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    Okay Product

    This product is great is you have the older steroe or dock with the 30-pin connector however if you want to get this to charge your iphone or ipod it charges very slow and i would not recomend it!

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    Unfortunate design

    Sadly this adapter was not develop with the common friendly standards from Apple.
    Why?, it's easy, the adapter cannot be used if you have a case mounted on your iPhone!
    So now on, the adapter box most have this advice: "Do not buy this adapter if you are willing to use a case".

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    Doesn't work with anything!

    I have yet to be able to get my adapter to work with ANYTHING! First, I have to remove my case every time I try to use the adapter. Once I do that and try, nothing is compatible. I've tried my handheld project (spent ALOT on that for business presentations; HDMI converter to play movies, etc. on my TV (worked with the iPad 2 just fine); SD card adapter; and chargers. Nothing works. I get nothing or I get a message saying not compatible.

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    Need this for playing Nano in Mercedes

    This works perfectly if you want to play a Nano through the Mercedes media system. All the CD cover pictures, track info etc is as wanted, much better than using the USB cable and port.

    The price of the unit is truly ridiculous and adding P&P charges is an insult.

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    Works fine

    Works fine on my ipad mini and ipad 4 both have protective covers on them I use mine to play music in the car.

    It does come up with a warning on the screen saying not charging but if you look at the battery icon it shows that it is charging.

    Yes it's expensive but their are other company's on the market selling them for less than five pounds.
    The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to risk damaging your expensive Apple Product using them?.

    I know I don't.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I don't know if this particular charger works. I've went personally to the apple store. I'm on my third Charger! No one breaks them! they just...stop charging my Ipod. So i personally think this would be better. and you can plug it into docks, yay :P

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Works great with all my old 30-pin accessories!

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    lightning adapter (the apple rip off scheme)

    Like so many other people's reviews i have recently read I too bought the iPhone 5 adapter as assumed i could use my docking station on my very expensive Hi-Fi system only to find out (no surprise) apple have ripped everyone off again. I have to give this product at least 1 star but in my opinion i wouldn't even give it that!!!

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    Good but expensive

    The thing it's self if good and reliable but is expensive for how tiny it really is

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    Don't bother!

    Whether it's the official one or a cheap one they do not work!!! Annoyed with Apple that they expect us to fork out for a new generation ipod to find that the adapters don't work on most docking stations. I have resorted to using Auxiliary on all three of my ipod docking speakers it's the only way around it unless you have the money to fork out for a new ones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I had previously bought a Bose sound dock when I originally owed an Apple iPhone 4, but when upgrading to an i5 I could no longer dock my phone. I had read previous reviews and was very skeptical about purchasing this product. After a long period of missing my listening to my music I decided to bite the bullet as it were and was over the moon.
    All the features of my dock work perfectly including the remote and I was very pleased. I highly recommend this adapter.

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    Though this adapter works fine with 30-pin cords and docks, it doesn't work with most iPhone 5 cases. Because of its terrible design, it doesn't reach far enough to connect to an iPhone 5 wearing a full body case. I'm astonished that apple can make such thin and revolutionary phones, but can't make an adapter that doesn't require you to take your case off every time you use it. How about make it in the shape of a triangle???

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    You have to be kidding..really

    This is my 3rd IPhone, and have always be pleased with the phone as well as accessories. No more, Went to my local AT&T store to upgrade to the I5. I also purchased a new SPECK cover that is designed for the I5. My husband inquired about an adapter to put into my other car charger that went with my 4S. Was told no problem so I purchased the adapter for $29.. The only problem is it will not hook up to my phone because it does NOT extend far enough to go into the plug opening. I am returning it to my dealer.....So it's not compatible..really

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    works even better

    than the cord that came with my iPhone, which sadly only works in certain positions. I've had my adapter for a few months now and it works really well to charge/sync my phone. It also connects to my Bose SoundDock with no issues.

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    This is why it seems expensive

    For those questioning the cost of the converter, this is the primary reason - the new lightning connector does not support analog componentry like the old plug system did. To get around this apple have built into the lightning adapter a digital-analog converter to make devices geared around the old system still work for you (in most cases). If you were to see the electronics that are crammed into the adapter you would be amazed. Do a web search if you are interested. To be perfectly honest I doubt Apple are making a great deal of profit on the adapters, although I am sure they are.... I am still not particularly keen on having to pay for it, luckily I can see a reason for the change. The adapter has worked on all of my many old style devices including my car.

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    waste of money

    cant even play music through the dock with this adapter only charges my iphone a ipad so rubbish now i have to buy a new dock.

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    Another great product by apple

    Great product small little expensive but it's washing machine safe 8) oops

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    Overpriced w/limited compatibility

    Have major investment in Bose Soundock & Pioneer Car stereo w/30 pin iPod/iPhone connections, sound & controls work fine but they do not charge my iPod. For the jerk calling us morons, not everyone goes out & replace everything to match some new technology, & there is very little directly supporting Lightning right now. Not charging my iPod is a BIG thing to me, especially after spending $29 for a small but wide chunk of plastic that I had to carve part of my 1st case to be able to use it.

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    Great - but you can't plug in 30 pin HDMI cable

    As the title suggests; if you already have a 30 pin HDMI adaptor (e.g. from your iPad 2 etc.) you can't just buy this adaptor to plug it into... Instead you'll have to pay more (than the 30 pin adaptor) and buy the lightning to HDMI adaptor.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    Everyone who keeps reviewing this bad saying they bought it to use with an iHome or something similar and complaining it didn't work is a moron. If you couldn't tell that this little adapter wasn't going to support the weight of your phone, or iPad then you deserve to have spent 30~45 dollar for nothing. Especially with the fact that the Lightning Connector is tiny as heck. This worked fine for me for converting all of my cable based accessories. Other than that, stop being cheap and pick up a new dock. You spend all this money on a new device and then you're mad when your old devices accessories don't work with it? Grow up. This is how it's always been. Welcome to real life.

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