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    Worst cable ever!!

    I don't believe there is a single lightning cable out there that is reliable over a long period of time. Get rid of this apple and go with a standard cable like a MicroUSB!!

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    Overpriced, Poor Quality Cable That Just Stops Working

    My third $29 Lightning cable just stopped working. This is maddening. Apple is supposed to be synonymous with quality, but these overpriced cables are very poorly made. Apple should allow customers to trade in these bum cables for new ones if they stop working within a year of purchase.

    I recently bought an off-brand cable at Walgreen's that, so far, is holding up better than the Lightning cables. It was about $10 cheaper.

    FYI, originally I used a 4-letter, non-swear word (begins with a "c" and ends with a "p") to describe these cables, but Apple wouldn't permit the use of that word in this review.

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    Are the individuals posting 5 star reviews being paid?!

    I find myself here AGAIN in search of a new charger cable, and this situation is now beyond the point of comedy. I have purchased numerous chargers over the last 6 years or so that I have had an iPhone and in my honest opinion, considering the size and success of the company, the quality is abhorrent. I have never had an issue with my Macbook charger, however i wish the same could be said for my phone. I am not aggressive with my cable, nor am I using it to tow any cars as one reviewer remarked. I find it infuriating that this is such a regular occurrence. Not only have i purchased 4 new chargers in the last 6 months alone, but this is a common occurrence for many iPhone users. I think those remarking that their chargers have been nothing but perfect should be incredibly grateful, opposed to pointing the finger at those unhappy with the quality. I would much rather have no problems and no complaints, if only my chargers felt the same way. Is there any harm in trying to improve on a product that clearly has mixed reviews from loyal customers? I'm soon due my upgrade and I am seriously debating whether or not to continue with the iPhone at all because of this.

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    For $30, this cable is awful.

    From the time I purchased this cable, if I jiggle the cable just a little bit, the phone stops charging. Knowing that none of my other 3 cables have this problem, I knew it wasn't my phone input and took the cable back to the store to exchange it for another one. I exchanged it for the same exact type of cable and took it home and it does the same thing. I am no longer a fan of Apple products. You lack quality and up-charge everything you make. Make a change.

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    Rubbish cables

    I have had I Pad for nearly 3 years, first year with cable fine, the last two year must have had about six cables at £15 to 25.99 a cable proves expensive, I now need yet another one, so at the moment using a borrowed one until I can get out, which means more expense with all the traveling cost, I was thinking of renewing I Pad, but thinking I might go Samsung see if that is any better than Apples cables.

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    Perfectly good cable, no issues

    A longer version of the standard lightning to USB cable which comes with all current iOS devices. I have experienced no issues with this cable, or the standard length cable. It puzzles me there are so many highly negative reviews about lightning cables. The only explanation I can think of is people have purchased counterfeit cables from places other than Apple -- I once purchased a 30 pin cable from eBay which turned out to be fake and it did cause glitches when I used it with my old iPhone 4S, or they are mistreating the cables, in which case of course they will break. If you stick to genuine cables purchased from Apple and don't handle them like a ham fisted moron then I don't envisage any problems.

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    No Problems

    This cord works fine. The extra length in the 2m version is handy. The only issue i ever had with the lightning connector is if pocket lint gets in the phone connection port and then the cord will not seat properly preventing charging. I cleaned out the port with a tooth pick and everything was back to normal. Every once in awhile I check the port and blow it out and no problems.

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    The Strange Case of the One Star Reviews

    After reading the many one star reviews condemning this item as the "worst quality cable you will ever find" I bought two of them, one to put to every day use and the other to examine in detail.

    I am an electrical engineer and I took one of these cables to the workshop to be tested for quality, functionality and durability. My conclusion is that the more than 40 extremely negative reviews have no basis in reality. This is a well made product likely to give good service for a long time if used properly.

