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    I've had nearly ten chargers from apple in the space of a year. I don't appreciate paying 25 pound for these cables which I think is an absolute joke. Not good ! Love my iphone but the chargers are just shameful.

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    Bought two cords, they both broke within 2 months of first use. I've never had this problem with cables before. Sad, because I'm stuck. If I want to use my iPad, I have to buy more cables.

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    Breaks at lightning speed

    I think it is called "lighting" because it breaks in a flash. Even though I have been very careful with it, it stopped working after a couple of months. Please believe the one star reviews because they are all correct. I bought the longer cord from the Apple store, not online. Apple, please fix this problem and be loyal to your customers, there is obviously a problem.

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    Poor quality charging cable. I'm thinking of switching to Android.

    Plain and simple, every iPhone charger casing is extremely flimsy and fragile. With it's ridiculous pricing and most of it's 3rd party competitors inability to create a solid charge Apple leave little choice but to buy there over priced 800% or more profit margin product. This would be okay if you only had to buy it once or twice over the period that you own the phone, but when you spend hundreds of dollars on a fairly quality device, no one wants to continually and it seems like endlessly spend $20 on a very much needed accessory. I've tried everything! I've tried buying multiple cables for my home, car, and a portable one to dramatically reduce wear and tear. Over the last 4 months or so, not one but all of my charger have started to wrinkle and the base of the cable that connects to the phone. Two of the three have completely exposed wires. A few years back, I would purchase 3rd party chargers for my iPhone 4 and they worked like a charm. Apple charged about $20 and I bout 3 for about $8 and had almost the same issues, but I also wasn't paying that large overhead for one item. I'm thoroughly disappointed with Apple's quality when it comes to their charging cables. It's like getting stuck in a black hole and spending endless amounts of money on the same product and it's getting tiring. My Android user friends don't have this same problem and their phones are pretty amazing. I'm thinking of switching just because of the charger issues. The Apple Cable is fast and reliable when it isn't broken, but the life of this product is short lived.

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    worst iphone cord ever!

    I'm on third cord for the iPhone 5s. Never had a problem with previous iPhones.

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    I am very disappointed with the newer iPhone 5, 5s and 5c charger style. I have had to buy so many because they just stop working! I have tried buying original Apple chargers, and the cheaper versions found at gas stations. It doesn't seem to matter which one you buy, they both last a couple of months then just stop working! I feel that apple owes the consumers some type of compensation for their flawed design, that is causing thousands if not millions of apple phone users to have to purchase charger chords over and over. I have read hundreds of forums, complaints, reviews etc.. depicting the same exact issue I have explained here. Does apple plan on doing anything? I would prefer to have the old style. I had an I phone 4 and bought an iPhone 5s in January and in the 3 1/2 years I had my iPhone 4 my chord never broke. If the design wasn't flawed...why fix it? Especially when the new design is awful! Highly disappointed in this expensive Apple product!

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    Lasted only for 6 months. Luckily, it's under warranty so I got a new replacement. However, I am starting to see the same problem again...

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    Apple lighting cable is like some cheap Chinese junk.

    With all the talents and money that Apple has , yet they can't make a quality cable. A total piece of junk. I am switching over to Samsung phone.

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    I am ordering my 4th cable in 1 year! These are the worst quality. For the price of the phone they should last at least a few years. They break apart easily and bend all out of shape. ALSO, beware when using a defective one, it will drain your USB connection on your computer!

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    Waste of 30$

    This is the second one I'm buying in a few months. I expected much more from apple. I always rave about the quality of apple products, but these cords need to be worth the 30$ I pay for it. At first I thought maybe it's just a dud, things happen I understand. But after reading the reviews it seems more then a few people are not happy with this product.

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    Heart breaking cables!

    By the time I finish buying cables over the life of this iPhone I would have spent more than the value of the phone! When is apple going to do something about it? How can you put out a new phone with the same faulty cable after your customers have been complaining forever? So my best option is to buy a new make for which I have to remove my phone case to use?
    No matter how cool your phone is its pointless without charge; so I may as well switch brands because I would end up spending the same amount for this frustration in the end...I have been very patient but customer loyalty dwindles with this nonsense kmt!

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    Poor quality

    Had mine for less than 6 months and the original ridiculously short cord started to bulge at the connection point. $30 for a cord? What a rip off and I will not be looking at another Apple product in future.

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    Least durable cable. Ever.

    2-3 month tops. They fray. Just junk.

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    Lightning Cable

    I like my lightning cables. I've had mine since I got my iPhone 5 Sept 2012, and have never had any problems. It is a smaller connector than the previous gen, multi-directional, and have not had any problems relating to durability. Does what it's supposed to do.

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    I'm a huge apple fan, but the Lightning cable's are costing me a fortune. I'm almost tempted to go to a Samsung phone. I don't mind paying the extra dollar if the product is going to last for more that a month. They always rip no matter how careful you are. I've bought non brand and brand and I have to say Iphone4 cable was way better!!!! Cmon Apple!!!

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    Very frustrating

    Can't imagine that Apple extensively tested the Lightning charger. At first I thought it was a good design. It's smaller than the old 30pin and goes in either way. But now, after purchasing 5 or 6 new cables I've given up. The original Apple Lighting cable lasted about 6 months. The next one we purchased was a knock-off that didn't last a month. The next three were Belkin "Apple certified" cables. The last one was an Apple.

    Tried cleaning out the port to remove any lint but nothing seems to work. Very frustrating.

    Apple - I love your products but you NEED TO FIX THIS

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    Best of the Best

    I’ve bought non Apple cables and now this one. Excellent product. Works well in a vehicle plugged into the front, even when plugged in the rear passenger can use my iPhone. Perfect at home sitting in my favourite chair or in bed. I bought this a long time ago and I’m still very thankful I did and you will be too.

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    What a joke!

    39$ for this cable? LOL

    It's like something you would find on an episode of Ripley's Believe it or Not!

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    So annoying

    Apple must come up with a better quality cord. I have been through countless cords now and its always the same problem. The cable disconnects from both the usb end or the lightening end. The wires are too flimsy. My partner is with samsung.... this is not an issue for him or any of my other friends who are not apple users, so why apple? Why continue to let this happen? just make a better product, or keep finding ways to take money out of your customers pockets. Apple customers pride themselves in choosing the best company therefore we expect to have the best quality. Do something and fast!

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    Apple charger cable not worth the money

    I have had my iPhone 5s for about a year now. During this time I have gone through 4 of these cables! No matter how I lay the cable down it seems to tangle and become loose thus causing my phone not to charge. I believe Apple should take a look at an alternative material to use when producing these cables as its clear to me they are flimsy. I hope they read reviews, because charging $30.00 for a cable (No adapter included) which breaks or malfunctions after a handful of uses is unreasonable. Please fix the issue

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