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    I have had a phone 10 month and already 2 of these cables have not lasted the pace. VERY VERY poor apple.

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    I am on my third cable since January this year. The wires either pull out of the end or simply snap. This is not to mention the fact that they are so riduclously short they are hardly usable. I have to place my ipad and iphone on the floor to charge them. Then there is the price of the chargers - £25 for 2 months use that equals £150 per year.

    TOTAL COSDWALLOP. Wake up Apple.

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    Believe me when I say, I have spent the same amount of money it would take to buy a new iPhone on chargers. They are completely useless, they break easily and some of these chargers haven't even lasted a week. I can't even say how many I've been through in 18 months of my upgrade because I've lost count. Apple need to sort it out. I have been a dedicated apple fan from the very start, but the experience with these chargers and the iPhone 5 have completely put me off. I shall never have an iPhone again, I'm converting to Samsung on my upgrade, apple have lost a customer.

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    These cables are unreliable and break quite often! Have been through multiple and do not mistreat them. To make matters worse we can no longer use most cables. If your going to do this maybe you guys should make your cables sturdier, especially considering the price we have to pay

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    Apple ripping off loyal users

    Very poor quality cable which has stopped working in the first 3 months of the purchase and apple refuse to get that covered under warranty

    Pls stop ripping people off or at least provide this at a reasonable amount - certainly not RM 79 for a 0.5 mtr cable