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    Piece of ......

    I thought maybe it's just me until I read these reviews. Horrible quality and surprisingly shameful for Apple. My husband and I both have the iphone 5s and c - both of our cords did not last past 3 months. So flimsy and cheap.

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    Bad quality

    Broke 3 cords in a year, and I was careful in my third one but it still broke! It's pretty expensive! I hope apple fix this problem and make them cheaper! The quality is so not worth for the price.

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    I bought this on 1/25/14, when i pulled it out of the box i noticed the part you plug into the ipod was bunched up a little. I plug the usb into my computer and then the other end into my ipod, doesn't work. I move the cord a little and it works, then doesn't. It's sad, first use and it doesn't work? PLEASE work on your packaging so this doesn't happen.

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    Exactly as advertised

    Assuming this is the same cord that was packaged with all iPhone 5's I cannot speak highly enough on it's quality and durability. I have had this cord, and only this one cord, for over a year now and it has traveled many miles with me and manages to still do its job flawlessly at the end of each day. For people who say it is "too short" I beg you to read the description before buying as a replacement, for this item is clearly labeled "1 m" which stands for 1 meter or 3.28 feet. Unless people are receiving cables that are less than this length, I implore Apple to remove all reviews that give this cord a bad rating based on the length of the cable. As for durability, I cannot speak for the other thousand-odd reviewers, but I generally take care of my things and with a little care and respect for the item I believe it is solidly built. However, I will admit one gripe about the cable... Price. I know very well that Apple's products are built very specificity and to a higher standard than most. Still, $19.00 for a 1m cable? No wonder Apple is posting such insane profits. Maybe give back to the people who give you so much and drop the price a bit?

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    Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad BAD Lightning CABLE

    I am not shocked to see so many NEGATIVE reviews when I am visiting this site to buy another lightning cable.
    I am using iPad 4th Gen. It was just 6 months old. I put a very good care of my cables until it wear off.
    This product is low of quality!
    Mood: disappointed.

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    These chargers are an absolute joke. I've had three break so far in about a year. No abuse, no hitting the contact point, just downright terrible quality. I don't have a suggestion for a 3rd party cable yet, just don't waste an outrageous 30 dollars on one of these.

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    Good, but not Perfect

    I am using it over a year and rubber cover of the cord torn badly while cable is still working but looks awful!
    Can't say that the cable is short as I am charging my phone from Macbook Pro but in some cases it might be not long enough

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    Poor Quality

    I have been a happy Apple customer for years. I have been singing the praises of Apple since my first iPod (still works, is a nano 3rd gen) and my MacBook (07, also still working beautifully) and all my old iPhones (also, still working). I've loved the fact that all my iThings used the same cord (still using first cord from Nano for iPad) but I've noticed the cord quality is starting to lack.

    The reason my iPad is using the 30-pin from my Nano is because it's own cord failed in a year. Alright, it was a year. But when I got my iPhone 5 in may last year, my cord failed in less than a month. It's cord wrinkled at the connector and broke. Chocking it up to a bad apple (pun not intended) I bought another. Failed the same way in same amount of time. I am now on the fourth cord and each is failing in the same way. Considering the price of my phone and the cords, this is unacceptable. I typically have one cord for home, one in my car, one with my gym bag (for external battery use) and one just in case. With the failure rates of these cords, however, it's impossible since I go through my stash faster than I can replace them.

    Do something about the quality!

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    I am on my third lightening cord. Okay maybe I wasn't as careful with the first one as I should be but for the price they shouldn't quit working. I have been extremely careful plugging in and out with others and now 2nd one doesn't work and third one is sporadic what gives never had this problem with any other cords by apple I have many apple products I love but this cord is not one of them does not charge

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    The worst apple product made

    i am probably on my 6th or 7th charger, i have lost count of how many i've purchased over the last year.

    I can not believe apple are selling products this poorly made. I expected much more from a worldwide company

    even if you do look after this product it will still only last a few months AT THE MOST !

    so dissapionted :(

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    breaks fast!

    broke 2 of them in 5 months.....

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    Too flimsy - now on my 3rd cable in a year...

    Apple usually make well-designed and well-built products but the lightning charger cable is terrible. I'm very careful with how I handle cables and connectors but this product doesn't last for more than 2-3 months before the connector is broken.
    There was nothing wrong with the previous iphone/ipad connector but Apple have replaced it with a far inferior product - the Lightning cable. My dissatisfaction is enough to make me look at other makes of smartphone when it's time to replace my iPhone 5...

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    Not Durable

    Have purchased 4 cables so far. If the tip is impacted at all, the cable stops working. I might spend more on cables than the phone itself at the rate I'm going.

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    Absolute Rubbish

    Lightning cable for iPad mini is broke. Can't charge iPad. Rubbish design. Extortionate price for a replacement. Unhappy is an understatement.

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    On my THIRD lightning cable!

    I have burned through three of these cables since buying an iPhone 5s in, what, three months?

    Obviously Apple failed on this one. They must address whatever it is that is causing the problem.

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    I have gone through 5 or so cables at $20+ each and all of them have failed. What total *&^$! The phone is not even a year old. Piece of junk!

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    Awful - surely a design fault that needs addressing

    Im not surprised to see negative reviews as I come onto the site to consider purchasing another cable. Despite caring for this cable as I have done for many other similarly loved cables over my 28 year lifetime, this cable is just so poorly designed that it doesn't stand up to daily use. Awful quality and not what I have come to expect from a brand renown for "charging" over the odds, in part because of the unparalleled quality of their products.

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    my cable is still going fine

    Ive noticed so many people have given this wire a negative review. Ive had my charger cable a little over a year now (when i got my iPhone 5) and I've noticed nothing is wrong, and this is still my first wire of course its a little bit more flimsy than the old 30-pin chargers. Breakage only happens if you, yourself don't take care of it, its your own fault it breaks and not apples, all you got to do is try and keep both ends straight when you use it and avoid bending it. Problem is then solved.

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    Worst Apple Product Ever

    Apple have built their reputation on quality. This product is in my opinion the worst product produced by Apple in 30 years and falls way behind the quality of its competitors. I keep my Lightening USB cable on my desk so there is no wear and tear but still I have a had to replace 2 cables and 1 charger since buying my iphone 5 one year ago.

    Apple you need to redesign this product you are losing customers due to shoddy workmanship.

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    I have lost count of the amount of times i have had to purchase one of these poor quality cables apple if your going to charge people silly amounts of money at least give quality products put the phone aside your headphones end up breaking and cables breaking ? time for samsung now

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