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    30 pin to lightning adapter does not carry power to device

    I have an a system for connecting radio to ipod via 30 pin connector.This works great with my ipod. Both power and audio are transmitted through the connector. When I use a lightning to 30 pin adapter it and connect it to my iphone 5 it transmits only the audio and not the power. It is also too think to use easily with my otter case.

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    Not compatible with 30 pin IBM video out

    For me, this was a mistaken purchase for my iPad Air. Apple does say that this 30 pin output cable does not work with "some 30 pin devices". They neglected to say that it does not work with their own Apple brand 30 pin to IBM video dongles. Maybe other dongles as well. Watch out.

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    Does the job but at a high price.

    Purchased this after I got my iPad Air as I wanted to use the link with my 30 pin cable with my Mac. The product is good and does the job well. I am able to use it with my iPad Air still in it's case (the case is a Griffin case) and sync with no problems.

    When it comes the the length, it's perfect for me. Does come as a very HIGH price sadly.

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    Will not connect to my car stereo

    I bought this cable to use in my Infiniti G37. I have the 30 pin connector that I used with my iPhone 4S which worked great, so I bought this adapter when I upgraded to the 5s. It will not connect with my stereo at all, I get an error message that says, ipod not connected!!!! Unforntunately, there is no other connection options in the Infinit except to buy an FM transmitter.

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    I bought an Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter to use with my VW (2014 Jetta SEL) MDI to 30-pin connecter cable. The adapter is too wide to fit in the case I have on my iPhone, making it impractical. More importantly, I get a message on my iPhone 5 that the cable is not certified to work with the device, and in fact my VW doesn't see the device, which means that the adapter is worthless for my purposes.

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    no video support!

    the connector only supports:
    2)data sync
    3)some audio headunit of your car (not all)
    NOT support
    1) any sort of audio
    2) if you have a old VGA to 30pin cable and you want to use this 30pin to lightning, forget it. it does not work.
    e.g. new iDevice with 8pin lightning -> Lightning to 30-pin Adapter -> 30-pin to VGA Adapter -> Projector. it fails !

    i think apple need to put some effort on the compatibility of their cables/connectors. so older devices can work perfectly.

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    Too wide to use with case

    This 30-pin to Lightning connector has a wide form factor on the Lightning end. It is wider than the connector on the USB to Lightning connector that ships with the iPhone 5s. I find that it is too wide to use with my case. Very annoying. Why not have a consistent shape for the Lightning connector, Apple?

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    It does not support video

    I bought it to connect to a 30 pin to a VGA and I tried it on the iPad and the iPhone 5s and in both I got no image and the message "this accessory is not compatible with the iPad".

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    Does not work with iPad Air Smart Case

    I purchased this 30-pin adapter as I have a few after market products which still use the 30pin connector. The smaller 30-pin adapter does not work with cases, so I thought this one would work. I purchased the Apple product thinking it would work with Apple Smart Cases, but it does NOT. Thankfully I can still use this with my iPhone 5s, but to use it with my iPad Air in a Smart Case I have to remove the iPad from the case as the lightning connector shell is too big. For as much as you pay for this adapter you'd think they'd let you know it doesn't work with their own products.

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    Too big, Too $$

    The lightning end is too big to work with any case. It is larger then the Apple lightning to USB cable (why on earth would it not be the same size). It is clear that this was not tested with cases. It is also seems expensive for what it is.

    Once my case was off my iphone 5s, it did work.

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    Does not fit iPad Air own brand case

    I have a new iPad Air, and the official leather smart case. This adapter does not fit.
    The lightening plug plastic is a little wide to go in the gap left by the case, and the case is too stiff to flex out of the way.
    I can't vouch for it working or not.

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    Too large

    The lightning end plastic part is significantly larger than the same end on the lightning sync cable. For me this is a problem because the case i use for the new ipad air has a much smaller opening for the cable than did my iphone 5 case. The charge sync cable fits fine because the plastic part is about half the size but the adapter can not fit through the opening in my case. I'm using the new zagg folio keys case which has an opening of 1 cm by -.5 cm.

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    Works Great! A little pricey.

    I bought this to regain the ability to listen to my music in my 2010 VW Tiguan (no MDI, bluetooth phone link only) via a 3.5mm stereo Auxillary jack. I have it connected to a third party "Y"-cable (30-pin to USB and 3.5mm stereo plug). It allows me to listen to my music and charge my iPhone 5S. It seems to be outputting a line level signal to my radio just as my 30GB Video iPod did.

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    Works great

    I'm glad that I did not read all the reviews before buying this adapter. If I would have listen to the reviews I would never brought this adapter. The adapter works great with my iPhone 5. It work great with my beatbox by dre, my car, and other 30 pin docks.

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    Having to RETURN

    Honestly, I opened it up and put it together on the pin feel out of my phone! I tried it again and it fell right out. Maybe I have a defective one? Going to see if I can return it and if so and I get one that actually works, then I will re-rate, however, at this time - it stinks!

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    End connector (the lightning end) is too big for most iphone / ipad cases

    Please be aware when ordering this, as it isn't made clear in the product description - the lightning end is a lot bigger (a larger diameter) than the usb to lightning cable that comes in the box with new iphones / ipads. So if you have a snug case, then it just won't fit.

    I'm not sure why Apple have done it this way - it's possible that there are more electronics inside, but they should at least flag this up in the product description so you can make an informed choice. To be honest, I don't think it is extra gizmos making this thing bigger, just a flawed and careless design.

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    Massive rip off but it works

    Bought this connect my phone to a VW car stereo with MDI cable. Works as it should and sound quality is great.

    One thing to note the plastic surrounding the tip of the cable is thicker than the usb cable supplied with a 5S. This meant I had to modify the end of the cable in order for it to slot into my phone while in an Element case.

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    Finally, someting that works!

    I got my 5s a week ago. I have had terrible difficulty with NOEM (non-original equipment manufacturer), both cords (i.e., USB to lightning) and adapters (i.e., 30 pin to lightning). If you plan to use 5s with stereo's (e.g., Bose, iHome, etc.) this adapter works great! Apple products, as always, are overpriced but so far it's been worth it. Everything will work properly. I am giving it 5 stars based on its functionality, not Apple's suggested retail price.

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    Works on my Dock Charger

    Not sure why this product did not get a lot of good reviews. I just recently purchased the Ipod Nano 7th generation and was very disappointed to see it was not dock capable like my 4th generation. I went and purchased this and it works great. The only downfall I see is it Ipod rests on base of dock and not standing up. Yet that is not an issue for me. I just wanted to enjoy my Ipod music in my dock and it does. The $40 is kinda of expensive yet I would of had to spend more money getting another Ipod AND this adapter or go with the classic .

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    upgraded from 3gs to 5s only to realize..

    .. that, even with the 2nd gen of the iphone 5, apple still has not provided their loyal customers with a means to use their new phones with our existing devices, such as music docs and car connectors. not only is this connector wildly overpriced, but for customers upgrading from older devices, it SHOULD, by all means, come bundled with new phones.

    the satisfaction of receiving a new phone is now mitigated by the realization that we can no longer use our phone with our existing devices without spending money on an exorbitantly priced accessory..

    this anti-consumer behavior has resulted in significantly dampening my pleasure at finally upgrading my phone... it's a small thing perhaps, but one that will stay with me long after my new phone has been broken in.. and when it comes time for my next upgrade, you can believe I will take this into account when choosing my next phone.

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