    The only conclusion to be drawn from the noticeably extreme reviews is that there were written by people more likely to be hostile to the Apple brand than with any genuine evidence that this product is of poor quality. Those who are open minded and looking for the advantage that a longer charging cable provides can buy with confidence.

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    bought this around the end of December and a little more than 3 months later it's already broken. I should not be paying $30 dollars for something i NEED that cant even hold up for half of a year.

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    I've bought the 2m cable and have had it for more than 2-3 months. It works perfectly, very portable, long lasting. Strongly suggest this item.

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    Just too many problems with these cables

    I don't know why there are so many issues with my cables, but it isn't just me. My wife and daughter have also had cables that have gone bad very quickly. It is very annoying, and I would think that Apple would have taken care of this issue long ago.

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    To put it quite frank I am embarrassed that a company as big as Apple cannot make chargers for their products that are durable and sustainable! My advise to anyone is do not invest hundreds of pounds into a mobile phone that has a charger that breaks after a few months. The leads are faulty and useless and terribly made! Apple design team should be ashamed that they for one are design these chargers and charging consumers £25 to replace something they did NOT break!! Very very frustrated angry and disappointed customer!!!

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    Fix chargers

    We have four phones in my family. all the cords are broken. Ive resorted to buying a no name cord from Radio Shack that lasted way longer than this apple cord. The reason i resorted to Radio Shacks charger is I took two broken chargers to apple and they only replace one, the other i had to pay for. So now that the two that were replaced and the other two are also broken, there's no chargers in the house. I've been bumming off of co-workers until I again replace this charger after i finish writing this review.

    EARTH to Apple get better chargers please..... Real apples that you eat (after being bitten) lifespan last longer than these phone chargers.

    And that one star rating is only because it wont let me review unless i rate this product.

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    The 2 metre cable is life changing the extra metre of length is worth paying for I absolutely love it!

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    Costs TOO MUCH

    These cables don't last long enough, but now that I have the iPhone 6 Lifeproof case, this is the only cable I can find that's compatible and so I am stuck. There is absolutely no excuse for the high cost of these cables. They're barely worth $10.00!!! I have been an Apple user for 9 years now and I am on my third iPhone, but I am just so tired of them charging so much for something so basic. Help me use your product by making your charger more reasonably priced, please!!

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    They need to fix this piece of .....

    I've blown through so many of these. They literally just stop working months later. Apple needs to fix this mess, or charge wayyyyyy less for them. worth about $5 for the amount of times i've replaced this cable. Never had problems with the old one.

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    Don't understand what the problem is!

    Read other reviews on this item and was a little concerned about durability but having purchased the item I can't understand where the problem is. The price is somewhat OTT but the cable is much thicker than the standard 1m iPhone cable, in fact it's the same guage as the original iPad cable and I can't imagine what amount of abuse you would have it give it to fail within a year. I've had mine for 6 months with no issues whatsoever. Read into that what you will but I'm happy!

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    The charger broke in a week !!!!!!!

    I'm really fond of the apple products and don't want to change over to android because I just love my iPhone 5 . But I can never charge it because I'm constantly without a charger . I have to use my buddy's everyday when I get to school . But I'm not going to ever buy a new one until they are completely fixed . Because my charger broke in a week and I treated it as best as possible

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    The thing about Apple is you always paid more for their products but the reason was you knew you got better quality. I've had two power adapters just stop working, replaced one lighting cord in the first 4 months and am about to replace the second cord around a year later. Along with the problems with my iPad mini, they have lost me as a repeat customer. There's simply no reason to pay more if you don't get more for the price.

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    very very poor quality

    I received my new I phone 6 plus in November 2014. Including the one cord that came with the phone I am about to order my 4th. They just quit working. I don't get it!! I know 10 years ago I never had this problem. I am definitely reading about the warranty in these & going to follow through & return or get my money back with this one when it fails. These should last for years!! I don't use them in my car or move them around house. I leave it in one spot & charge my phone every night. Very disappointed in the quality & price of this junk. I expect more from Apple. They need to stand behind their products.

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