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    My lightning cable lasted longer than most folks, but I'm still disappointed. I noticed the rubber casing getting bunched up but had no problems till yesterday. I heard my phone dinging to indicate charging/not charging over and over. I agree with others, KEEP YOUR WARRANTY INFO. I went to an Apple store, they were extremely helpful and got me a new lightning cable free of charge right away. They looked at it and knew it was worn out. The replacement is FREE if your phone is under warranty, or if you're within 1yr of purchase of a replacement lightning cable. I have downright ancient 30 pin cables that I still use on an old iPhone 4 and they work perfectly, every time.

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    Why are these still so bad?!!

    At this point, I'm convinced that nobody is reading these reviews. That would be the only explanation for the lightning cords being such bad quality. They don't last, and they are super expensive. You would think that after creating all of these ground-breaking products, Apple would be a little more concerned with creating accessories for them that last more than a couple of months.

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    Love Apple, but disappointed

    I bought my iPod touch 5 in April, and it is now September and my charger is already dysfunctional. I never abused the charger and it still looks new. I m very disappointed that it broke this soon, especially after paying so much for the ipod.

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    No Problems At All

    I logged on to buy a second cable, not because my first one broke -- I just want a second cable to use in my car so I won't get stuck with a phone that isn't charged when I need it and it's been a bother trying to remember to bring it with me when I go out. My car has a USB port in the console so the length of this is great for the space I need it in as well. I've had my phone a year and the original cable is still in great shape. I always handle the cable by the hard plastic housing at the end rather than by the flexible plastic coated wires, this should be done with all electric cables or cords or they will eventually separate and expose the wires. I'm sorry to see so many negative reviews because I like the design of this cable very much, not needing to worry about which way it is inserted is a great convenience.

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    Product recall

    This product should have been recalled and an apology given to every iPhone user who has had to deal with it.

    A replacement should be given immediately at any Apple store, no questions asked.

    Poor show Apple.

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    Worst cable ever!

    I have had 4 of these in an 8 month span and the latest one has now just quit after just a month! There is something fatally flawed in these cables given all the bad reviews yet nothing seems to be being done! I have always been wary of buying non-genuine cables, but now I have no choice, I cannot afford to keep replacing these this often. Seriously not what I expect from an Apple product.

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    The end also breaks off and tears

    Every since USB cable I have the end frays and wires are exposed. Seems a bit dangerous to me since it is connected to an electrical outlet. I would say they need a material upgrade to better their product. Quality needs to be improved.

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    Highly disappointing

    I've had several iPhones over the years as well as a few iPads. In every single instance, the cables fail due to dislocation near the lightening port side. At first, the plastic warps slightly then folds near the end. Next, the connection requires a few wiggles to initiate. After a time, the plastic (silicone?) tears which eventually leads to a few wires bending and causing a short/failure.

    These should be rock-solid. Go with braided outer casings! Apple products are literally some of the best engineered products ever conceived, I'm not understanding how these are simply an afterthought.

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    Cost-$20 should cost-$2

    It is a good design for the connector itself but it only lasts about 4 months before it either stops working or it frays on the inside and only works if you move the cord in a certain position. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Please change the design apple.

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    iphone cable

    You guys are stupid. Learn how to use a cable properly. Dont bend the end repeatedly, and it wont come apart. This is the best cable design and fittment for a phone in the world period. Only gets 4 stars because it could be one foot longer.

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    Fix it please Apple

    I like to have Apple products, but I can't accept the prospect of needing to repeatedly replace this cable, have had it in use for a year, but expect longer from cables, I don't misuse them and I am from Yorkshire! I buy quality to avoid needing replacements, all this charging is hard enough on the planet. So to Belkin I will go......shame on you for feeling able to continue to offer such a poorly reviewed item....your customers don't feel cared for....

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    Too Flimsy

    These cords are made of cheap material and brea far too easily. The old 30-pin connectors were more durable.

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    we have 2 iPhone 5s and an iPad and have been constantly having to buy new cables. the charger itself is not the issue but it seems to be the resiliance of the cable to metal fatigue caused by normal day to day use.

    it would be nice if apple could improve upon this. it is extremely frustrating.

    why has't this been resolved? apples other hardware excells so well. i hope someone at apple is listening and they do something to improve the quality of these cables. that would be nice.

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    My apple lightning cables break so easily!!!!!!

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    Poor quality charger

    6 in two years seems better than most reviews but this is a disgrace Apple!!
    Instead of an Apple 6 they need to sort the lighting cable out first
    One star is too generous for this product

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    Awful product.

    Flimsy and useless - barely lasted more than a few months before it stopped working. It's unacceptable that customers are forced to pay for a new one time and again.

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    Please get your design sorted!

    So, yet another lightning cable fails due to wear at the lightning connector end. I am going through these every 6 months
    Apple, quite frankly your design is rubbish.
    Please get it sorted and stop charging £25 for a cable that doesn't even last a year!

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    I've always had this problem with Apple charging cords - even with the old ones - but this is just ridiculous. I can't even count how many of these cords I've gone through in the less than two years I've had my phone. It literally takes two months EVERY TIME for the cord to stop working. It gets all bunched around the connector ends and you end up having to jump through hoops to get the phone to connect. I've never reached the point where the wires themselves become exposed, but then how could I in just two months?

    The only good thing is that when you buy a new one, it comes with a one-year warranty in the box. KEEP THIS and your receipt and you should be able to get it replaced for free when you take it back to the Apple Store.

    Regardless, this shouldn't even be necessary. I should not have to replace my charger every two months. If Apple is really so keen on being innovative, then what they really need to do is fix this problem. Stop messing around with stupid apps and features on the phone itself, which is fine, and start changing the things that actually need to be changed, like this cord.

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    Cable Tears / Freys exposing wires. EVERY TIME

    I will add my negative review to the over 1000 negative reviews of this cable.

    The cable won't last longer than 9 months.

    I am very delicate with my iphone and accessories (no heavy use - my cables always stay in the same place at home)

    And this one always splits near the end and rots exposing the wires and possibly becoming a fire hazard.

    Check all the other reviews.

    Problem is, we have no choice yet to order another type of cable.

    With SOOOO Many negative reviews Apple should really do something to change it because of so many unhappy customers.

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    1 Star is too much

    Luckily for me I had 3 wires replaced during my one year warrenty, My wire's starting to act up again, and I'm not looking forward to splashing £15 on something so rubbish. And the fact that you cant use non-original cables is annoying, talk about MONEY for apple, will never buy an iphone or anything apple related any time soon after i replace my iPhone 5 soon!

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