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    Should have Lightning-in for power like DigitalAV and VGA adapters.

    This works, but it really should have a Lightning-in port for providing power to the iPad while it is connected, just as the DigitalAV and VGA adapters have. The USB adapters are used for music applications, such as connected audio interfaces or keyboard controllers. These are applications where the iPad needs to stay charged just as much as during a video presentation.

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    USB Camera cable

    What a wonderfully overpriced useless item! £25 for a cable that informs me, when i connect my lumix panasonic compact camera....the connected device has too much power to work! Now, I thought naively that if i connected my camera using an apple product(iOS 7 has prevented 3rd party products working) that it would work on my ipad. SO APPLE SUPPORT, WHAT DO I DO NOW?

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    Dissapointing Connector

    Only with my Panasonic FZ50 can import pictures :(
    Doesn't work with USB TC Helicone GTX.

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    Works With YubiKey

    Bought this for my iPhone 5 and was unsure if it would work with the YubiKey. You get a popup indicating that the device is not supported, or something to that effect. Thankfully, it works anyway with no problems. Just thought I would share.

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    Does not work with Gopro Hero 3

    I bought this cable to edit Gopro footage on my Ipad. To my dismay i found out it does not work. I can not import footage from the Gopro Hero 3. In saying that, it works perfectly with my Canon 7D. It makes editing small videos on Pinnacle edit suit a breeze, no rendering nothing.

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    I got it working by using different USB lead
    I have spent two days trying out the Apollo 13, method of connectivity!!! plug one end in first then plug into the camera and connect the two together!! nothing, I HAVE SPENT TWO HOURS ON THE PHONE TO THE APPLE SHOP, APPLE CARE, to no avail. Then a brainwave hit me THUD It is not necessarily the camera is taking too much power, or there is a incompatibility problem, I remembered back to the dark old days when I bought the iPad (Last November 2012) I had a problem after a couple of weeks, with the lead I was using, though the cats had tried to strip it, but no, so changed the USB lead over with another one and hey presto it worked. Lightbulb above the head moment, so I have just tried a different lead and I have picture transfer from my Canon 50D to mini.


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    Camera use only

    This is what it says it is... lighting to USB CAMERA adapter. It aids in the transfer of photos and videos. It is NOT a lightning to USB port adapter. What this means is when plugged into your device although this adapter appears to physically create a general purpose USB port it does not. This item does not magically make your device capable of running any other plug and play devices. You can not use it to charge other devices or connect your printer to your iPad or iPad mini or transfer music.

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    I bought this for my Finepix camera card, the card doesn't fit. I am not technically minded, so it would be good if there was a better description of what cards fit and what don't.

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    Doesn't work at all

    I plug this adaptor in and get a "This accessory not supported by iPad" message every time. I've gone through all of the usual steps...airplane mode...reboot...even factory reset. It just doesn't work at all. I thought it was a bad connector maybe, so I exchanged it for a second one...same results. This seems like a simple connector that apple should be able to get right, but apparently not. The crazy thing is, the 30 pin one i had for my ipad 2 worked fine.

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    Lightning cable for cameras

    Tried this on my new samsung camera and doesn't work says the device uses to much power to connect , so disappointed as its a complete waste of time , I tried it on my mobile phone , canon camera , my mams Kodak n nothing works .. Apple come on and sort this out

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    Works great on both my cameras

    Just bought it today. Tried it with my little Canon Power Shot camera as well as my Panasonic Lumix. Awesome!

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    Great, but...

    Works great for both my Canon 5D MKIII and Powershot SX210. However, it does not accept my Olympus Tough TG-1 due to the fact that the camera is charged through the USB and the iPad cannot do this. A bit of a shame but the work around is to put the SD card in one of the other cameras and then all is ok. Maybe Apple could come up with a software fix to prevent the "too much power" issue.

    Some users on here saying that it does not work for their 7D or other Canon cameras are not being honest, it worked fine with my old Canon 7D.

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    Great Way to Run my iPad into my DAC!

    I'm using this dongle to connect the audio output of my iPad Mini to my PS Audio Digital Link III DAC, and thence to my high-end living room stereo. It worked instantly, sending bit-perfect signal to my DAC. Unfortunately, my DAC does not charge the iPad through the cable, but otherwise I am thrilled. This way I can bypass the DAC and the headphone amp in my iPad and get right to the juicy, er, bits. I'm very happy about this, particularly since it lets me run Eno's amazing Scape app in very high fidelity audio.

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    Video NOT downloading

    I have a Sony video camera model HDR XR550 and connected it to my iPad with retina display via the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. It downloaded only the pictures but not the video clips. I am thinking of returning this adapter.

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    Perfect for my Canon 5D Mk II & iPad 4

    Purchased the adapter today. Plugged it to my iPad 4th gen. 128 GB. Plugged my Canon 5D Mk II into the USB side with the camera's cable. Turned the camera on; magic! Thumbnails of all the photos on the card (~225 RAW) appeared in less than a minute, along with a button to transfer them all to the iPad and one to delete all (from the camera). You can also select individual photos for downloading/deletion.

    Downloaded all photos in about 10 min., which is reasonable for me. Then hooked my iPad to my desktop, selected the photos from Windows Explorer, took about 2-3 min. Then erased all photos from the iPad.

    The cycle for me is complete, since I intend on using my iPad as backup during my photography trips. I would then download the photos to my desktop upon my return.

    The photos can also be viewed on the iPad in a really decent quality.

    All this with no apps to download (at least for the iPad 4) and no errors for me.

    Highly recommended, especially if you have my combination of camera/tablet or similar.

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    Not Compatible with much of anything

    Just bought it. After an hour of experimentation will take it back. Will not connect with a Canon 5D - says it is not a supported device. When I tried removing the CF card from my camera and reading it directly, I received an error message that the device (the CF card reader) drew too much power. I chatted with the Apple folks who were very nice, but, unfortunately, not helpful. The bottom line from an additional hour of researching this problem is that there are a few cameras and cards it will work with, but no reliable information on which ones. Very disappointed as being able to view images in the field on a better display than the LCD on the back of my cameras would be a huge plus. If you are thinking of buying one do your research first.

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    Doesn't work.

    Attempted to connect my Sony HX7V using this connector and got the message "The connected USB device uses too much power".

    The camera is NOT attempting to charge over the USB connection, so why this doesn't work is bafflingly moronic.

    Wasn't cheap either. Very, very disappointed.

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    Hooked it up to my canon 40d worked perfectly fast transfer

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    Doesn't work with my Olympus epl-1

    Doesn't work with my Olympus epl-1!
    Tried my lightning to 30 pin adapter with the 30 pin camera connection kit and that didn't work
    usb to 30pin worked perfectly with my iPad 2
    Bought the lightning to USB, didn't work, taking it back to John Lewis tomorrow.

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    works perfectly once I changed camera communication setting

    A huge THANKS to the reviewer who suggested this - the adapter worked fine with my newish Powershot, but using my EOS 20D, which is pretty old, I got a message that the device was not supported. I was ready to send the adapter back, because I really need it for the EOS, my main camera- I am going to England this summer and am only taking my iPad Mini, not my laptop, so have to have some way to back up photos (losing photos due to a lost/damaged card, camera, etc would be beyond tragic)

    Then I read the review that suggested going to the camera's menu and changing the Communication setting from Normal to PTP. Tada!! Success - the pictures loaded right up, I am very happy, and the adapter does not have to go back to Apple.

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