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    I hope this helps

    solved my problem with Canon 300d and other cameras by reading this suggestion in another forum:

    If your camera menu has a 'Communication' setting, make sure you have PTP selected and not 'Normal'. I'm not sure this will work.. It's just a suggestion.
    "Normal" is Canon's proprietary communication protocol. It's used by applications developed by Canon.. (The ones that came on the CD included with the camera).. The iPad won't be able to recognize Canon's proprietary mode..
    "PTP", stands for Picture Transfer Protocol. It's a universal communication mode used by all the digital camera makers. The iPad should recognize this.
    With early EOS cameras, you had to manually switch between the two using the camera menu... With the newer models, they autodetect what protocol the host device wants to use and do the switching for you.
    If you find you're having trouble now using your Canon supplied apps (like Zoombrowser etc), you'll have to change the Communication back to 'Normal'.

    IT WORKS!!!!

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    OK: It does let you import photos but that is all + No Preview on the card

    This is a typical Apple product. On the plus side it is simple, small, elegant & does what it says it will do. The cable is a bit too long if you want to store in a point a shoot camera case.

    On the downside it only does what it says it can do (i.e. import photos from a SIM) & it does that badly, plus it is expensive for what it is. The main obvious thing it is missing is that you can not preview the pictures full screen while they are on the SD card. Most people will want to delete out the rubbish before you copy them onto you iPad, but Apple treats you like a little kid & does not allow you to do this. How can people so clever do simple things like this so stupidly?

    I can understand them locking down & restricting what data you they will allow you to import onto your IOS device i.e. you can not browse folders, load other non-picture/video files but this is typical of their obsessive control for no good reason, which is why so many people hate them. Got to be said.

    It will have it's place as a way of previewing pictures but the clumsy implementation means you have to load them all in & then delete them on the iPad, which is tedious given the poor controls in picture viewer. Shame, as they could have done this so much better.

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    Doesn't work with go pro 3

    The adapter worked for the first week before the message 'accessory unavailable: the attached accessory uses too much power' appeared each time I plugged the camera in. Tried charging both devices, but no luck. Swapped for the SD card reader, working well so far...

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    Disappointed with Limited Compatibility

    Doesn't work with the Olympus Tough TG-820 which does not have an setting to shut off the charging when connected by USB. Get "uses too much power" no matter what setting on the camera that I try.
    Naturally it does work with the much larger Nikon P100, which is not my go everywhere do everything camera.

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    Great product - but a bit pricey!

    Works exactly as promised with 5d mark ii. Transfer rate much quicker than I expected even with RAW files!
    I attempted the transfer using a generic mini USB to USB cable connected to my camera without success and it only worked when I dug out the original cable that came with my camera.
    I'd suggest anyone experiencing problems to try this (and to make sure that the camera is not trying to get power through USB).
    Only gave four stars because the price is quite high for a tiny little cable that gives functionality the iPad should have built in....

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    USB Camera adaptor

    Brilliant. Photos imported immediately. Very easy to connect.

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    Works great!

    I do a lot of underwater photography and needed a way to transfer my photos from my camera to my iPad ...this works great! Thank you!

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    Works for me.

    This product works just fine in my case. Imports photos and videos from my Canon 5D mark II to iPad mini without any problems.

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    Canon EOS 400D with iPad mini

    Photo transfer works as described, allowing option of selecting some photos or all. Further option available to delete from camera after import.
    Recommended for those who want to travel light and take lots of photos.

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    Does Not Work

    I have tried 3 different devices..a canon rebel, a Lumix, and a gopro..it recognizes the gopro as using too much power and it does not ever see the other two cameras. But on my old ipad with the 30 point connector to USB it works like a charm. So what gives? I am taking mine back..30 dollars is a lot to pay for a useless device

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    Midi keyboards

    Works fine with Roland and Yamaha keyboards with a standard Midi to USB interface.

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    Works well but,

    Thanks to everyone who posted comments about the "connected device uses too much power" error message. After much frustration I was ready to return the adapter to Best Buy but fortunately, found these reviews. I then found settings on my Sony DSC-TX20 Cybershot that let me turn off the USB power supply. I presume that setting allows you to charge via your pc USB port, but I'm not sure. Anyway, once I made the change, the adapter worked perfectly. It even gave me the option of keeping or erasing the pics on my camera after importing. So 4 stars instead of 5 because there should be better documentation for what seems to be a very common problem. Unnecessary frustration, which I'm sure leads to a lot of returns!

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    USB Camera Adapter

    Functioned immediately with my ancient Kodak Easyshare. No problems.

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    Perfect for the average user.

    It downloads photos very fast, even full size raws from my 7d, but there is a big problem when you need to shoot and download at the same time...you can not nor can you grab the cf card and pop another in your camera to continue shooting. Need a cf adapter.

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    Does not appear do what it says in the literature

    Despite the description of the accessory identifying different formats of video. After trying different format settings available on my camera including 1080p, the only video format it recognised on my camera and enabled me to import to my new IPad was IFrame. Either I do not understand simple instructions or the product does not deliver what it is advertised to do. I purchased this item with a view to connecting my cameras while on holiday and carrying out some basic editing on the Pinnacle Studio 16 app that is available, but do not see the point if it is so restricted. This is a disappointment of an Apple product, when they are usually so good. Any assistance I asked for from the Apple Support site was vague to say the least. Hopefully someone from Apple will address this in the future.

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    Works like a dream

    This short cable does just what the web site and its box says it will: transfer images from your camera to your iPad. No setup is required and transfer was fast ( using a Lightening connector) even with RAW files from my Canon 7D. Also works with the iPhone.
    Yes, it would have been nice to have a mini USB on the end of a somewhat longer cable but all cameras should come with the USB lead. And, Yes, it is expensive.

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    Very disappointed

    It does not work on my iPad Mini and a new Nikon Coolpix S01. (I even disabled the charge via computer on the camera!)

    I hope Apple will fix this soon or warn users that this adapter is not working on the iPad Mini and Apple does not even support the new iPod Touch 5G. Because users like me can always buy a new, better product instead – right?

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    Works great!

    People need to be a little more knowledgeable before leaving negative remarks. You might need a powered hub for this device, check with the manufacturer of your device, not Apple. Works great on Samsung TL225 by e way.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought this to connect my Gopro camera to my Ipad so that I could transfer and edit video whilst on holiday. When it's all connected the ipad comes up with the warning of 'the device uses too much power'

    The connector is going back as in my opinion it does not do the job it was made for.

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    Took some fiddling with camera settings

    Took a bit of fiddling with my camera settings (Canon 350D and Nikon Coolpix) but once the correct options had been picked worked really well.

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