• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Waste of $29!!

    I bought the lightning pin adapter and it has never worked. I bought it to use at school with my VGA cable that is connected to my projector. When I would attach it and then attach one of the new iPads it would say "not an apple cable". It was an Apple cable. I ended up having to and buy the $49 VGA cable with the lighting pin and switch them out depending on which iPad or iPod I want to connect. It was a waste of $29.

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    Does not work with case on

    Similar to other reviews: it does not work if you have any kind of case on the phone

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    It works

    I bought this for my wife so that she could use the camera adapter kit from her iPad 2 with her new iPad air. It works. The problem is that it will not connect to the iPad while the iPad is in its smart case! What a fiddle having to prise it out every time. Easier to buy a new adapter kit.

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    Works like it should

    Wasnt sure if this would work on my sons Pure dock, but as expected works a treat. A little over priced, would like to buy some more but sharing at the moment on our other docks.

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    Waste of money

    I just did a big upgrade from an iphone 3S to a 6 Plus. In anticipation of the switch over, I purchased this adapter. First off, my reason for purchasing it was to reduce the cost of replacing all my chargers (I have at least 4 of them), however, the adapter is so expensive that I might as well just buy new cords. Secondly, the 6 Plus does not have many case options yet and the cases available did not have a large enough opening at the base where the charger connects for me to actually use this adapter without first removing the case. Looks like I just wasted my money and will be stuck buying new cords since constantly removing the hard case on my phone would be ridiculous.

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    Doesn't work with the Apple iPhone 5s leather case!!!!

    Apple almost got it right but not quite. The adapter looks and works great. However, to my disbelief, the design doesn't work if your iPhone 5/5s is enclosed in Apple's own leather case. They should have designed the adapter with a little neck that could have fit inside the hole at the bottom of the case. Since it is a lack of compatibility between two Apple products I just can't believe it...

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    Does not transmit audio when used with iPhone 6 or 6+

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    Not great for iPhone 6

    The adaptor works but is not well suited for the iPhone 6. The reason is that the phone is curved and the adaptor is straight. The connection is pretty loose and comes out a lot. I would recommend getting the lightening cable adapter if not using with a dock.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great with my Audi Sound System

    This adapter is perfect to match the 30-pin plug on my 2014 Audi TT multimedia sound/navigation system. The car's display is very similar to the information on the iPod's but, of course, it is just text without album art. I can easily navigate through the iPod files using the filters such as "albums", "genre", "songs" etc. I do not use a case as there is a tray in the car's glove box just for the iPod.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought 1 in order to use my iPhone 4s AV Adapter on my iPhone 5s. However I was surprised later that it doesn't support video o/p!!!!
    So what's the benefit???!!!

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    Fix please

    This does not work when you have a case on the phone. I have a 6 plus with a fairly thin speck case and I have to take it out of the case to use it. Might return because it is not convenient. They should have made the stem of the lightning connector longer or something so you wouldn't have to take your cover off.

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    Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

    This product is practically useless if you already have your vehicle stereo wired for 14s or previous 30 pin connectors as it does not allow 2way communication from the stereo . This was an expensive waste of money as was my new IPhone 6 plus , extremely disappointed and I have been a loyal Apple customer for many years and own many products. Looking for Apple to do something about this as it is not suitable for its implied usage.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great service, works with JBL

    Considering I just bought an iPhone 6 and had a 2012 JBL speakerdock, I needed to get an adapter to be able to continue to use it. I read all the (many) negative reviews on the site and thus was not sure if I should buy one. I went to the Apple store in Stockholm explained the situation. They said I could buy it and if it did not work I could just bring it back. I bought one, put on my JBL speaker dock. Works just fine. Charges and great sound. So if you do want to get stuck with a useless adapter buy it in the Apple store instead of via a big online retailer. That way if it does not work with your speaker dock you can just bring it back.

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    Too Short

    I bought this so I can continue to use with my current docking stations. However, if I want to use it I need to take the case off. The stem is too short. The price also to high for not being very functional.

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    Won't work with protective cases.

    The adaptor worked when my iPhone 6 had a cheap, thin, un-protective case. When I purchased a better, more protective case, the adaptor was useless. I don't know if apple makes an adaptor designed to work with Lifeproof/Otterbox cases.

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    Can't connect to existing 30 pin cables (displays incompatibility message on iPad).

    Retail box gives no warning that the adapter is not useful foe anything. Also does NOT come with a booklet or instructions????

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    Don't waste your money

    I bought the camera and HDMI adapters just before Apple announced they were changing the charging ports. I have only just changed my devices from 30pin to lighting because I had these and a radio that again was bought three months before the change was announced so held onto the 30pin devices as long as possible before they (inevitably) failed and were changed.

    The generic adapter doesn't work with either of these two 30pin adapters with my iPhone 5s or my iPad mini (where applicable). The whole point of this is that you shouldn't find yourself with items that are now useless, but I guess Apple aren't concerned with making products that actually do what they say they will.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works with iPhone 5s to Arcam rCube, rWand and VW Media-in connection

    Just upgraded iPhone from 4s to 5s as don't like size/weight of 6. Hope I don't regret that too soon! Anyway this connector works fine with direct connection to the (now deleted) Arcam rCube and the phone is supported well enough unless you are going to throw your shoes at it! I can confirm it also works using the Arcam rWand over it's Klear streamed connection. I have just tried it with the 30-pin VW media-in cable in my 2011 VW Golf Estate and it works as well as the original connection ever did ( ie not perfectly but well enough). So I hope this helps all you rCube lovers as I could find nothing on this before now and I know this contradicts other reports about the VW Media-in connection. The Lightning plug is reversible in use, but remember the 30 pin end is not!
    Loss of one star as the price could have been sold at a loss by Apple even though I think it contains a DAC - for goodwill reasons; and I wonder if they considered a more stubby, strong adapter without a DAC but including a jack connection to the jack socket triggered to produce a line out analog signal through a 30 pin socket.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    good product

    great product, for those complaining about that this couldnt fit when you have a case on your new iphone or ipad or ipod touch, should of did some research before buying

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't waste your money.

    I purchased one of these and didn't think about the design until I got it home and put it on the docking station. I tried to plug my Iphone6 in but it wouldn't fit. Yes, I had a case on the phone and the lightning plug is too short. You would think that apple would have tested this but I guess not. Good idea but not functional.

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