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    Quality is Disappointing

    I am on my third cable. The life expectancy of these cables is six months to a year. The cable is not durable. I have had two that the wire pinched through the plastic and one that scrunched up. Needless to say they stopped working. For all the technological advances Apple creates they cannot develop a quality cable.

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    advice for iphone 5 user

    I have had multiple chargers for this phone and they constantly break within the month and obviously as a teenager I cant afford to keep paying £15 for a new charger very often so I just started buying cheap chargers off ebay. they all worked for a long time until the new ios update. In order for my phone to charge I have to switch it off to charge it which is quite useless and irritating because I cant even see if it is charging or not. But now it doesn't even charge with unofficial apple products and my phone has been dead for a few days now simply because I cant afford a new one. So I decided to try something a bit more hard-wearing and what seem to me- logical. I decided to buy the 30 pin to lightning adaptor and also buy the iPhone 4 cable, because they seem to last the same length as the phone does. The lightning adaptor wont get any loose wires or anything like that because there are no wires, and the iPhone 4 cable is very hard-wearing so that too will last a long time. I know this is quite expensive but its a good one to consider, taking in to account that you would maybe spend double that in a year- if not more- on iPhone 5 chargers that constantly break.

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    Apple iphone and mac book cables

    Poor quality replacing or taping all the time. They are useless. Do something about them apple!!

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    consistently terrible quality

    These are really terrible. I've been using Apple products for about ten years, pretty much since there was an iPod, and I replace this cord at least twice a year. I would happily pay twice as much money if they would build a cord that was worth something and would last for a couple years. I've tried aftermarket, but haven't had much better luck. I don't know why this is so hard, my other device cords are still going strong after a few years (besides by MacBook, which I replace about once every two years). I really wish they cared about making this a good product, it's just depressing.

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    Waste of money

    I bought this charger because mine had stopped working, and in 3 months, this one stopped to. It looks brand new, still spotless, but when I plug it, nothing happens. And the worst thing is that I do not live in the US, where I bought it so I cannot get to the store to make a claim. I tried to contact support and it is so hard that I got tired.

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    Very disappointed... Wires snapped!

    Got my ipad mini a year ago, and the cable started to go after only a couple of months. The plastic started to bunch up around the connector, and then the wire completely snapped! Bought another, and the same thing happened! Tried to take it back, and was told that I wouldn't be served, as all the technicians had left for the day (about 10 minutes before closing), even though there were still staff in the shop! Will try again in the morning, hopefully they'll replace it for free, as this website mentions a year warranty for cables, and this was the second one I've had in a year! Disgusted that so many people seem to have had this problem, don't apple think it might be a good idea to fix it????

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    worked for a little while

    i bought an iphone 5s which came with the official cable which worked for just over one month, then suddenly it has stopped working at all! it isnt my phones fault because i have borrowed friends chargers which have worked. there is no visible damage and it just stopped working overnight.

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    Good Product and it does Last

    As you would expect from apple the cable looks and feels of high quality.

    Lots of reviews saying the cable doesnt last, but Ive had an Iphone 5 for 2 years, and currently an Iphone 6 and never had an issue (I take it to work and its travelled to several UK destinations and been in 7 countries and is still going!)

    I think if you try and look after it then it will last!

    Only given 4 stars as I would price the 1m cable at £10.

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    This is a terrible charger. For a company that makes other great products, this is a shock.

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    Bought heaps over the last few years and has cost us a bomb. May as well buy the fake ones for $3 that at least come with a 3 month warranty, which is more time than an apple cable will work for. Shoddy. My wife has had the same charger for her Samsung phones for YEARS, and never 1 problem, think I'm changing my phone at the end of the year. Go back to the drawing board asap and get this sorted out and read these reviews please, we're the people keeping you in business. It won't let me post this unless I give a Star, so begrudgingly I have to give it 1 when really I don't wish to rate it at all

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    Have bought over half a dozen lightning cables in last 2 years. The quality has been consistently bad. For god's sake, please get this thing sorted.

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    Leads are c***



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    Here I am, buying yet another two...

    After having one cable for the two years I owned an iPhone 4S, it's pretty disappointing to be buying my ninth and tenth cables for my iPhone 5S, which I obviously haven't had for two years yet. That's right, ninth AND tenth. I no longer buy them one at a time as I know it's only a matter of time before my ninth one stops working, and I'll be glad I bought the tenth one in advance. At least I've now discovered how effective the online shop is. Very quick delivery is the one positive.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (1 m) IPHONE 5 & 6

    Product design is simply poor. Just talked to help about three weeks ago about poor quality of Lightning to USB Cable (1 m) cords. Live out in rural area, so cant just bring cords in everytime they quit working. so I just went ahead and ordered 2 more $19 each. First one just failed 10 days after we received it. This one failed and phone says not compatible with an ipone 6 after a short period of use, less than 10 days and ends are fine. Tried cord on several charger plugs made by apple and made no difference still get same warning on phone that cord is now not compatable.

    APPLE YOU EVER GOING TO IMPROVE THE CORDS? We have 4 apple phones in the house and have had problems for years now with cords.

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    Just like all of Apple's cables

    Although Apple's i- devices usually stand the test of time pretty well, its a fact that their cables don't!! I have used many of apples cables and chargers over the years (magsafe, 30 pin and lightning), and they seem doomed to fail. Thankfully, 3rd party options exist, and if you limit the use of an original apple cable (keep it as a spare, in the car etc) you can pull a bit more life out of them.. Its just a shame they don't build them to last in the first place!

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    Not reliable with use over time

    I have 4 ipads, 2 iphones, and an iMac. I have vested into Apple quite heavily in my home and am quite annoyed with the weakest link in all this being the cables! It is always near the lightening connector end where the internal wires break. I am always taking them back, either with a receipt or claiming ACCC laws for an inferior product that doesn't last as long as it should/expected. Paying almost $30 for a low-cost manufacturing product (i've worked in this space, I know it isn't much!) that has a low reliability is ridiculous.

    And when I walk into the Apple shop for a replacement I always get the, 'you need to remove the cable like this', speech. I find it annoying that the design doesn't consider the consumer's use of the product. With device cases being bulky (necessary for a product that doesn't like too much force!), I find grabbing the connector housing difficult and not to my needs. Coupling this with 4 children, i don't see long-term use in an over-paid and (perceived) high-quality cable.

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    Cable sicks

    This Cable breaks so easily, like I have to buy a new one every freaking month .

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    I have been an Apple customer for years, it is alarming the amount of times I have had to change chargers. Apple needs to start making the charger cable stronger and more flexible. What Apple should do instead of releasing a new phone every year is to REVAMP the charger.

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    No words

    I have spent over a hundred dollars on these charge because they don't last. When my upgrade comes around im not sure I'll keep my iPhone .

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    Keep replacing it

    I have bought 4, 5 of these. None of them working for a long period. Very easy to break. Can't see why Apple is doing this badly.