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    Too thin and breaks easily

    My cable stopped working a few months ago (two of my relatives' chargers also began to not work a few weeks after mine broke). So I bought a new cable around four months ago, only to find out this afternoon that the wiring at the end of the lightning port has been already cut (so much for caring for my new wire). I am honestly disappointed because the product does not function as well as it's presented to be according to its price and all. Being a student, I have to use the rest of my remaining savings (mostly used on Apple cables and adapters) to buy another cable so thank you, Apple!

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    Rotten apples - should be ZERO stars.

    I've got many, many, many of the old charger cables knocking around, they're threadbare, tattered, smelly, BUT THEY STILL WORK.
    I've got so many lightning chargers knocking around that are brand spanking new, sub 1 month old, and they DO NOT WORK!

    I'm very, very tired of buying new cables -en mas, because you simply don't know when they're going to break- to compensate for an apple design floor. The apple geezers will not replace them, even though they are clearly faulty, because … 'Sorry, they are broken due to usual wear and tear, therefore we will not replace.'

    I'm really careful and do not pull on the cable, instead I only hold the hard plastic interface - which is ridiculously small btw, is this a cynical ploy? -, they still break.

    When this phone grinds to a halt - which it will - I’m going to buy an android phone.

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    I have a pile of these broken cords. My family owns 2 ipad minis and 3 iPhones. All original cords are broken! They are expensive to buy! Shame on you Apple for developing such a horrible product! You need to fix this and replace all of my broken cords!

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    They break all the time

    I really don't do much to my chargers. I leave them plugged into the same spot every day, and I plug my phone in every night. I barely ever coil it up to transport it or anything like that. And yet, in under one year, I've gone through like 5 or 6 of these stupid things. They always work fine at the beginning, and then after a while it starts being really picky about the position the wire is when it's plugged in and i need to move around the wire to make it work, and eventually it just stops working altogether. Terrible, terrible product, and I hate that I have to spend $20 every time one of these cheap pieces of cr*p break.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (1 m) a great disappointment...

    Well, I'm off to the Apple store to buy yet another lightning cord. This is ridiculous. I will definitely be switching from Apple after this. The disappointments and lack of quality of this item and the phone have me looking longingly at the Samsung 4 note. I can't give a no stars review, but I would Apple if I could!

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    waste of money

    worst charger I have ever owned i've had my new iphone 5s for under 3 months and have been through 4 chargers I have now resorted to using a older I phone charger with the iphone 5 adapter

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    Really disappointed I've never had to replace a charging cable on a phone so many times,even on cheap phones I've owned Apple needs to get it together

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    Broken already????

    Used the new lightning cable moderately for several months and noticed it stopped charging my Ipad. I had to twist and change the position of the cord near the charging base to get it to work. After 3 days of doing this, the cable is completly dead. Very dissappointed in the quality of the cable for the amount of money I spent for this device. IPad is otherwise an awesome product.

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    Waaaay way way too short

    The reversible connector is nice though.

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    3 chargers

    i have just purchased another new charger, this is my 4th one and my ipad is still only 10 months old, my friend has the genius idea of wrapping selotape around the top of hers to protect the end, and another pal put the spring from a pen around hers, simple ideas, looks a little naff, but if it keeps me from spending £25 every 2/3 months, then im game, so this purchase, if the tricks work, will be my last purchase for a while..............watch this space!!

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    would rather give this NO STARS at all

    I am so tired of the charger and battery problems with the iPhone's... The original charger for the 4 was perfectly adequate and since the change to the lightening cable I have never been able to get a decent charge. I've had to replace the cable so often it's ridiculous and since Apple made it virtually impossible to use chargers that aren't Apple made they could at least make one that does the job for more than a few weeks. Your products aren't cheap, but I would happily pay more for a good product... You no longer make reliable products. Get your house in order and stop disappointing loyal customers.

