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    I have an iPhone 5 and iPad Air and am now on charger #7. After all of the negative reviews (I think there are only about 15 over 2 stars), I am so surprised that Apple do nothing about their chargers.

    With other brands, Samsung especially, upping their game and snapping up Apple's customers, you'd think that they would want to improve the quality and retain customers. Apple are so expensive anyway, by the time you've bought 3 extra chargers (per product), per year, you kind of lose faith in the brand.

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    why would Apple do this ? Lightning cable no good.

    So many reviews on the same issue and there's no action on it. the lightning charging cable is a mess. Get this sorted soon. we get it that you have us addicted to your phone, but don't take that too far.

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    Worst Charger so far

    Its actually one of apples worst models ever. To be honest, they need to make another charger for iPhone 5c and 5s because this cable wire does not last very long at all. Its only been less than 2 months and already im going to have to buy another one; which will be my 3rd or 4th one within a Year and a half. If i never had an iphone 5 i would never use it, i honestly would never recommend it, however theres no other charger/ cable possible to use with an iPhone 5.

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    Lighting to USB Cable

    I have had to buy cable after cable due to them stopping to work properly. One day they work and the next they are broken. I never had a problem with the old apple cords. Hopefully Apple will fix this problem as the cords are not cheap. I could have purchased another phone with the amount of money I have spent on buying new cords.

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    Cord for iPad, 3rd one DUDES!

    This is my THIRD cord for my iPad. They always break at the computer connection. If I spend $30 more dollars, they'll mail it to me for free. Hahaha!

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    Garbage Cables

    Every single cable I have owned frays and breaks in the exact same spot. At first I thought I was being too rough on them however for the last two I have taken great care to keep them nice and still the same results. The rubber material you use now, APPLE, is garbage and should be replaced with a new more durable rubber.

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    I bought my IPhone 5c in October of 2013 and it is now June of 2014 and I have gone through 6 chargers paying almost $100 in expenses. They always crinkle and break no matter what I do. I just got one last week and it is already broken. I cant deal with this anymore. Apple needs to fix this a lot or they are going to lose my support.

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    Horrible Charger

    I have had to buy 3 or 4 chargers in the last 5 months. I don't know what is is that makes these chargers break so easily, but it is costly and annoying. The iphone 4 chargers are much better and hardly ever break. Apple definitely should not have created a new charger for the iphone 5.

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    Excellent Length!!! Excellent Price!!! Excellent Quality!!!

    The 2m length is perfect for charging the iPad or iPhone while you're using it. The pricing is reasonable, it is not cheap but it is not expensive as a third party cable. I have never had a problem with this cable. I find that the majority of reviews are very biased since the reviewers are not using their cable correctly. If they're complaining about a simple cable, I would hate to see their devices. They vent out their misuse and abuse on the cable rather than trying to take care of it. Stop pulling on the cord and pull at the plug!!!

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    Excellent Cable!!

    I'm very tough on my phones and this is a big improvement over the 30pin cable. The fact that the port on the phone is so much smaller it has less of a chance to get debris and it might just be me but my iPhone 5 charges much faster than my iPhone 4 or 4s.

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    Very Poor Quality

    Apple, Don't get me wrong, I genuinely love your products and consider myself a loyal customer however I have to ask, what are you playing at with the lightning cable?
    Having within my family; 2 iPhone 5's and an iPad mini, I can safely say that the lightning cable is by far and away the worst product you have ever made. I'm not sure if it's the cable or the connector on the devices but I have to tell you that if you want to keep my custom in the future then something needs to change. After a few months use and many (to the tune of 6-7 genuine Apple cables!!) they all go the same way, I end up having to lick the cable, blow saliva into the connector and prop up the device in 'just the right position' to get it to start charging a device and then, if it's moved slightly, it starts trying to tell me this accessory may not be compatible...well no s*** it isn't compatible, the problem is it's your own product, supposedly designed to work with your products? I hope you see my frustration and where I am going with this!
    I do not expect to have to go through this spit fest/ balancing act every time I use your products...I expect them to just work as you usually make happen so well, hence why this comes as such a disappointment.
    Apple, please take notice of your customers, look at all the 1 star reviews for this product and re-evaluate your use of this inferior product on future devices. You generally make excellent products so please do not let yourself down on this small hurdle. I really want to stay with you for future devices but fear if you continue with this type of connection then I will be forced to look at other tablets and phone manufactures in the future.

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    To start, I am not one to write negative reviews but I purchased a new charger about 6 months ago after my cat chewed through my existing one. I made sure to protect the new charger and cord so I wouldn't have anymore issues with my crazy cat. To my surprise the charger has started loosing its connectivity AFTER ONLY 6 MONTHS OF USE!!! I have to fidget with the phones placement until it lands just right in order for the phone to charge. This can take several minutes if I can get it to work at all. There are no punctures to the cord and I don't even coil it tightly. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH APPLES CHARGER QUALITY. For them to provide such high quality in all of their other products I would hope they could produce a functional phone charger that lasts much longer than 6 months. As a previous Droid owner, I can say that every single one of those chargers are still fully functional. SO FRUSTRATED AND DISAPPOINTED :(

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    bad quality

    Please correct the quality of your lightning to usb cable. I am disappointed at the poor quality of your usb cable. For $29, your usb cable should last at least six months. It is frustrating my iPhone won't charge because of a defective usb cable and I am on a business trip.

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    There has to be better

    The cable lasted less than a year. It's an insult to the consumer to provide a vital accessory of such poor quality and then charge so much for a replacement. I am not sure my next tablet will be an iPad.

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    The worse cable ever!!!!

    Unfortunately I'm forced to buy this worthless cable again because if you buy 3rd party chargers they say they aren"t compatible with my devices. This is the 5th cable I'm purchasing and it seems all the lightning cables are horrible and Apple needs to get it together and produce a product that works longer than one month.

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    Disposable grade cables

    The idea works great, and are well engineered. However, I think they are deliberately fragile. I am on my third $30 cable now, less than one year in. The durability of this cable is worse than the fake one I got off ebay.

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    Does not last long!

    Complete bs apple! They update their firmware so you cant use 3rd party cables and buy their cables. Now, if thats not bad, the lightning cable itself does not last long! I bought TWO genuine apple cables and both have some pins corroded/burnt out. Thanks apple! Extremely dissatisfied

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    This is going to be the second replacement cable I'm buying. I find it ridiculous that Apple cannot solve this problem of the cable getting a "turtleneck" and then stop working after a few days. Since I do not have time to go to the nearest Apple Store, I have to wait for shipping and I cannot use my device until then. If these cords cannot last more than 6 months, they shouldn't be so pricey. Overall, I'm very disappointed in this product.

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    Terrible Cord

    Cord did not even last 2 months, and looks like new. Also plan on waiting an hour to get a new one if it breaks after driving 45 minutes to one of their apple stores. Terrible customer service. Not sure why everyone likes this apple stuff so much. Over priced junk!!!!!!!!

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