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    Lightening Cable poor design

    We have 3 iPads and have gone through 5 cables ,just returned one today at an Apple store ,was told it failed because you must not bend them at the lightening end! .There is no support on the cable to prevent bending ,when will Apple wake and redesign the cable.

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    Over priced! Extortion

    The lightning cable is poorly insulated with a cheap soft plastic, which if bent the slightest will break. The cable is priced currently at $25 AUST. Which is pure extortion. Let's be completely honest here. The cable is most likely manufactured for less than $1 and is then sold for $25 to the stupid sheeplike animals they call consumers. Oh yeah fantastic. Brilliant. Superb. Bravo. Thank you Apple for a product aimed for redundancy.

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    Worst charger cable out there!

    I have bought several of these cables and everyone of them broke, and I own the iPod touch 5th generation. They're horrible, I don't like what apple has done with this new charger cable. They need to change it or go back to the old one. This one just breaks to easy and only lasts a couple months. Apple needs to do something because a ton of people are disappointed in this product. They need to change the cable to something a little more sturdy.

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    Worst charger ever

    I've had to replace at least 15 times within the past year and a half. Ridiculous.

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    Lightning Cable More Like Lightning FAIL

    If I could rate this product a zero I would. These cables break so fast and Apple should give a replacement to everyone who purchased an iPhone 5 & up. I have been an Apple user since the first iPhone was released and the 30 pin charger has never given me any problems up until i purchased my iPhone 5. With so much thought and effort into upgrading the iPhone generations, Apple should definitely consider in redesigning the Lightning Cable

    **Another note- from frustration I have opened up 3 Apple chargers once they stopped working and I have noticed that for some reason it is always the little red wire that is always broken and not allowing all of the cables to give the full power into charging the iPhone.
    Apple need to fix these "little" problems before even more people decide to switch from Apple products to Samsung, HTC Android, and LG phones.**

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    Poor Quality

    mine has worn-out out after 1 year of usage.
    Apple should really do something since most of the reviews are 1 star and this cable is not a low-cost one....

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    I have lost count of how many replacement cables I've bought. RIDICULOUS. Sort it out, Apple cos it's driving me crazy.
    What's worse is I had to rate it with one star because there was no option for zero stars.

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    The lighting connector is too bad

    I love all apple product, bud the lighting cable for Iphone 5 is extremely bad. I bought three original lighting cables and all of them has been damaged.
    Apple should sustantially improve the quality of this cable.

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    Shouldn't this last longer than the phone

    why oh why can't Apple create a charger that lasts? Within a couple months, the chargers get a turtleneck, and then quits charging your phone... Micro USB never has a problem. man-up apple

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    Buy the cloth one from radio shack

    I have never liked apple cables from the macbook charger to the 30 pin connector and now the lightning cable. they always fall apart really fast. the coating on the cable will quickly split wrinkle and eventually your cable will stop working. this is the only apple product i will never buy. and its way over priced. it deserves a no star and a bad apple.

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    Terrible quality.

    I admit I like the lightning part of the connector but the wire and jacket is just plain useless. Terrible quality. It comes apart within a few months. Apple needs to reinforce the jacket at the two ends of the cord. Also, the jacket literally discolored and began cracking off in little bits. These should have lifetime warranty because this is unacceptable.

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    And it's worse if you use a case

    I've had a half a dozen cables fail, all at the connector end. It is made worse as I have a LifeProof case which further recesses the lightning connector so am even more likely to tug on the cable instead of the body of the connector. Also, you can't use the i4 to i5 adapters as the lightning end is to short and can't reach the connector thru the case.
    And it doesn't seem to matter if it's an apple cable or secondary brand, the cable that came with the phone failed within a month, and that was before I bought the case. I'm about ready to make an expoy mold to extend the body and provide a better grip or add heat shrink tubing to reinforce the connector/cable interface. You have to be careful as the lightning connector has chips on both sides inside the connector body.
    Definitely a poor design that Apple apparently failed to test and has not address. A slight lengthening of the body, a slight flare and surface texturing would make it easier to remove without stressing the cable where it meets the body (such as when your fingers slip off the smooth connector surface. I'd give it zero stars but the software won't let you.

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    My lightning cable lasted longer than most folks, but I'm still disappointed. I noticed the rubber casing getting bunched up but had no problems till yesterday. I heard my phone dinging to indicate charging/not charging over and over. I agree with others, KEEP YOUR WARRANTY INFO. I went to an Apple store, they were extremely helpful and got me a new lightning cable free of charge right away. They looked at it and knew it was worn out. The replacement is FREE if your phone is under warranty, or if you're within 1yr of purchase of a replacement lightning cable. I have downright ancient 30 pin cables that I still use on an old iPhone 4 and they work perfectly, every time.

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    Why are these still so bad?!!

    At this point, I'm convinced that nobody is reading these reviews. That would be the only explanation for the lightning cords being such bad quality. They don't last, and they are super expensive. You would think that after creating all of these ground-breaking products, Apple would be a little more concerned with creating accessories for them that last more than a couple of months.

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    Love Apple, but disappointed

    I bought my iPod touch 5 in April, and it is now September and my charger is already dysfunctional. I never abused the charger and it still looks new. I m very disappointed that it broke this soon, especially after paying so much for the ipod.

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    Product recall

    This product should have been recalled and an apology given to every iPhone user who has had to deal with it.

    A replacement should be given immediately at any Apple store, no questions asked.

    Poor show Apple.

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    The end also breaks off and tears

    Every since USB cable I have the end frays and wires are exposed. Seems a bit dangerous to me since it is connected to an electrical outlet. I would say they need a material upgrade to better their product. Quality needs to be improved.

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    Highly disappointing

    I've had several iPhones over the years as well as a few iPads. In every single instance, the cables fail due to dislocation near the lightening port side. At first, the plastic warps slightly then folds near the end. Next, the connection requires a few wiggles to initiate. After a time, the plastic (silicone?) tears which eventually leads to a few wires bending and causing a short/failure.

    These should be rock-solid. Go with braided outer casings! Apple products are literally some of the best engineered products ever conceived, I'm not understanding how these are simply an afterthought.

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    Cost-$20 should cost-$2

    It is a good design for the connector itself but it only lasts about 4 months before it either stops working or it frays on the inside and only works if you move the cord in a certain position. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Please change the design apple.

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    Too Flimsy

    These cords are made of cheap material and brea far too easily. The old 30-pin connectors were more durable.

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