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    I love it, works great no problems at all. Why did you make it so short?!?! APPLE give a choice to buy a bigger one. Way to expensive for 20cm of cable.

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    Bad Elf GPS dongle compatible !

    I can fully use my 30 pins Bad Elf GPS dongle as it should on my iPad mini 2 with this adapter.

    Aftermarket ones does not !

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    Why would you make a cable that doesn't fit the cases you sell on your website!

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    Poor quality junk.

    I've had to replace this cable twice now, at AUD$59 each time. Both times the cable split just before where it terminates into the lightning connector. Brought it in to the Apple store in Perth, Western Australia and they cited some rubbish about cables not being covered for physical damage. Strangely enough, the 6 year old 30-pin cable that came supplied with my car has absolutely zero defects.

    Apple, you know your cables are junk. Do something about it.

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    Premature failure

    I bought this cable to use with an old Belkin FM transmitter in my van. The 30-pin end of the transmitter and this cable sit on my van's console and are gently handled about twice a day. The combination worked great for 113 days. While driving and listening to a podcast the transmitter just shut off. The iPhone was still being charged but it wasn't talking to the transmitter. I tried all the usual trouble-shooting steps of replugging the 12V, replugging and even reversing the iPhone end, replugging the 30-pin end, restarting the iPhone. Nothing worked.

    Removed my iPhone case and used a lightning to 30-pin dongle (no cable) and it worked fine, so it wasn't a problem with the transmitter. This cable had failed just sitting on my van's console.

    Tried using it in a Sony clock radio designed for 30-pin iPhones and it worked. So somehow, something in this cable decided it wasn't going to talk to the Belkin transmitter anymore.

    Fortunately, it's still under the 1-year warranty so I'm going to get it exchanged at the Apple Store. It's a $50 cable. It should last more than 3.5 months of gentle use.

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    Stopped working

    I used this cord on my iPhone 6 Plus for about a year then just a few weeks ago it stopped working. It now say device not compatible and prevents me from connecting my phone to my car stereo. WTH? For no apparent reason Apple just decided these wouldn't be compatible.

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    You Must Have! Buy Now Price Keeps Increasing!

    This cord is a MUST if you have the older 30 pin Apple products like I do. I have some older phones, the latest generation iPad that used the 30 pin cord as well as iPhone 6s and a later iPad with new Lightning charging connector. I have a number of older cords, AC as well as 12V car cords with 30 pin end, as well as straight Lightning charging cords. I bought 3 of 4 of these adaptor cords directly from Apple when the Lightning style products were introduced. It's been awhile since I've purchased the adaptors so I don't recall the pricing but I'm pretty sure it wasn't $29! I bought 4 or 5 of these from Apple and I'd have needed to take out a mortgage at these prices. (Don't buy those little plastic direct converters! They will break easily! It's better to have some flexibility in between the connections. AND even the factory Mini USB-Lightning plastic converter is worthless as well. I've tried them all.) I hear quite a few people crying about bad cords from Apple, but I've never experienced a bad OEM cord, but I don't pull AC cords out of my wall from 3' away. All of this equipment is rather light duty and require sensible handling. I've got a number of them and they all hold up. It's the off brand cords that either don't work or don't last long.
    Bottom line is that these adaptors are with me everywhere and it would be a nightmare without them. The convenience is beyond belief and I'm purchasing 4 more now for a friend of mine that was just introduced to Lightning equipped Apple products. They make GREAT Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Get one and you'll be singing their praises as well!

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    An overpriced accessory with limited application

    Bought this thinkig it could be used with the 30-pin VGA/HDMI adapters, but all are not compatible. The only thing I am able to use is the 30-pin charger. It is a waste of money buying this. Zero star, but forced to give a 1-star rating.

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    Great for my application but expensive

    I bought this cable to work and integrated into my car stereo application that was purchased several years ago in an 07 Honda Accord. The iPod integration was a 30 pin set-up and them in other cable to the system is proprietary so there is no usb. This cable allowed me to use our new IPhone 5S and IPhone 6 in the car to play music from them with full control from our factory radio.. We have a cradle from ProClip USA that we can dock our phone then plug up our IPhones and leave them in there cases. The Lighting to 30 pin Adapter cable was the perfect solution to our dilemma. Although this was the perfect solution I think Apple should include these with the new purchase of and IPhone since the new lighting port causes faithful IPhone customers to have many now unusable accessories that we have from our 1st, second and 3rd generations..40.00 is a little pricey for a cable that is only approximately 6 inches in length..

