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    I bought this so I could watch Netflix from my iPad to my TV, which is a plain flatscreen. The vga cable used to work with this same TV and a laptop. Now since the laptop has been replaced by the iPad, I got this adapter. Apparently Netflix blocks it. It does mirror the iPad screen to the TV and will play videos that I made on the camera, but the sound on maximum on both devices simultaneously is weak. VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!!!!

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    What the heck

    System updates have fouled the playback up and now I can do everything I got this adapter for.

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    Very good work

    Work is great

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    Okay Product

    This is an annoying product we use regularly at work, however we need to buy new ones every 6-8 months. Surely they can make a product that has some durability in it or less wires that can be stretched. If we are paying £50 then it should last for 3-4 years at least!

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    Waste of money

    Why sell a lightning to VGA adapter if you can't play your purchased iTunes movies on a household projector? I purchased a movie and this adapter to create a backyard movie night for my sons birthday sleepover party. I connected my iPhone to the projector and was met with the following message, "the connected display is not authorized to play protected movies". I bought the movie! You sell the adapter! Don't waste your money.

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    Fragile and way overpriced

    I use these to connect my ipad to a tv screen, and three times they have broken within a few months. So, no more hooking my ipad up to the tv. For the insanely high price I would really expect a product that is better made. Your computers are great, but I really hate you for this, Apple

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    Does not do what is promised.

    Bought this for AED 199 abt USD 55 to connect the iPadPro via the VGA on a projector.

    We already have several mac/ipad/iphone to device adaptors - HDMI etc. This accessory appears to work for static images and presentations but does not work consistently for movies and video and most certainly not for NetFlix which is what it was purchased for. My IT guys now tell me that its for security reasons!

    If there are 'exclusions' then this must be made clear both online and on the box.

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    Does not work with Netflix

    I have the iPad Air and bought the Lightning to VGA Adapter so I could watch Netflix on the big screen while on my treadmill. When I hook it up, I get an error that says it's not supported. I am able to watch VUDU movies with it so I know I do not have it hooked up incorrectly. I've read tons of reviews and see I'm not the only one with this issue, yet I've seen nothing from Apple on how to fix it. $40 for a product that doesn't work. Really??

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    Do not waste your money!!

    I paid over 50$ for this adapter for my iPad Air 2 and it worked great...twice. Now I get the "connected display is not supported" message. I even tried using a different VGA cable just to rule that out as a cause for the problem. The Adapter is garbage and a complete waste of money.

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    Works For Me

    This is just what I needed to connect my new iPad Pro (9.7") to a digital projector.

    I was a bit concerned to read from other reviewers that the adapter was not working for them after updating iOS. However, I can confirm that it works absolutely fine for me with iOS 9.3.1 installed.

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    Works well for my purposes, but...

    The lightning to VGA Adapter does what I need it to, and its a great little tool. The front of the classroom space I teach in once a week is dominated by a gigantic SMARTBoard, so I wanted something to present my own keynotes and videos without having to use the laptop in the classroom or bring my own and mess around with software or wifi passwords. I can display keynotes and videos directly from my iPad to the SMARTboard with no issues, but be aware that the VGA end of this is just for that... Video Graphic Array, as in, no sound.

    The volume turned up on the iPad works, but I wish that by using the additional lighting plug spot on the adapter and a USB cable I could plug in the sound to my speaker. The iPad believes it's sending everything to the SMARTboard so the sound will not play through a second source. I am wondering about the HDMI Digital Video Adapter cable though...I bet that would work if the SMARTboard had speakers.

    My one star removal is because of the price. At the time I bought this adapter, it was literally half the price of an Apple TV. Really? I will say this though...one of the other teachers tried mine and liked it so much he bought himself a non-Apple version...and promptly sent it back because it did not work at all.

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    A perfect device for playing my live visuals on my iPad.


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    Piece of JUNK!

    Use to work when playing netflix to an external display but now it claims that my display isn't HDCP compliant..... What kind of rubbish is this? I'm not buying a new display just to get my apps like netflix, amazon etc etc to work over the cable again. Really disappointing apple.

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    Apple needs to pull this product!

    It worked for about 20 minutes..........

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    Do Not Buy for Video Playback

    This adapter used to work with Netflix and then stopped after iOS upgrade. Xfinity TV Go and HBO Go never worked for me, just blank screen (playback info. shows and closed captioning, but no video) and sound from iPhone or stereo jack only. Comedy Central app never worked for me either. Was diappointed but at least happy with Netflix, but now that it stopped working this is not of much use for me. Works for mirroring screen for non-video apps and games, but games are kind of awkward with the jack sticking out the bottom side. Maybe with Mfi controller games it would be okay, but I'd rather just play with a real controller on console or PC. Too bad, this was really great when it worked with video playback. Would be good for showing a presentation, if your laptop wasn't available for some reason or you just want to show a web site on a bigger screen or projector. $50 was too much to spend on something that is missing the function I think people would want the most out of it. Not recommended.

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    The 30 pin to VGA has lasted me for years, but BOTH of the new Lightning to VGA adapters I bought new from apple's website NEVER WORKED! If apple really wants to get creative for the business world, it will come up with a portable USB thumb drive size device that plugs in any Mac or PC to stream airplay audio and video without having to deal with too much software setup, or lug around an apple TV. I know there's software out there that will do this, but when your traveling and using other computers that's likely to end in a disaster. They obviously don't care much about the quality of their cables anymore.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfect

    A easy way to connect your ipad to a proyector to teach classes

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    Ok but not any longer

    Bought this in November 2012. It has worked very well for both my iPad mini and my iPhone 5. Then suddenly, in June 2015 the VGA out stopped working. The lighting passthrough port still works fine, but not impossible to make any presentations using Keynote on the iPad. Oh well, back to Powerpoint for me. No way am I spending £40 on a new one...

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    Two have failed, dont want to buy another!!!

    Bought my first one and after less than 10 uses, it would no longer send out signal from my ipad mini to my projector. Returned the first got a second one and after about two dozen uses it stop sending signal again. Not happy! These things are at a high price but dont have high longevity that is expected of apple products.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent for PowerPoint/Keynote

    I bought this in order to give a Keynote presentation from my iPhone using my iPad as a remote- once plugged into the projector I had a perfect 4:3 display of my slides. The Lightning input allows the phone to be charged whilst running the presentation. Overall I'm very satisfied, and I'd have given 5 stars if it sold at £30

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