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    It's really annoying I have a 5s and I have be through six lightning cables in the last 4months they can stay in my wall at home and not move and one day they will not charge, if your lucky you can play with it for 1minutes and make sure u don't move your phone a mm and you might be able to get it to charge ! Common apple we pay so much money for your product we deserve them to work!

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    waste of money

    I'm as well sick and tired of buying new cable every couple of months .
    Best is when you connect iPhone at night-shows it's charging-and in the morning you late for work
    because phone was dead.Nice :-(

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    Yet another dead cable!

    When it first came out the lightning connector seemed cool, but it's proven to be incredibly unreliable. The port itself seems really delicate and prone to failure at the slightest hint of dust in there and the cables are just way too fragile. I've been through 4 official Apple cables now. Thankfully some of the third party ones are more sturdy AT A QUARTER OF THE PRICE.

    Seriously disappointed at Apple's poor quality cables. When we pay £700 for a phone we expect a premium product, not this rubbish.

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    Sudden Death of Lightening to USB

    So I had an extra Lightening cable for office - & what luck that both cables shut down simultaneously. A week before this happened I was getting warning signs & had to tweak the end of cable to get iPhone to charge. Worst thing is this happened just as I loaded iOS8.01 for my Iphone 5 - & now double whammy - My iPhone battery dies within 4-5 hrs with 3G & Data on but my cables fail to charge them well till today both cables committed suicide.
    IS there any option to Lightenign able - My previous design cable for IpAD 1 & Iphone 4 are still working 4 yrs down the line !!

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    Smoked and Burnt

    For the price of this cord, I'm disappointed that today it started smoking where it plugs into my iPhone and burnt me when I went to unplug it quickly so it didn't wreck my phone as well. For an avid user, I really wish the cords worked as well as the rest of the Apple products I love.

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    Works as it should

    is there something wrong with all of these other people? I have an ipad 3 and iphone 5. Both cables have had no issues and it's not like I baby them. Just finally got another because I lost one.

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    These chargers are useless 0/5 star rating

    I'm seriously so sick of buying chargers. I have lost count on how many I have purchased.

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    I've had an Ipod, an Ipad, and many androids, but the iPhone 5c is my first iPhone, and I have to say I really love it, but I ABSOLUTLY hate the Lightning charger. It's the most fragile charger I've ever had in my life. So far I've had the phone since March and I've been through 3 chargers. The original charger it came with lasted the longest, the rest only lasted me maybe a month each. This is money that I don't feel like spending every time the cord frays or breaks, or if the tip of the charger breaks off or comes loose. If you want to buy an iPhone go ahead, but I'd suggest getting one that has the normal iPhone charger, those are way better.

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    Charging Cables

    Apple products e.g. Iphone 5s and ipad are very good and reliable

    chargers are not!

    they break so easy and are expensive to replace please make strong cables that last.

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    Apple constantly prides itself in quality products. The ONE most important product to own is a well made charger! Otherwise, no device can work properly. I have bought literally SIX of these chargers and they always break and stop working after 2-5 months. It is infuriariting to the point where I do not want to invest anymore into apple products. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

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    breaks after 3 months

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    Poor Design

    Getting ready to order my 5th cable. Phone will not recognize true apple cable after about three months..

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    Losing My Mind

    We are a two iPad, 3 iPhone house and between the 3 of us, we have been through 6 cables. All broken. Cables frayed, snap. Currently down to sharing one right now, because I don't want to buy yet another one. I do have the car charger, which is a blessing because I can sit quietly in the car by myself. Have you ever tried to share a cable with two teenage girls? Do you know what happens when they are down to under 10% power. The earth stops rotating, loud screeching sounds come from their mouths and nothing will make it better except for a power cord. Now.
    Based on the reviews, I see I am not the only one in suffering because of the cable. Let's work on the making these just a little bit more durable.

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    On my 3rd ipad 4 Charger in about 8 months!

    They are just too flimsy, they keep breaking at the connecting point and I just have to go on eBay every time for a replacement. Thinking of just buying in bulk so I'm not without it for days waiting for the new one. And I have an iPhone with the original charger and never had a problem so don't tell me I'm not looking after it.. They are too dam flimsy..

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    It's Fine

    My cord is fine. I mean if I bend it back and forth a bunch I know it'll break the rubber near the base, although I could probably do that with any cord. My parents have had it since the iphone 5 came out and both of theirs are fine, so I'm not really seeing the problem.

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    short term

    i have owned other phones including iphone 4 Other chargers have outlasted their phone but not the same can be said about the iPhone 5 charger. Poor quality I have 3 iphone 5 in my family and all of them do not work. I cannot purchased the generic one for cheaper because they are not certified and will not charge my phone. So I am stuck buying and resolving it every other month or so. I don't use my phone while charging , but it still breaks, first it start with coming on and off with lighting bolt and then I know I will have to replace it soon. 1 year warranty is great but I should have to do this 3 times a year.

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    Apple should be ashamed with their poor built USB cable that can't even last for a year. So much for the brand. Sooner or later people will get mad, tired and thus switching to another product that doesn't require them to buy multiple USB cables for charging in a year.

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    Soooo tired of replacing this charger!!!

    I've had my Iphone 5 for approx. two years and in that time I've gone through 5 chargers. They ALWAYS ALWAYS start to peel and break at the neck of the connecter end. Im surprised that Apple hasn't fixed this problem in the number of years since these chargers have been out on the market. My current one lasted me about a year, now time to dish out another $20 bucks for a new one.

    Not happy!!! Samsung is starting to look more and more attractive everyday.

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    Changing to samsung.

    I've had an iphone 4, 4s & now 5s.
    Yet they can't make a properly working charger..
    I rather change the brand of my phone, than spend another penny on buying another charger.

    This is just ridiculous!

    Apple, you've just lost a customer.

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    I have gone through 2 lightening cable chargers and withina couple of weeks they break. Why isn't Apple addressing the issue and replacing their horrible product?

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