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    Charges great, but bad quality.

    Charger works great but the quality is horrible!!!! It breaks quickly even if you take care of it! I've had 2 in less than 8 months. They both ripped and stopped working.

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    iPhone Lightning to USB Cable is very poor quality

    The quality of Lightning to USB Cable is very poor. The cable got damaged near the lightening connector and the USB does not fit the connector properly. Not at all as per apple standard.

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    I think they are designed to break!

    My mini usb cables from older phone have lasted me years! They still work and I use them to charge my ps4 controllers now.

    I get an iphone in February and Its now July and I need a replacement. Thats 5 months! How is this possible? I've bough anker one and it seems to be better quality and hopefully this one will last.

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    Apple charger cord

    I owned a lot of apple products but I will not be updating my I phone 5s or my iPads with Apple for one reason only they make poor charger cords! I have owned many different cell phones in my time and never had problems with the charger cord till I got my 2 Apple iPhone 5s and my new I pad last year ! I have gone threw 15 cords with my phone , wife's phone ,daughters phone and our sons phone and all our I pads. No more Apple products untill they Change the cords . Going back to Samsung !m

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    Breaks quickly

    I have had to replace these cables, bought straight from Apple, like every 3 months. I am not rough on my cables and rarely move them. The ends get "shorts" in them and won't charge or work any longer.

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    title says it all

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    I can't believe that when I buy one of Apple's flagship products like my iPad Air 2 it comes with this totally inadiquate cable. The cable quit on me after just 1 week.

    So I ordered some considerably better quality cables from 3rd parties only to find out that Apple have done something to prevent these cables from working. It's just ridicules. If you're going to stop high quality cables from working with your product then you need to make your products with that level of high quality.

    It’s like buying a Ferrari then fitting it with the wheels of a 1970’s Lada.

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    I am beyond sick of buying new apple lighting cords. It is the worst product for its function in the world bar none. I am so careful with them but still replace this cord several times yearly. At great expense I might add!!! Its a deliberate ploy it can only be. For the rest of the phone to be that far advanced yet the cord to be so poor its a way of increasing revenue. Never had this problem on the old 30 pin cord. Awful Apple absolutely awful.

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    1 star is all it is getting! It shorts out in 10 days.

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    they are useless and waste of money

    We have had 4 of these in 12 months and they are fragile and break very easily. Seems the wires come lose at the phone end connection.
    Why did they change? What is the benefit over the previous cable design which seems more robust. Most docking stations don't take this lightening connection either. Bad design choice. my kids reckon they are a waste of time and have gone android.

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    Constant source of problems, frustration and added expense!

    They quit charging our phones after 3-6 months. I have four iPhones that use the lightning cable and I must have purchased 20 additional cables over the past 18 months. I've purchased Apple and numerous knock offs, including The Friendly Swede with lifetime warranty, but they all go bad after a short time. It took three email exchanges and me sending them pictures to get a replacement with The Friendly Swede, so I gave up getting a warranty replacement when the others from them went bad.

    There must be something wrong with the design for ALL of the manufacturers to have so much trouble building something that will last. I was considering switching from iPhone anyway, but the constant problems and added expense associated with these cables has pushed me over the edge. I think I will switch my family to something else when I upgrade our phones.

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    Horrible product! I wish there was 0 start option

    I always have problem with Apple cable, my iPad and iPhone lightning cable all broke after several months of use. So bad quality.

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    dangerous & poorly made

    I've had the cord for over two years now & its always been in the same exact spot, I noticed at around 3/4 months the cord was fraying at the top near the part that gets plugged into the phone. I never bend my cord so it was really surprising & annoying that it was fraying from me taking it in & out of my phone. I didn't think of calling Apple & replacing it, & I didn't bother buying a new one cause it still worked. Slowly it continued to rip open more to expose the wire & occasionally I noticed my phone getting really warm. The top half of the cord closest to the phone also starting turning from white to yellow & it feels thinner & you can see the wire beneath it. Apparently the cord was getting hot & burning through the rubber outer part.

    It's dangerous & poorly made. My older cord pre lightning never did this & it had 3-4 year usage.

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    Worst apple product ever

    I cannot believe the amount of money that I have spend buying new lighting cables over and over again. Even cables bought in the Apple Store cause the phone to prompt a message of not certified cable . It's outrageous .

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    Worst Apple Product so far.

    Over the last 2 years I have gone through 10 of these cables, £150 worth of them. They all have the same problem, the end gets all bunched up and a wire comes loose.Apple really need to make a better version of these. Its bad when the knock off ebay one has lasted longer than the real Apple one but at a fifth of the price.

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    Not fit for purpose.

    I've gone through two in 12 months. The original with my iPad, the cable split at the Lightning connector, which then left the wiring exposed which eventually failed. The second, the Lightning connector has snapped off where it meets the plastic.

    Looking at these reviews Apple, you need to take notice, because this product is simply not fit for purpose. When design and aesthetics override a cable that actually functions and lasts longer than a few months, there is something seriously wrong. Hundreds and hundreds of overwhelmingly bad reviews on your own site from Apple customers should tell you something.

    I'm now going to have to buy a third cable in 12 months. Unacceptable. I'll say it again. This product is not fit for purpose.

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    Cheap construction, ridiculously priced

    I must have been through 5 or 6 of these in the last two years alone. According to the Apple Store it's my own fault because when I travel, I don't "coil it up right". It's strange because I never had a problem with the old style cable. Because of the proprietary design, I can't even buy a third party cable. These cables are obviously very badly and cheaply constructed and sold at an absolutely ludicrous price. Come on Apple, you're really letting us down.

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    Lightning cable issues

    I would like to hear what Apple is planning to do about lightning cable failures?

    The lightning cable supplied with my new iPhone 6 failed after 8 months - the phone no longer recognized it as an Apple cable and failed to charge. Apparently this is an all too common issue.

    My old iPhone 3GS cable lasted several years without a problem.

    Tim, Jony, Eddy - are you listening to your customers?

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    Very bad

    How is it posible that such a great piece of machinery can come with such a a weak charger. The cable bends and then just stops working. I have parchased two chargers for my iPad and they have both broken. Unbelieveable. Very disappointed Apple must be more responsible with it's customers, show us some respect. Fix this flaw.

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    Absolutely overpriced piece of garbage

    I have bought over 8 of these cords in the last year. Out of all the overpriced Apple products this is the one that I have to use and it bothers me like no other. Apple has caused non-official Apple cords not to work with the IOS 7 update. At the end of the day its just a power cord, it should be cheap like the micro usb cords used with android I never had a problem with. This expensive cord however stops working frequently and becomes totally useless altogether out of nowhere. Really dissapointed.

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