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    Cables always break at the ends

    Why can't Apple build a quality cable that won't bulge at the end, which always ends up splitting? These cables are expensive and should last. You need to do better if you want to remain a market leader. Get on top of the game in the accessory category. Your quality is substandard.

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    Never again....

    Purchased this cord after the one that came with my phone split and frayed. Had it for under a year and it is doing the same thing! One would think that Apple would have fixed this issue already. It is a widely know issue with these cables!! I was refused a replacement for this item in the apple store and the customer service line only sent me a coupon that I could use if I purchased $100 of merchandise. I will be buying a 3rd party charger from now on. These apple chargers are no better than flushing my money away. I couldn't be more disappointed with the company and this product.

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    I'm currently on perhaps my 6th Lightning cable in about 3 years, and they're all junk. I've had just about every length available and, without fail, every one of them starts shorting out and/or fraying. I honestly cannot understand why Apple is having such a hard time making cables that don't disintegrate by simply existing over a few months.

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    Do not buy

    I bought two of these and in less than a year BOTH started unraveling at the base and have split open exposing the wires. Terrible quality. Apple, you should be ashamed.

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    Great Cable!!

    After seeing so many 1 star reviews I thought I need to write a 5 star review.
    I brought my 2m charger lead 2 years ago and still working now, it goes everywhere with me, around the world, to work and back, in my car and still works perfectly, looks as good as new.
    Will 100% buy a new one when the time comes to change.

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    Get it right Apple

    This is the fifth one of these I've purchased in 4 years. They get kinked and stop working very easily. Apple needs to make a more durable power cord. I honestly think Apple doesn't make a durable cord so that they can make more money. I'm very disappointed and considering all of the other cell phone options now available I will be looking into them. I never had to purchase additional power cords with other branded phones. Very disappointed!

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    Incredible product and length, IMPROVE LONGEVITY!

    PLEASE APPLE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! I don't know how many of these I've gone through with the iPhone 5s alone( always had an iPhone and always will) your products are amazing but I am slightly surprised with these charging cables as they never seem to last... Love everything else about this but will be keeping my receipt just in case....

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    Pricy but they last

    I always use genuine Apple cables now. I have had a few non-Apple ones that just didn't last.

    I've had this cable for a couple of years and it works perfectly. I use it every day at work and it is showing no signs of wear.

    I'm buying another today ...

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    Gr8 till it broke

    It works great and then it frays at the end. I've seen a lot of my friends to this. Then mine did it. Should last longer. Come on Apple!

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    It it is so weak it can not last you a long time it will eventually go out on you which is very irritating

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    Negative Stars if I could

    whatever sadist at apple invented the size of the USB connector on this 'lightning' connector should be tortured. He should have his hands torn apart as mine feel know after trying to pry this tiny thing from the USB port in my computer. And on that topic who was the young, pretense, jerk who called it a 'lightning' connector - it is a power charge cord. URGH!!!!!!!

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    Lightning to USB Cable

    how can apple put there names on these cables is beyond me. there atrocious at the price i have starting to use belkin cables much better quality and price.

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    I have purchased two of the 2 meter cables.
    One I use at home to keep my iPad Air II charged while using it my desk.
    The second stays in my backpack so I can keep my iPad charged while at the coffee shop.

    So far neither one has failed.
    Nor have I had any issues with either one of them.

    Thank you Apple for making such a great product.


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    Cable Just Stopped Working After Only 3 Months!

    I am not happy. My cable stopped working. Just like that. For no good reason. I'm not sure I had it for even three months. I am not happy at all!

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    Easily broke!!

    What a low quality of cable!! Even the android cable is far far more reliable. I thought apple care about quality and reliability. Really disappointed me..

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    No good

    I am surprised that apple makes such bad cables. Why can't you guys catch on to the market and coat that cable with fabric so I can stop
    Using tape for every charger until it literally hangs by a thread? I think I bought enough chargers to equal put to my phones worth. Ugh... Seriously this pains me but I'm considering moving on to better things

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    Cable caught fire

    The cable I got with the iPhone 5s was perfectly fine then one day just stopped working, I bought another one that is longer so that I can still use my phone when it is charging but soon after I bought it the cord was very hot when plugged in and eventually started smoking, I tried unplugging it but it burned my hand so I took pliers to unplug the charger from my wall, I bought a third one actually and the wire inside the charger I guess snapped or disconnected because that one does not either. I have no idea what happened to the quality of apple chargers but they do not last long and might catch fire .

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    Rip off

    I went through 3 cables in a short time. I have had this last one 6 months now because I taped duct tape to the solid bits which go into the plug and iPad right down on to the cable for a few centimetres preventing the cable from bending.

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    Why So Many Complaints???

    Unfortunately I have had to replace the cable for my 5 year old son's iPad Mini 3 times but, the original cables for my wife's iPhone 5s (18 months) and my iPhone 5(2 years) have held up very well. My son uses his iPad while charging it often stretching to the brink of disconnecting. He also disconnects the cable by grasping the cable somewhere between the connectors and jerking it. The wires inside the cable are are relatively easily damaged/broken by constant crimping and stretching and this is why they fail. I am constantly reminding him to remove the cable by the connector and to not stretch the cable when using his iPad when charging.
    I have read many complaints for this and other apple charging cables complaining of the poor quality and insinuating that Apple has purposely made an inferior product to make money on replacements. I find this absurd. If the cable is truly defective Apple will replace it regardless of warranty constraints.
    Use the connector when unplugging your product, don't stress the cable while using it and it will last a long time.

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