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    Not compatible with Lexar USB 3 Card reader

    I tried using this adapter with both a Lexar USB 3 or 2.0 Card Reader and I got the error message The connected USB device requires too much power.:((

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    It just works.

    For my EOS 5D Mark II & IXUS 100IS...

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    Useful, if limited

    A useful, if limited little cable; on my iPad Mini have only been able to make it work with cameras - no other USB devices. Anything powered by the USB port prompts a 'The connected USB device requires too much power' message; anything self powered (tried with multiple thumb drives, self powered USB HDDs etc) triggers no reaction at all. Other USB devices tried (mouse, keyboard!) prompt a 'The connected USB device is not supported'.
    The good news is that it works fast and flawlessly with cameras - tested with Canon 50D and IXUS 100IS - brings up a separate 'Camera' group in photo album and allows the import of selected or all photos on the camera - RAW, JPEG and MOV formats and then post transfer asks if you 'want to delete the imported files from the attached camera'. Does not allow file export from iPad back to camera, and does not make available anything that the camera does not recognise as a file (ie MP4 files not shown - so can't import movies that way).
    So, does what it says on the tin - connects your Camera to your iPad and will be useful to allow download and/or big screen viewing of photos when in the field - but currently that's it.

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    I bought this today to go with my iPad mini. Just posting here to confirm that it worked flawlessly between my 40D (shooting RAW) and my iPad mini. I'm now on the hunt for apps that will utilize this cable for tethered shooting or other cool things

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