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    Cable frays after 6 months and burns itself up

    It is ironic how Apple keeps emphasizing on using genuine charging cables, but I have had to change my Apple charging cable once every 6 months because the cable seems to destroy itself all the time. I have gone to the extent of buying one cable for use in the office and one at home so that I don't have to strain the cable from constantly packing and unpacking it. However, after just 6 months, my cable has frayed completely at the charging end. Just today, the cable gave out a huge spark and became very very hot, so I had no choice but to unplug it and stop using it. I have had an Android cable and a Microsoft Phone cable that have lasted me for 3 years without so much as a scratch on it. Get your act together Apple. Your cables are ridiculously expensive and not one bit durable!

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    Iphone unresponsive while charging

    On top of how often these cords fray near the charging end, my iphone 5s is now unresponsive and unusable while charging...These cords are awful. Do not waste your money; quality has seemingly fallen in the last few years.

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    It is your iPhone connector port, not the cable.

    I hate to admit it because I struggled with two cables for months until I checked out the forums. Your iPhone connector port is probably stuffed with lint which may be the reason the cables don't appear to be working.

    Cleaned mine out with the end of a paper clip and wow. Straight into charge mode

    Happy days! Big thanks to the guys on the apple forums who solved this problem for me.

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    charger stopped charging - engineering 101 failure!

    ive had a few of these chargers now that have stopped charging (except for the iPad so i suspect it was a recent OS update that broke it)

    either way its a pain :-(

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    2 broke cables

    A little over a year since I got my 5S and I've gone through 2 cables. One literally ripped in half. The other refuses to charge unless plugged into my laptop.

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    Which department of Apple do people work forgiving more than 1 star for these cables? We have 3 iPhone's in the house and spent more on replacement 'Genuine' charger cables than the phones. I'm not sure whether it's the cables that are rubbish or the iPhone charger point - or both? They are nearly as poorly made as the glass screen that shatters every time you look at it. Anyway, we've had enough, so we're all going to Android so that the same Micro USB cable can be used with our phones, cameras, Kindles, external drives, PS4's, speakers, eCigs, power banks etc, etc. Oh and the added benefit is that we never need to use that dreadful iTunes sync software anymore - Hooray!! There is some light at the end of the tunnel after all...Oh Joy.

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    Only breaks if YOU break it.

    I have had a lot of IPhones in my time, I have bought many of these cables so that I have one for many locations, the Car, Home office, Bedroom, Work Office, travel bag (travel abroad weekly) none have EVER broken - why, because I don't break them like everyone else, if you pull a cable out without holding the end it will break so don't do it.

    Pull the cable out with a bit of care instead of tugging it so hard from the middle and it will last.

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    WOW .

    After 7ish months of use after getting my iPhone 5c, my apple charger breaks, now over a year after I got my iPhone for Christmas 2014, I've had to buy 10 3rd party chargers! They always break, and my parents are tired of buying or taking me to buy new chargers. APPLE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! My parents Galaxy chargers/ flip phone chargers have lasted them 7+ years, and they won't let me get another iPhone unless I stop breaking chargers. APPLE SWITCH CHARGERS AGAIN WITH THE IPHONE 7 IN THE FALL, PLEAAAAAAAAASE.

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    Terrible quality

    I have been through three of these in less than two years, and I handled them very carefully. This is a really poorly designed product.

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    The iPhone and its cables have costed me almost $200 THIS YEAR. If this isnt fixed as soon as possible ill be leaving this brand for Android. Apple is becoming a bad apple in the cable/charger category get the poison out before it kills you!

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    Without a doubt

    Apples "lightening" cord far surpasses any of the 3rd party cords I've personally trialed. After trying the MANY different 3rd party cords, the cord which comes in the box truly is the best one for that particular product. Many websites provide in-depth reviews about specific 3rd party lightening cords which are supposedly far more superior to apples. The truth is, these websites and reviews are all sponsored or made by those 3rd party companies and this is nothing new. My point is, apple products work best with apple products. If the exterior of the cord is wrecked, well, that's your doing and not apples. When it comes to the performance of the cord, apple has always used materials which are designed to peak performance of their product (remember apple has competition too). If apple wanted their lightening cord to look or behave like a 3rd party cord, they would've built their own, just saying. Lets also not let these reviews turn you away. 2,000 negative reviews over the past 3 years is PITIFUL in comparison to the 49,000,000 iPhones sold last quarter. Think of those odds now, you have a better chance of being struck by lightening than encountering a troubled cord.

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    There is absolutely no reason that my 1 week old Iphone charger should break. It has completely seperated where the pins go in, and I know for a fact that it isn't due to being rough. I make sure to always remove it by the plastic because I have seen so many broken cords. You'd think a $30 charger would be a little bit better quality. Long story short, Apple is a waste of money.

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    good quality*~)

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    iPad not charging

    I just noticed my iPad wasn't charged after being plugged in for 5 hours. Turns out this cord had split next to the end. I have treated this cord with kid gloves, since they historically have worn out quickly. I have no idea how to make one of these cords last more than 6 months.

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    Can some 1 please fix this dam cord

    I've been through 4 of these already. Y won't they redesign these cords!!!

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    No problems here

    Had my iPhone 5s for nearly two years now, and I'm only now having to replace my lead.
    Although I find £15 a hefty price to pay it lasts. Don't understand all the 1 star ratings, learn to care for your phones and it's accessories.
    I've had so many iPhones and never had any issues! I'd be lost without my iPhone!

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    waste of money!

    I have bought several cords now to replace two iPhone 6 cords that shorted out. These have shorted out too. What is going on with your cords?

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    Expensive and Inferior. Hard to believe it's made by Apple!

    Man, these things are REALLY expensive, but I always like to buy genuine Apple products so I know I get good quality. That's just not the case with these. I've had MANY of these cables and in every case, they all just start to disintegrate on the end with the lightning connector, making them fray and probably become unsafe! Don't waste your money on the Apple ones - not until they start making them to a decent level of quality. Very disappointing.

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    poor built quality

    very poor built quality
    broken in only 2 months

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    Worse than Ever

    Dear Apple,

    I bought a new longer lighting cable (3M) for my iPhone in January 2015 , during a trip to Los Angeles.
    I leave in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I wanted this cable only to use at home, in my bedroom.
    I less than one year the cable has peeled and the wiring inside is coming out.
    Since then, I got a new iPhone 6 and the shorter original cable is already getting worn out.
    I am a big fun of apple products and over the years I bought 2 MacBooks Air, Ipad, we have another 2 Macs at home. All products are the best we ever had, a part from these cables that the entire world complain about. I would like to know what can be done to replace these expensive cables that have short a life time span . I real shame on the image of a company that is known by the quality of its products !

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