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    Who's in charge???

    I should of read these reviews before I became another statistic writing a negative review on how the lightning to 30 pin adapter does NOT fit in the Life Proof case. I cannot wrap my head around why they would make the adapter plastic thicker than the charger!!?? I don't understand. I think when they fix it they should see our Apple ID's and mail us all replacements. I was able to return the first small adapter but the second one with a cord in between that I swear should have worked, I was told it is non-refundable!! So now I think I'll follow others and grind off some plastic to Void my warranty and hope it fits after that. All so that I can play ITunes music in my car (and not via Bluetooth). Thanks a Million Apple.

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    A real review on functionality.

    Bought the adapter to use with my iPhone 6 and an older Bose speaker that has a 30 pin connection. I had NO problem using the adapter with the otterbox case I have. I received it in the mail today and am back to streaming music through my phone.

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    Makes my VW Work!

    This works perfectly in my 2015 Golf to convert the factory cable to iPhone 5. It provides full functionality: playlists, etc through the car's touch screen. A much better solution that waiting for VW to finally product an up-to-date cable.

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    Works with Audi MMI

    Bought this to bring my '10 Audi Q5 into the modern era and work with my new iPhone 6, and it works perfectly. $40 is way too much for what it is (minus one star), but it's cheaper than the $90 Audi charges for a Lightning MMI cable. I'm able to browse and control all downloaded music on my phone, and also control (play/pause/skip) apps like Songza and Pandora.

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    Not worth it.

    I have a few accessories that I use with my Ipad2 (64GB). When I bought a new iPad Mini2 (64GB) I bought the 30 pin to lightning adapter. It did not work. I plug it in to the iPad Mini 2 and it would give me an error message: "This accessory is not supported by this iPad." Tried it with an IPhone 5, and iPhone 5C with same IOS version and it worked fine. I thought it might be because of the lightning connector in the iPad Mini, but other lightning accessory works fine with the iPad Mini. Go figure. There were no support info from the Apple support web.

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    How stupid is this Apple! This cable stinks!

    I Fully expected purchasing this cable and having it FIT my LifeProof case.
    Most cables do not fit *except* the accessory cable that comes with the iPhone 6/6+.
    I *expected* all Apple Lightning connectors to be *THE SAME*.

    But Noooooo! Not this one.

    This cable seems to be just enough larger that it does not fit the LifeProof charge port

    Again....how stupid is this!

    No rating except that I *must* give it at least one star to post this.

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    Don't bother with a lifeproof case

    I have the same problem as many other users. It does not fit the lifeproof case for my iPhone 6. They should have made the lightning end the same size as the regular charging cables that come with the phone.

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    Does not work with iPhone 6 Lifeproof case.

    I recently purchased this product & was disappointed to find that the lightening end of the adapter was just fatter than the lightening end of the charging cable that came with my iPhone 6. It was too fat to fit through my Lifeproof case & therefore I had to return it. I ended up purchasing another lightening cable & thankfully it was the same exact cable as the one that came with my phone. I really don't understand why they would make the adapter different than the cable that comes with the phones, unless the iPhone 5/5S charging cables are wider than the iPhone 6 charging cables... I will know if my husband can ever find the charging cable that came with his iPhone 5S.

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    Does audio and recharges but too big for Lifeproof fre

    Bought the official Apple product as it's the only one I can find that charges and does audio (without the addition of an audio jack) but naively expected the lightning end to be the same size as that on the lead supplied with the iPhone - which you can use with a Lifeproof fre case for iPhone 6. Needless to say the connector housing is a lot bigger and doesn't fit through the case! Boo!! Since it does however work for charging and audio (at least it does on my Philips dock), rather than return it I've sanded it down so it does fit through the case. Looks a mess because I had to go all the way through the nice shiny plastic but at least it still works.

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    It works until it doesn't

    Stupidly overpriced for what it is, and stopped working just after a year.

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    Why is the Lightning connector on this cable nearly TWICE the size of every other lightning cable? Easy... POOR DESIGN!

    This OVER-SIZED lightning connector will not fit on many cases/bumpers or other products (even products sold on this website!). It makes no sense for the lightning connector to be so HUGE, especially when it's completely unnecessary. For $40 ($45 in-store), your "connector" should be able to perform it's most basic function... CONNECTING!

    The only real option I've seen people do is to file the UNNECESSARY plastic down a bit, but then you run into the problem of voiding the warranty (despite having ZERO effect on the actual internals). Such a shame.

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