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    Junk for a premium price.

    Cable didn't last 6 months.

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    I am writing this on every cable review for the IPHONE 5's, I have bought 2 cables and received one for Christmas. All three are already been pulled apart. I do not abuse the cables at all. I have tried grabbing it in different places. And they still get pulled apart. First they start not charging and I play around and push it in more and then it will work. They are poorly made, I never have bought another charger for any apple product EVER! Seriously thinking about switching over to a more reliable and better quality manufacture!!

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    Although the iPhone 5 chargers may look attractive they are far from durable. In the past year I have purchased over 4 of these chargers and every single one has broke, a complete waste of money and puts me off having an iPhone.

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    I am on my third cable since January this year. The wires either pull out of the end or simply snap. This is not to mention the fact that they are so riduclously short they are hardly usable. I have to place my ipad and iphone on the floor to charge them. Then there is the price of the chargers - £25 for 2 months use that equals £150 per year.

    TOTAL COSDWALLOP. Wake up Apple.

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    Believe me when I say, I have spent the same amount of money it would take to buy a new iPhone on chargers. They are completely useless, they break easily and some of these chargers haven't even lasted a week. I can't even say how many I've been through in 18 months of my upgrade because I've lost count. Apple need to sort it out. I have been a dedicated apple fan from the very start, but the experience with these chargers and the iPhone 5 have completely put me off. I shall never have an iPhone again, I'm converting to Samsung on my upgrade, apple have lost a customer.

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    iphone 5 charger cable

    i personally do like the new lightning chager, but the cables break all the time. i got an iphone 5 for christmas 2013 and i have went through at lease 3 chargers because the wires inside the cable break and it would no longer charge the phone.

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    Absolutely awful charger.

    I've purchased 5 of these since getting my iPhone 5 last January and about to purchase my 6th one, like someone said because it's a necessity. I've tried buying unofficial chargers but again iOS 7 has seen to that. I've gone through all the reviews on here which are all saying the same thing however Apple don't seem to be doing anything about this, or at least make the chargers cheaper knowing they are faulty. I am appalled I've spent £150 to charge my iPhone when the iPhone alone is so expensive. Come on Apple please fix this or at least change the charger when the next phone comes out!

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    Listed as charging iPad

    This cable doesn't charge iPads. Works fine with iPhones. Shambolic!!

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    This is the one

    Yep, I bought the cheaper ones on Amazon too, but I should have just bought this one. Been using this for over a month, daily, made to last, longer cable and super fast charge and it appears this will last a long time, don't waste your $', you only need this one.

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    Cable no longer works

    The cable i purchased no longer works. It lasted for about 4 months. I've had an iPhone since the 3G, and this is the first time I've been disappointed with an Apple product. It seems like this isn't an isolated issue. Please fix this Apple.

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    Great usb

    Better than old 30pin USB. Recommened the Lightning.

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    Poor quality for such a pricey product

    Had this cable for less than 9 months and it has broken. Not willing to pay so much to replace it with one that will do exactly the same

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    The Cord Always breaks

    I have bought about 3 of these cords in the past year! Its so annoying how easily they break! Apple need to fix this or give us warranty on our cords so we can get new ones for free!

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    Apple should know better

    This charger is horrible period. I've bought 3 in the last 6 months and none of them last more than 3 months. I've treated them well and that doesn't even seem to make difference in the amount of time they last. The part of the softer cord nearest to the lightning pin always seems to be the part that defaults the fastest.

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    Ordering yet another cable

    Well, I am now online ordering yet another cable for my daughter's iphone 5. This is at LEAST the 4th or 5th cord I have ordered for her in the past year. All of a sudden, they just stop working. If it was some $5 cord that I got at the dollar store, I would understand, but this is an Apple product. NOT what you would expect. . .and for there to be no acknowledgement from Apple that these cords do not work when reviewer after reviewer says the same thing is just so. . .un-apple-like. Usually, they are so responsive. Is anyone listening at Apple? Figure out what is wrong with these cords or compensate the consumers by replacing them for free.

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    The 2m cord is thicker….FYI

    Just got two of the longer iPhone 5 lightening cords…so far, working fine, but be aware that while the connector itself is the same, the cord is slightly thicker than the 1m cord…..could be an issue if you use it with some types of docking stations where you thread the cord into the dock (example: 12South's HiRise Dock for iPhone. I managed to make it work, but have to tape the bottom of the docking station where the cord threads out to keep the cover on it.)

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    Disappointed with the quality and price :(

    When i bought my iphone 5, the cable that came with it only lasted me couple of months. After that i've purchased about three more cables due to the poor quality. It stops charging sometimes so i have to keep trying until it shows that its charging if the cable is moved then it stops charging again. It has only been a year since i bought my iphone 5. It is also very pricey for a cable that lasts for only couple of months or so. Feeling very frustrated and disappointed. Apple products have always been very good quality but not this time with the cable. Hope Apple sort this problem out very soon.

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    Just what I expect from Apple - junk!

    I really tried to give you guys a chance but here we go, a useless piece of junk! My daughters cable lasted less than a month! IU thought maybe she was the cause but just read these angry customer's comments Apple! There are no visual signs of abuse or damage, just a non-working cable that costs a fortune. For an $800 dollar iPad, this is very ridiculous! You are about to lose another customer for good Apple - now I will be trading my iPhone for a real phone, Android!!!

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    These cables are unreliable and break quite often! Have been through multiple and do not mistreat them. To make matters worse we can no longer use most cables. If your going to do this maybe you guys should make your cables sturdier, especially considering the price we have to pay

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    THIS IS UNFAIR AND UNJUST . We all should complain more as this is ridiculous !!!

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