord already. This is ridiculous! Especially when the cord is $19. This new charger is already messing up. I'm beyond disappointed.

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    doesn't work with many USB chargers, still makes sound and looks like it's charging but doesn't charge

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    Symmetrical Genius

    I want to kiss whoever pushed for the symmetrical connector design. Still too expensive for a cable... would actually like it a bit thicker/tougher for this price. But the symmetrical connector guys should win a nobel prize

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    Stops working after a few months.

    I purchased my iPhone 5 in November and after 2 months its a hassle, now you need to jiggle the cord to make it just right for it to charge. Come on Apple fix the quality. Sheesh!

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    Horrific Experience

    This is my first iPhone and now I'm reminded why I didn't want one before. The charger started having problems after 2 months and broke down completely after another 2 weeks. Overall, super expensive and terrible quality compared with other phones.

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    Not Happy

    Only got 4 months out of the lead supplied. Can still charge (dont know how long this will last) but unable to sync with either computer or itunes.
    NOT HAPPY that i am up for another lead to fix this problem. The lead from my iPhone 3GS still works fine. Will you even come to the party and try and find a resolution??? Or are apple too big to LOOK AFTER ITS UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS?

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    Cable does not work

    Unless you jiggle the cable around, it refuses to charge. Switching designs was a great idea but if it only functions for a month then it is worthless.

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    I've had my iPhone 5 for close to 3 months and I started having the same problems a lot of you have described. Yesterday, I had to start jiggling the cord around just to get it to charge. Today, it has even less functionality. I guess I'll have to fork out $19.00 tomorrow :/

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    It is what it is.

    I have always been an Apple fan. They make great products and when you need a replacement device they are quick to help. However, this is the first complaint I have had about an Apple product. I do not love this charger. It feels cheaply made. I had to replace my charger because it will only charge my phone if I set it down a certain way and the cord gets hot. The wireing inside is poor at best. I went to pick up my phone and the charger had gotten so hot when it touched my skin it had turned it pink instantly. I was scared to charge my phone for fear it may start an electrical fire. I never had this problem with the old chargers. I wasn't a fan of how wide they were originally, however, I can get over it, simply for a better and more well designed charger.

    For those complaining about the cable being too short, they make USB extensions. They are great and don't cost much. It's a simple fix. If you haven't thought about, there you go! You can all stop your whining.

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    Poor Quality

    I have had an Iphone 4 for the past two years and never had a single cord break or give me a problem. I upgraded to the Iphone 5 in November, so I've only had it for about 3 months and over the past two weeks for no reason the cord was giving me trouble to the point where I would have to jiggle it around and play with it for 15 minutes before I could get it to charge. Last night it wouldn't charge at all so I was phone-less for the entire night because every store was closed and every wal-mart around me was sold out ( probably because everyone else was having the same problems). This morning I had to purchase a new one and I'm so paranoid that the same thing is going to happen again. Please fix this problem because I don't want to be having to dish out another $19 every 3 months...

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    Doesn't work

    Straight from the box. Plugged it in...nothing. Judging from the reviews, I am not unique. Doesn't even deserve the one star I am FORCED to give.

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    Cable cheap quality

    I bought the new iPhone 5 when it came out and this cable is already malfunctioning. I haven't done anything to destroy the cable - it's remained plugged in to a lightstrip next to my bed. Now the cable has to be sitting just right for the phone to register that it's plugged in.

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