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    Terrible Quality

    As you can see from the title, there is really nothing to say about the new, ironically named "Lightning" Cable. After just a couple of months, the end of the charger, at the 8 pin side, just tears apart, exposing the inside electronics. Eventually, the wires just fall out of this.

    I really can't believe that a quality producer like Apple is making such junk like this, and then making us pay £15 for an essential thing that just is not up to standard. After paying £300+ for Apple products, you would think that we would at least get a charger that would last longer than a year...

    Already been through 2 of these in the last 6 months and am going to have to order ANOTHER one, otherwise no iPhone for me. Looking at the possibility of changing phones now, possibly moving to HTC or Samsung.

    Apple, redesign this NOW and get your act together...

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    Very Poor

    In the year or so since getting my iPad Mini I am now on my 5th lighting cable. While my IPhone 4s. And original iPad 1 are still chugging along nicely with their original cables.

    I love my new Apple toys, but I am not prepared to get the next product until Apple resolve this problem.

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    Had this phone since October and I've had to purchase 4 new cables, truly pathetic product. Apple should invest some time in producing a reliable charger rather than developing Siri, something truly useless. I have used my last 10 % to write this review. My last contract with an apple iphone. Seriously disappointed.

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    The chargers are garbage. I can't believe I just recently purchased my iPhone 5S in late December and the lightning cable has already failed me. Apple, you need to step your game up, this is insane. Or at least if you're gonna make bad chargers, don't have them be so expensive!

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    Versatilte, not durable

    I've had this cable a couple of months. Since my iPhone5 uses so much juice, I have to take the cable with me. After repeated use, the cable no longer charges unless I wiggle is around like a set of headphones from 1985. I need to get a new one. At least they don't force you to buy the wall adapter.

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    These chargers are an absolute joke, nothing but charging problems. This is The main reason i will be switching phone brands. Apple, you are better than this.

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    Ugh so over it!!!!

    So about a week ago I noticed that all of a sudden that my lightening cable for my iphone 5 begin to show wires towards the end that goes into the phone, then the beginning of this week, I noticed that after I supposedly charging my phone overnight, I woke up to only 12% battery life because the cable did not charge my phone. I had to twist and bend the cable different ways to get a charge, I finally had to go ahead and buy another one today, because when I was trying to move music to my phone from itunes, I received a message that the USB on my macbook pro had been disabled and that was due to the faulty cable. I have had my iphone 5 since November 2012 and I had to purchase my third cable. This is ludacris. Maybe with the next generation phone you guys decide to make, make a stronger cable that is more durable and one that will last longer that 2 years. That is all!!!

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    Not durable at all, #7 just died

    These cables work perfectly well when you first get them, but after a couple of months they stop working properly.
    My seventh cable has just died, I have also purchased the Micro USB to lightning adapter but as this is so tiny I have lost it!!

    The next time I'm passing an Apple Store I'll pop in with one of the broken cables and try to get a replacement as I've seen other people do this in the past.

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    Something's wrong

    I'm not happy with the fact that my lightning cables keep not working. I have to move the cable in all different directions for my ipad mini to charge it would charge for about 15 minutes and then stop charging completely.
    This isn't my first time to experience this with my lighting cables, and all my cables are apple certified.

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    I have soent more money on chargers for this phone than i have insuring my car. Nothing to do with how careful i am. I still have the same charger that cane with my iphone 3 and strangely enough that works fine. Get it together before i leave iphone for good.

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    Horrible charger!

    This is the worst cable I have ever delt with! It works for a little bit then it stops working!! Apple get it together!!!! If I could I would give it no stars!��

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    I have had my cable that came with my iPhone 5s since December. It has worked fine and has had no problems. If everyone would take care of their cables like they take care of their phones I don't think there would be problems.

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    For the last month, I have had to bend this cable in all different directions and then hold it in place to charge my iPod. As a result of the bending, the wires at the base have started showing and now I can't charge my 5th gen iPod touch at all. I have had the charger cable for my 3rd gen iPod nano since 2008 and it is still working perfectly. It looks like I will have to retire this lightning to usb cable after only 4 months of use. Not worth the $21 dollars at all, but I'll have to buy another one if I am to continue using my iPod Touch. :(

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    3 cords THEY ALL RIP and BREAK!

    Total GARBAGE! I bought 3 cords and every single one rips at the small end that plugs into the phone.... Every Apple cord does this since the 3g Iphone... APPLE GET IT TOGETHER AND FIX YOUR GARBAGE CORDS!!! ITS A FIRE HAZARD!

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    Worst Charger EVER!

    PATHETIC APPLE! if there was a choice for 0 stars that would be it, why apple had to change the charger design, i do not know. Im on my 11th one now and its pathetic, never buying an apple product with lightning usb ever again!

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    Worst Apple product I`ve dealt with

    If I had treated my gf with 1/10th of the love and tenderness I treated this cable with, I would`ve been a happy man. Now I`ve nothing left ! This cable gave up on me, multiple times, and so did my gf. Apple - If you can take one of these problems off my plate, it would be great.

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    Hate it. Literally.

    I have my iphone 5 since november 2012. In less than 2 years I bought 3 or 4 of these horrible USB cables. They work just fine, but after a couple of months they just die, and you have to spend 19.00€ more to buy a new one, knowing that you'll be in the store again very soon.
    I don't understand how a company so good with such quality, must profit on something so stupid like cables.

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    this is ridiculous

    faithful apple user for a long time. never has a charger been this fast to break. almost as if they made it this way to get people to keep buying more to replace them. second one just broke hasnt even been a year. the neck is not secure at all please fix these monstrosities

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    not happy!!!!

    i have 5 chargers in the time of 3 months. i have treated these chargers so well but they havent in return. i am sick of having to by new ones and them not charging properly and then not at all. lease fix this problem i am sick of it VERY! its a shame because i love my ipod but half the time i cant use it because its flat and i cant charge it. the chargers are to expensive to keep on replacing $30 really so lets think $30x5=$150 so i have spent close to $200 dollars just on chargers i should just get a gen 4 or not even bother at all.

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    Needy Sturdier Product!

    These chargers break way too easily! How about using some of the millions of dollars you make as a company to make longer lasting chargers?!

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