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    Please Fix this Cable

    This cable does not last and is not worth the amount Apple charges for it. Please Apple fix this product and make it more durable. This is no way to cut corners

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    Buying more!

    I'm back on here reading reviews and wondering if I'm the only one who manages to get through numerous charging cables. Two iPads and two iPhones, yet I seem to be continuously buying cables.
    APPLE though are between a rock and a hard place, they are not known for selling junk but that is where they find themselves with this product!

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    Cable wars

    The IPhone 6 8pin USB cable has to be the worst Apple product ever. Shoddy, fails within months and apple doesn't even make its own replacement leads. Try Belkin, Anker etc etc random chances of failure and success. Certified???? An apparently meaningless term. Start selling replacement leads that WORK for $5 and kill the knock offs. Well actually just start with leads that work and sort out a price later.

    APPLE EQUALS SHODDY POOR QUALITY. Why can't they make a lead work?

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    This will be my second cable for my ipod. First one that came with ipod lasted less than a year. I am also purchasing my third cable for my ipad today. very shameful how cheap the cables are.

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    Very poor design - Apple please take note

    I am dreadfully disappointed in the quality of these cables. I have had six that after about three months developed the "bubble of doom" (at the point that the cable enters the connector sleeve) and eventually died. I can imagine that if one does not touch the cable and its connected to a dock of some sorts - it probably works fine, but this is unrealistic. I travel and have to be able to wrap a cable up and throw it in my bag without fear that I have put it under "stress". None of my USB cables are that pathetic. The worst part is that there is little choice. I purchased two non-apple cables and they were not any better. Very expensive, not very good.

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    Fix the problem!

    I have been using more than three lighting cables. Not even one of them can last for over a year.

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    Basura, Trash.

    I am an Apple Customer. for all the money that we spend on the apple devices this cable is trash, very bad quality. Please apple fix It. This is a bad publicity for apple products. i do not want to keep spending money in a apple product that does not work. Este cable no se merece ni una estrella.
    hope they do something about this.

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    Lasted 2 months

    This cable lasted two months and is now completely dead. Ridiculous quality for a ridiculous price

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    Fix this problem

    All of my lightning cables started malfunctioning within a month.
    I'm so frustrated
    How could this happened?
    Please don't try to make money out of it !!!!apple please fix this ridiculous problem immediately

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    Terrible quality

    Considering the price of these chargers the quality is outrageous mine broke to the point it would not charge my phone after 3 months better quality ones on Amazon for so much cheaper the fact Apple has yet to address this is a joke

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    Fix This STAT!!!

    All my USB Cables broke at the same time, Ipad & Iphone cables after a year of use.

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    Cables seem fine to me

    I'm not sure what all the problems are, maybe folks need to take better care of their stuff. I've purchased dozens of cables in support of business and research: I have lots of iPads out to staff, each with cables, and all the cables are fine as far as I can tell. No complaints. My wife and I have cables at home, in the car, in purse and briefcase, they are all 1 or 2 years old and all are fine. Four stars because it is...a cable. It didn't change my life, but none have failed.

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    I have two cables and chargers, one for upstairs and one for down and it's always good to have a backup, but they've both just broke within a month! There is no physical damage to either and I always pull them out correctly and am gentle when handling but obviously this doesn't work. My iphone 5 is terrible too it dies on 40% and suddenly drops from 40 to 10 then to 1%. Will be buying Samsung in the future.

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    Really? Apple really?

    having to replace cable every couple of months, throwaway product at premium pricing, further insulted by some apple supervisor at customer care that I must be abusing my cables, yes of course I am because there is nothing I like doing better in my spare time than abusing and shredding my cables to pieces. just finally for the love of god admit the design and quality problem and fix it!!!!
    ** if there was a zero star option that would be my rating.

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    Don't expect it to last

    Every Apple charger I have has lasted less than 3 months. No visible damage, it just stops working. Oh and you the after market ones don't work.

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    One side of it works sometimes. Sometimes it won't charge or say it is not supported!!!! The other side works, will have replaced.

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    Apple...PLEASE FIX THIS!

    I have spent more money, time and energy buying cables for my family's 6 apple iphones and ipads over the last several years. It is to the point where I should put a monthly amount of $100 in our budget. I have ordered them direct from Apple and a litany of other vendors both online and in stores and they are all terrible. They all seem to work for a very short amount of time. It is sooooo frustrating. I mean how difficult can it possibly be to come up with a new design for a cable like this that will work for even a year. When I had the older generation iphone's with the older plug in at least they would last long enough for the cable coating to fray. These new cables for the iphone 5's, 6's and newer generation iPads are ridiculous. Apple...PLEASE FIX THIS and release a new version that is more reliable.

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    Falling Apart

    I'm also having to replace my cable because it's fallen apart; not only that, but now I'm having other problems with my iPhone battery because of using the disintegrating cable. I hope Apple improves their quality on this things for the 6s.

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    Very disappointing!

    I am a huge Apple fan, with the exception of these lightening cables. My family of 4 have bought a ridiculous number of replacement cables in the year since we switched to iPhone 5's. Apple is certainly capable of making a better product and owes it to it's loyal customers to do so.

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    Two Start Only Because 3rd Party Alternatives Are Even Worse

    Not sure why nobody has been able to come up with a better design. I'd say the Apple cables last on average a year before needing replacement, and that's when looking after them. My kids aren't so diligent in storing them as I am and get through them much quicker. If it's supposed to be 'disposable' then fine, but sell it for £2.50 not £15 if that's the case.

    I've tried Belkin and other alternatives and they all break even sooner. Sometimes it's the wiring inside the cable where it joins the lightening connector, other times it seems to be the contacts on the lightening connector that fails in the power adapter.

    Can't say whether other phone chargers are better as I rarely use my Android devices beyond my desk so the cable is almost always connected to the docking station and never manipulated. The chargers on my iPads never failed (the none lightening older style), so I think it's a problem with the lightening cables. I guess the situation won't be improved until Apple have sold all their stock...

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