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    I just upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5.
    I own a Bose Sounddock (from 7 years ago)- adapter works on it and can use my 5 to play music on it now.
    I own an Apple iPhone 4 dock- adapter works on it and I can still use it to charge my iPhone 5.
    My case is a SKECH and I do have to remove the bottom part but that is why SKECH cases rock because there is a bottom part to remove easily.
    Adapter work, works just fine, good buy for these type of items.
    But should be 19.99 at most.

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    Won't work with Belkin TuneBase FM for my car

    I wanted a new Ipod because my old one was out of space. I also play the Ipod quite a bit in my car. As with people who are not wealthy, my cars are older and are not equiped with any electronic docking ports or bluetooth enabled speakers. I use a Belkin unit that plugs into a cigarette lighter or port for charging. I set it to an open FM channel and it plays great. I got the 30 pin adapter to play on this unit because I guess the need for Job security means things that work must always be changed. This adapter will not work. It barely works with the portable unit with speakers. It will eventually. This is a lame unit and does not deliver as promised.

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    Works as Stated

    Overpriced gadget adapter! This adapter works as stated. I wanted it so I could continue to use my iHome Alarm Clock/Radio (love to wake up to a streaming radio station). It works with the audio, charging, and all other commands. It's built really well, just severely over priced. If half the price I would give it 5 stars and buy more!

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    Doesn't work in 2006 Mazda 6

    I had hoped that I could still use my iPhone 5 with the 30-pin cable in the stereo of my 2006 Mazda 6. Alas, it would neither charge nor play music through the car stereo like it should. Waste of time and money.

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    Apple staff need to learn their products

    I bought this device to hook up my iPad mini to my AV composite cables. I asked instore whether this device would support video And was told categorically that it would, even though on the box it says no video supported. I got it home, plugged in, and what do you know - It doesn't work! Don't get me wrong, this is still a good device to have because it means I can use the other charging cables I have lying around the house, but the Apple staff instore really should know more about what they're selling and at £25 this should be able to connect to my existing AV cables.

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    Case & Adapter for 5

    Hello IPhone 5 peeps!

    I have an Otterbox case for my 5 and the official charger adapter "thingy" fits fine, charges fine and works with my iHome speakers. I have the case on 100% of the time.

    Hope this helps! LOVE all my Apple products including our new mini IPad!

    Best of luck !,,

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    Bose Sounddock II

    With Bose Sounddock 2, this adapter charges iPhone 5 AND plays music. I have to admit that I tried to save some money and bought a generic adapter when these were out of stock but they only charged the iPhone 5 and did not allow music to play through the speakers. I wish the adapter could have been included in the package with iPhone 5 but this $30 adapter makes my $250 Sounddock work again. Thanks.

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    Works Great

    for those people that claim it doesn't work with a case....its not marketed to, nor does apple ever assume you have a case as I do not. Granted, its not ideal to use an adapter, its nice that apple made one to use!

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    Pointless device

    BEWARE !!!!
    This adaptor only charge your phone with old cable ONLY!!!
    IT WILL NOT accept any audio/video docking device.

    What a waste of money!!!

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    Not as simple as people seem to think

    Considering how small this item is, it's quite a clever bit of kit. To convert a digital signal from Lightning into an analogue output like you find in the 30 pin connector means this has a DAC (Digital Audio Converter) inside it, and it sounds quite good as well. I've not found a DAC this cheap, let alone this small. Only trouble is it looks a little tacky. More colour options would be nice.

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    Buy the cheap ones off ebay!!

    These adapters do not work with any sort of case on your iphone 5.
    The genius's who are making the rip offs on ebay have thought about that
    and have made the lightning bit stick out a tiny bit more allowing it to work
    on Iphone 5's with covers! Also its only 8 dollars!

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    Doesn't work

    Yo Yo Yo ! It not be working yo! Dang SOn! Ficky Ficky Ficky!!

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    Works great, precision made product

    Is a fine, precision made adapter that fits and works very well. Its has a very snug fit and will hold my iPhone perfectly in every station or dock I have without issue. Works in my car without having to buy additional cords.

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    pin is not long enough to fit on the phone if you have a cover!

    great concept but doesn't work if you have a cover (harder styled cover). The length of the lightning pin, is too stubby and short. Waste of money for me, the whole idea is to protect my phone AND have the adapter. The longer cable accessory works as the lightning pin is longer - you'll know what I mean when you try it. Very frustrating.

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    Works great

    Like other people I tried buying a cheaper version from E-Bay and it only charged my iPhone 5 but didn't play music. This one works great. Since my phone and dock are black I wrapped it in black electrical tape. The only complaint I have is Apple should have given this away since I'm sure it only costs them about $5 to make.

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    Works ..... but ....

    Come on Apple, a bit more thought on this one please. Ipod Nano 7G has the Lightning port right over on the right hand side. when you plug in the adapter to use in a dock it just looks .... rubbish. Ipod hangs off the side of the adapter. If you are going to force buyers to use an adapter that you sell for £25 at least make it a dedicated fit. it's probably fine for the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5 but it doesnt work aesthetically for the the Nano 7G. Sloppy

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    No Video Out!

    I bought this product after being told that it would support component video out, if the cable was an apple certified one, by a local rep. I have an Apple component cable attached to the tv in my car, so needless to say it IS certified. The adapter is very short an will not be usable as is if you have any sort of case on it. It DOES charge, sync, and provide audio out. It DOES NOT have video out support. There is currently no viable COMPONENT video out solution for the lighting port devices. I am very disappointed.

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    Great Adapter

    I guess a shift in technology had to happen in the end - the old adapter had lived through so many iPods & iPhones. This adaptor has worked perfectly for us to continue using existing iPod/Phone accessories.

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    does NOT support audio on my iHome and must remove iPhone cover

    This does NOT permit transmission of my iTunes music through my iHome clock/radio/iPhone connector, which I was able to do with my old iPhone. I have one iHome at home and one at the office, so this is very disappointing.

    All I can use this adapter for on the iHome is recharging--and then, only if I am very careful to position it to ensure a connection--it easily slips out of position. The cover I bought does not have a large enough opening to accommodate the larger part of this adapter. For this limited functionality, you are better off using the (cheaper) cord connector, which doesn't require removal of the cover.

    A seller of these adapters at an airport store told me that there were issues with audio, contrary to what was touted by Apple on this site. I decided to wait and go to an Apple store to be sure I bought a genuine Apple adapter, in the hope that the audio worked as claimed. But the genuine adapter I bought does not work. Maybe it works with some accessories but not others.

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    Hooray! Works in the car.

    While the lightning to 30-pin adapter with the cord does NOT work in my 2009 Infiniti G37s, this one DOES! Connects with no problem allowing me to play my music or stream from apps and charges the iPhone with no problem.

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