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    I had my iPad mini for 5 month now and I'm already on my THIRD charger! THIS IS HONESTLY REDONCULOUS AS PEWDIEPIE SAYS! The Chargers are 21 freakin dollars each and they don't even last! I have a Samsung for 3 years and it's first charger still works wonderfully! LIKE COME ON! We pays $20 for ever single charger! You can do better! I bet the budget for a charger right now is like what, 5 cents? Look at all the negative comments Apple! It's getting frustrating!

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    I genuinely enjoy Apple products, in fact everything I own is made by the company. And I was ecstatic when they finally decided to change the connector from 30-pin to lightning. The connector itself is brilliant and causes me absolutely no trouble...the cable itself however is a different story. I bought my iPhone in December 2012 and to date I have bought THREE of these cables because every time the cable (not the connector) frays and ceases charging. I am sure not to use my iPhone while charging or contort it in any way but it doesn't seem to matter. I still have a really old 30-pin cable (the one with the buttons on the side) and I did everything with that cord and it still looks and works like new. 30-pin cable: concept was poor, quality was impeccable. Lightning cable: the exact opposite. As I've stated, I like Apple and the fact they value innovation. Yet it behooves me that they have time to design and manufacture Apple Watch but still haven't fixed iPhone's TERRIBLE battery-life (who wants to spend the day searching for outlets to charge), Maps (disgraceful app and I can't even delete it) and the ever notorious lightning cable. Apple, DO BETTER.

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    Terrible. 4th time I've had to purchase

    The usual story... Cable breaks at the base of the plug. Absolutely sick of having to pay for a new one while I intentionally take EXTREMELY good care of the cable to ensure the breakage doesn't happen. This product needs to be made stronger. Surely product developers can see this trend is not just a result of misuse!???

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    Annnnnnnnd this cable blows

    Apples gotta fix this problem. free cables for everyone. or maybe like, 12 cables per phone to make up for all the ones youre goin to have to buy after 1 yr. OR even better.. like a TRUCK full of cables.

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    Absolutely ridiculous

    iv had 25 or more chargers that many iv lost count sort it out apple

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    Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.

    When I bought my iPhone 5 (the week it came out) I was so excited, as I was switching over from Android, & the new lightning chargers looked so much nicer than the old ones, & more practical in size. My original charger broke within a month. Since then, I have literally gone through at the very LEAST 20 of these babies, & I am not even exaggerating. The money I have spent on replacements I could have bought a new phone with! Granted at first, I WAS being a bit rough on them (yanking them out by the cord, etc). I quickly realised how fragile these chargers were & started being much more careful & gentle with them. Alas, they STILL break far too easily. I've tried about every brand I've come across. Cheaper ones break in about a week, ones from my phone shop last a month or two, maybe three. This is absolutely ridiculous & I expected WAY more from Apple. Please work on the quality of these chargers, they are god-awful no matter where you buy them from. As much as I love my phone, I am just about ready to go back to Android if something is not done about these terrible chargers. If I could, I would have given this zero stars.

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    A complete joke . I've gone through countless cables and will certainly be buying a Samsung next. Have wasted so much money on a charger , the most basic accessory that you need

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    Prefer the original cords

    I absolutely hate the new cord. I bought an extra one to keep in my purse in case of emergencies. It broke and the original one already broke. They don't even last a few months. You would think for spending $21 they would be durable. The old original ipod chargers, I loved how they locked and also how they lasted.

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    Glad to read it is not just me...but this needs to be fixed

    I am sick of replacing this cable - and have a warning come up on the phone to say it is not an approved product when it has been bought from Apple.
    Talk about a waste of money - but if I don't buy another cable I cannot use my expensive phone.

    Apple have been so responsive and supportive with other products but not this and I do not understand why.

    Seems like it is meant to rip us off in buying more cables - I am glad my ipad uses the old cable but now question my decision to go to iphone5 just based on this cable.