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    Have went through two of these since last December ,fall apart fast. You expect when buying an expense phone they would make a good charger. And they are expense to buy again. May as well get a cheap one on eBay.

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    Very disappointed

    i had my iphone for just under 7 months and the lightning rod just stopped working, this is highly annoying considering that with the iphone, the only best products to get are from the certified apple store, how ironic then when the product from the certified store is not of great quality. apple should seriously look into changing this cable as its annoying having to buy a product that wont surpass a year.

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    Unbelievably unreliable.

    I bought this on Saturday. It worked once. It hasn't worked since. The cable has not been bent, crushed or mistreated in any way. I am staggered that a £25 computer / phone cable could fail so inexplicably and so fast.

    I do not understand how such a product could meet Apple's usually high standards.

    If you buy this product, keep your receipt.

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    Really bad quality

    Bought one of these after the original charger that came with my iPhone 5 broke, from general wear & tear after about 6 months.
    Happened again but within 2 months!
    The price you pay for this is absolutely ridiculous for the low quality product you get.
    And now iOS 7 has banned fake chargers being used there is no way for me to charge my phone until I pay the stupidly high price.
    Won't be purchasing an apple iPhone again after all the problems I've had with it and the accessories..

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    buy it, cause you dont have a choice!

    I am beyond angry about how much i've spent on this thing!! I've gone days without my phone cause my cable stopped working... ive got through 3 of these and about to buy a new one... again! the amount of money ive spent on a charger is annoying. they break to quickly for no reason!! i prefer the old chargers they were more reliable! in less then 6 months it will break, i promise you that. i have brought some in amazon and they dont seem to work for a long tim either!
    -buy a samsung, you won't pay as much! i am done with iphones after this experience!

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    Poor quality

    Mine barely lasted half a year and it cost me £25 to replace it.

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    Little pricey, but does the job

    Not much to say here, because the cable is a replica of the stock cable that comes with the phone, but longer, which is useful is a lot of different situations.

    My one drawback is the price, not too crazy, but if it came with the wall adapter it would be 5 stars.

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    Seems robust to me

    I have several of these and none of them has broken. I am trying to imagine what kind of use causes them to break. I travel a great deal and wrap the cables in tight spools for efficient packing. They get rough treatment. As I say, they all still work fine so I have to ask what people are doing to break them.

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    Lightening Cord

    I have had my cord since last September. It has worked well without any problems till recently. The past month the plastic that surrounds the cord has split and peeled off, which exposes the wiring underneath. The base of where it plugs into the phone is starting to split, and the connection is not as strong. I love the product and have no issues, but this is a major negative for me. For not even lasting a year, it seems to be a lower quality compared to the past cords from Apple. I will be purchasing a few cords, and I hope it does not repeat this same issue again in the next few months.

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    I was very relieved to hear that Apple finally came to terms with releasing a longer USB cable.

    I have tried the cheap 6' cables from eBay on several occasions. I came to find out that the quality of the charge just wasn't in comparison with OEM charger and cable.

    I took a chance when I ordered this cable in hopes that I wouldn't degrade the quality of the charge in attempt to gain some length. Upon arrival of the cable, I noticed that the cable was significantly thicker than the shorter Lightning cable.

    After a few days of testing, I am pleased to say that the quality of the charge is the same; if not better than before. I highly recommend this to anyone needing some extra length for charging.

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    Poor cable

    I've been through about 5 or 6 of these cables over 12 months. Apple need to do something about this. They are a necessity but are not cheap. They break so easily.

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    Great Apple longer cable But

    I like that you brought out a larger cable it helps a lot you trying to use the iPad is charging at the same time but are you still have a feel that if you could bring a free meter or five meter cable as i used to have for my 30 pin devices

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    A Long Cord.....Finally

    Finally Apple made a cord that is long enough to allow your phone to comfortably lay on a nightstand without the use of extension cords, etc. Great job!

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    i've gone through 3 chargers already and i've only had my iphone 5 for about 5 months. My sister has gone through 3 . My boyfriend has gone through 5. i do not travel with my charger and i always handle it with care. Its always in the same place, but it NEVER FAILS TO BREAK. i've never been so disappointed in apple. There is no reason these chargers should be breaking especially not for this ridiculous price.

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    Low quality

    Apple always make the best premium products. But unfortunately these cables breaks easily after few months of use. They have to do something about it. It's like the 3rd cable I'm buying in 9 months.

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    You pay the price you get the quality

    I have bought amazon.com junk lighting connectors I ordered two of them at once and got them in the mail one was broke on arrival and soon the other broke. So finally I bought this cable which is the same length as the ones I purchased elsewhere and you can feel the cable difference. Worth the money to have the longer cable.

    Downside- apple should send these with the device...

    Worth the money

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    Much improved over 30-pin connector

    I love the new lightning connector. It has this very satisfying 'click' when you connect it in to the port. Charges and syncs just as fast as before, if not faster. You can insert the cable right side up or upside down and it recognizes both ways. Seems sturdy and high quality, just as you would expect from Apple.

    The downside: just as you would expect, you pay a premium for this better quality and better materials. There is also a level of control from Apple over the third-party market, and this has increased the price of third-party accessories as well. Being that these are mass produced on such a high level, I would expect and wish the prices to come down faster and to a more affordable level. This is the reason for one star off.

    Overall, great product and the best of the consumer-level quality that is available.

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    Best adapter in existence

    I've used the Apple 30-pin adapter for many years. I've also used other USB formats (micro A, micro B) etc. The Lightning cable is far superior to any of those designs, for several reasons:
    * It is compact.
    * It is reversible.
    * If your Apple device is plugged in, you can lift the device by the cord, due to the way the lightning cable "snaps" into the device.
    * Because of the beveled angles of the charger, you don't have to plug the cable directly into the iPhone/iPad—you can start by plugging it in at an angle and it will straighten out as you push it in.

    While it was unfortunate to have to replace all of my 30-pin adapters when Apple moved to Lightning, it was well worth it.

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    No Strings Attached

    Hard to argue with something that just works.

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    Vary good

    These chargers are easy to use, thin, and as always fast charging.

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