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    Apple should be ashamed!

    I have 3 of these cables of which NONE of them are working. I have invested thousands of pounds in Apple products that are currently cannot charge. Completely unacceptable!!

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    I think these are made to break.

    Bought a new cable a few weeks back as the old one died.. Have been very careful to look after this one, and it still failed.
    It's pretty dodgy having to spend $25 to replace a cable which isn't very old, isn't broken down or frayed but still wont work.
    I can buy something for $7 from a service station which will do the same thing - and I can get a spring roll while I'm there.

    I say, either make better cables, or throw in spring rolls with these replacement ones.

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    Poor quality

    We have 2 ipod touch 5g and have replaced the lightning cables 5 times (total) in two years. Very poor quality with outer layer peeling off or cable not charging the ipod. I still have my 30 pin connector from my ipod mini that works great and its over 8 years old. I purchased a galaxy s5 instead of the iPhone due to this lightning cable issue.

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    Low quality cables for an otherwise good phone

    As expected, my third Lightning cable decided to stop working and I've had my phone for less that two years.

    Because I already had two break on me, I took special care of the last one, but even with handling the cable like a princess, it started to act up and lost its ability to charge the phone. Stupid me didn't even save the receipts.

    I do like my Apple products, but the build quality is really bad on this cable.

    I recommend saving and photocopying the receipt so that you may get a new cable from Apple when it will surely break.
    The other suggestion I have is to make sure when you get the cable, to make sure it never twist or turns by adding some extra tape to both ends of the cable. Maybe that will prevent the shoddy solders from breaking loose.

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    pound shop quality at Apple prices

    Shocking quality, they dont even last as long as ebay charging cables, why not use micro usb like the rest of the world

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    I cannot believe that Apple has NOT done anything about all the chargers breaking and getting knotted! I love the iPhones but the chargers are just horrible! After 2 years, I have been through FIVE of these cables. Apple is loosing iPhone customers because of this serious issue. Apple just doesn't realize what a big deal this is to everybody else and they need to take action right away

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    one of the worst apple products

    i bought a ipad air and the lightning cable cracked and got stuck up my iPad's lightning cable socket


    THIS PRODUCT IS **** ****


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    The worst!

    give me a break! I am willing to spend $30 on a cable...the least you can do is make it work. Will fail after 6 months...

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    Terrible quality

    Just bought my second cable after my previous broke after 14 months, which seems to be quite good in comparison to other reviews I have read on here. Same issue, the wire begins to split at the lightning end of the cable, which soon becomes unusable. I taped mine together in hope of keeping it longer, but the inevitable result was soon having to spend £15 to replace it. Have kept the year warranty that comes with it, but I fear it will break after this has expired again. Sort it out Apple, I don't want to have to keep replacing these, especially for the ridiculous price that is charged!

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    Pathetic Scam

    Absolutely ridiculous product and price. I am not even able to purchase cheap replacements as they are not "supported." I have spent well over $100 on these charging cables alone and am disgusted at their extremely poor quality, far worse than knock offs I used to be able to use. This is pathetic, as if the company needs to scam people for money. I am horrified to be purchasing another.

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    I have 5 people in my family all with iPhone 5s. It has been 4 months and they are all broken. All the cables i buy from online are junk too. BRING BACK THE IPHONE 4S CABLE! THEY ARE STRONG!

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    Apple Awful

    After 1 month, the cable jacket at the lightning end was bent and twisted to the point it can no longer charge.

    Now I just need to go to the Afghan Apple store and pick a new one up.... oh wait.

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    Iphone 5 chargers

    I have had my IPhone 5s for 9 months and I have went through 6 apple chargers... what is the problem?? I am always super careful with my chargers and they still continue to stop charging after about a month and a half. Before my IPhone 5s I had and IPhone 4 and the two years I had it I only had 1 charger...

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    worst cable ever! breaks super easy

    the weakest charging cable ever had.
    quality does not worth the price.

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    Apple USB cables are absolutely rubbish I have only had my I pad a few months and I have had about 7 or more USB chargers they are very very disappointing .they need to make there USB chargers stronger. In my opinion USB chargers do not even deserve 1star rating they are rubbish they brake very easily

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    Only issue I've ever had is this cable

    So I'm EXTREMELY careful with my stuff. I don't even wind any cables while I store them away (but rather accordion it). This cable still gets "knotted" over time near the connecters somehow. I have done my own troubleshooting and have discovered the following: The cable seems to get knotted regardless of what I do. The last one ever since it went from the 30 pin to the lightening also began splaying and tearing right at the knot. Observing my use, it seems that because the lightening connector "grab" area is much smaller than the previous 30 pin connector "grab" area, I tended to pull the cord out more by the cable than the connector "grab" area. Over time, this turned into a splayed mess. Apple stated that they will replace any cables that begin to knot while on warranty. They replaced mine and so I'm a happy camper. I will give this 3 stars because they replaced it without fussing about...but the actual cable is a 1 star. :/

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    You had one job, Lightning cable ...

    ONE JOB. Broke after 7 or 8 months, pins corroded, no charging, no connection to my mac.

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    Horrible, Criminal, Just Plain Awful

    This is one of the main reasons I am getting a Galaxy 5 my next upgrade. For those of you who are more anal-retentive than the rest of us: I never had to use extra care with micro-USB or 30 pins. I shouldn't have to be gentle with my cable because Apple is going downhill in quality. Other reasons I'm ditching the glitch and making the switch: iOS 7 barred us for using lightning cables of superior quality because they aren't authorized; that God-awful U2 album you gave me without asking; and Bendgate. Apple, your quality and practices are turning away even the die-hards. Get it together. Are you nothing without Jobs?

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    Cords quality is not the problem

    I have 4 of the Apple Lightning cords that have been in use for two years now. They have been plugged, unplugged, stowed, transported, and are used regularly. I have had NO failures. The key to longevity is how you handle them. There are 7 tiny cables inside that small cord. Flexible electrical circuitry that small cannot be made "Terminator proof." Connect and disconnect by handling the plugs only. NEVER pull or yank it by the cord. Don't twist and wind them up like kite string. When you roll up the Lightning cable, take an extra 10 seconds to "loop" it up gently, without any bends or twists.

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    What are people moaning about?

    Seriously, how can people go through ~5-15 cables in ONE month? I still have the original cable that came with my iPod touch 5G and it's good as new. It's a big step up from the old 30-pin connector, considering the Lightning cable is reversible! I really like its aesthetic, simple design. LOL, What are people doing to their cables?

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