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    No Video Out !!

    Why Apple no Video Out!! Whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I dont get it! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????

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    Nope. Doesn't work in the car.

    Does not work in my 2009 Infiniti G37s. The audio system does not recognize my iPhone as being connected with this cord. BUT the compact lightning to 30-pin adapter (the one without the cord) DOES work. Unfortunately, I needed this one to go with my ProClip mount.

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    Will fit with Otterbox Defender and works with my systems

    I was reluctant to buy this based on the other reviews of spotty compatibility and case to plug fit issues. I am relieved that it works and does what I got it for. The length was to be expected, as it is in the specs. The most annoying thing is that I would need to buy an adapter in the first place, if you know what I mean.

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    Expensive garbage

    I have a new, large, expensive desktop stereo I recently purchased almost solely because it had an iphone dock as well as an iphone capable stereo in my car. Purchased this adapter because my phone will now not fit on the big stereo with the non-wired adapter due to the docking area being too small. This adapter does not work on my stereo at all for music, it only charges the phone as the music plays from the phone itself. As for the vehicle, all I get is scratchy static. This is the first time i have ever left a negative review on an apple product but this is ridiculous. With how much we pay for the phone, cases, accessories and all the money in YOUR music store, you can't produce a consistent, reliable little adapter cord? All these reviews are mixed with the functionality of this product on the same docking stations/cars. It doesn't even work on my Bose dock yet it does for others. I now have a full music library stored in a device that I can only access with earbuds. I just spent $40 on a five inch long worthless cord that probably costs $1.50 to produce, thank you Apple

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    A little disappointed

    This adapter has a very small I mean small cable Seems to work for audio, works well with my pioneer receiver but with my ihome it doesnt charge it plays though, the cable should be at least a foot long so we can lay it next to our docking centers not hang them I think all of us iphone buyers should of got one of these with our purchase, letting us know how they work with different devices., I think every one that buys a new iPhone or ipod are going to be disappointed for awhile, because nothing will work the same as there older iphones and iPods I am. and the wost thing there are no docking stations or clock radios out for us to buy

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    Too short and too expensive

    Wire was stiff, too short and too expensive for what is made of.

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    Lightning to 30-pin adapter....

    I am sure this would work to charge and what not, but the soul purpose why I got it, it did not. It would not play my music in my 08 VW Jetta SE.

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    Doesn't work well to play music!!!

    I bought this in hopes of using it to connect to my 2010 VW Golf. It has a built in 30-pin adapter and now that I have an iphone 5 it is almost useless. with this adapter, all the functionality is actually there but the Music, for some reason, sounds TERRIBLE, there is so much static. I also tried it on my Altec Lansing iphone dock, sounds terrible on that too...

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    Ridiculous price.

    This is a cable that probably costs less than $2 to manufacture. $45 for what is essentially a short cable is ridiculous!

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    It's cable and lightning is more thicker than the one came with the iPhone5, iPad, iPad mini and or the iPod touch but feels more stronger and less worrying to break!

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    useless cable

    I originally bought this cable because I have a Composite set up to play my video I do not have HDMI On my TV So if you're thinking to buy this adapter so that you can use your composite set up To play video from your iPhone it will not work

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    No video support, why?

    Having discussed with the chap in the Apple store that I wanted to use my I-phone 5 in conjunction with the VGA projector in work, I purchased this with reassurances that it would work.

    The standard 30 pin VGA adaptor works splendidly with my I-pad, alas not with this attached to it.

    Very poor show Apple, especially when the Lightening to VGA adaptor DOES work with my phone.

    Can we perhaps solve this with the next iOS update?

    Apart from this it's another wise good addition to my Apple Stable, allowing me to keep one lead in work to charge both I-Pad and I-phone now rather than worry about losing the Lightning-USB lead.

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    Works great however

    it's so short and it just seems so over priced for a small thing that doesn't do a complicated job

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    All good

    Works well for all audio and charging needs.

    however as stated in the item details it will not play video so don't buy if this is what you want it for.

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    Pricey and doesn't fit perfectly, but it works

    If you think the 8 pin end is the exact same size as the USB lightning cable that came with the phone, you'll be disappointed to hear that it's actually thicker. This means even if the lightning cable that came with the phone fits fine through your case, there is a good chance this cable won't. So if you bought this thinking it will fit your case better than the stubby 30 pin to lightning adapter, you should double check. My case fits the USB lighting cable fine, but I have to really jam this one in and it stretches the bottom of my case. Other than that, it works as it should, both my old iPhone clock radio and car stereo function just as it did with my previous iPhone 4.

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    Lightning to video adapter FAIL

    In my car I have an Apple 30pin to RCA cable hooked up to my car entertainment system so that I can play video from my iPhone on the larger screen in the car. After upgrading my iPhone 4 to a 5 the new lightning cable meant I could no longer do this. So after about 2 months of waiting I finally got my hands on the 0.2m lightning to 30pin adapter only to find that it does not support video. Huge fail and a complete waste of money. The only thing it is good for is charging my phone which I can do by using the cable I got with the phone and listening to music which I can do by bluetooth anyway. So even though I am using both an Apple RCA/30pin cable and an Apple Lightning/30pin adapter they are completely incompatible for video. I am very dissapointed.

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    Not long enough

    I purchased this cable to attach to the dock of my iHome iA90. The cable works just fine to charge, play music, and support all normal functions of the iHome. The problem is that the cable is too short to let the iPhone 5 rest comfortably anywhere on my nightstand or even on the iHome itself.

    I returned this cable a few days after purchasing it and opted instead for the "lightning to 30 pin adapter", which for 10 dollars less fits nicely on the dock and actually supports the weight of the iPhone 5.

    All in all, I can't really think of a use for this cable.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightning adaptor for iPhone 5

    It works for all my needs. It will Charge and play music on both my boom boxes. It is thicker than the original 30 pin plug but fortunately my cases and other devices will Accommodate the size. It is way overpriced therefore I only gave it a four star

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    Works well but doesn't fit well

    This cable had done all I have asked it to do so far, except fit into my iPhone with a case on.

    My case (made by Switcheasy, awesome case!) has a hole cut out for the Lightning port. I think many cases have this feature. The cable that shipped with the iPhone fits perfectly. On this cable, the lightning end is MUCH thicker than the original cable and will not fit with my case. I had to remove some of the plastic around the lightning end to even get to close to it fitting.

    Why is this end so much thicker? I can't see any reason for it. So if you have a case that has a small cutout for the lightning port, beware of this cable.

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    way too short

    I am using the cable with a bose sound dock and it's almost not usable. If you can picture half of the McDonald's arch, but flatten it out a bit, that is what it looks like when plugged into my iPhone. Plus the iPhone is upside down and the charger end is up in the air, meaning the phone won't lay flat on the counter. I guess there are a ton of other instances where short might be better, so I guess the complaint is that they should maybe make 2 or 3 lengths. I would imagine the same problem will exist with all brands of docs. I don't think this problem is specific to just the bose sound dock.

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