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    HDMI review from iPhone 5s

    I love Apple iPhones! The HDMI Lightning is not working properly ... For example: The Netflix is not working correctly which I really wanted and needed it! Apple please fix this issue as soon as you can. I am returning the HDMI lightning connection!!! It is a waste of $50! I expect this to be way stronger! I will buy them product, if it's fixed! I will be watching these memos! To see if it is fixed.

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    Only worked for 1 hour!

    So I got an IPad mini for Christmas this past year.... Let me start off by saying I'm an Android user and have no interest in having an Apple however I love my Mini and the one thing I wanted to do with this was let my children watch their movies on the "Big Screen". Now if you can imagine having two children (ages 3 and 4) so excited to finally get what they have been asking for, then so QUICKLY let down. Lets just say there was a lot of crying and screaming!! It wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for: 1. I had to go out of my way to get one of these, local stores were sold out and online took to long. 2. HOW CAN YOU CHARGE $49 FOR AN ADAPTER?!? I mean really??!! I'm totally returning this thing and will find another way to let my children watch their movies.

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    Works well most of the time and then there is a fix

    I have three of these on three different TVs (all Samsung) and the dongle works well. I did have problems with the HDMI cables and they are very sensitive and tend to break easily. I do have the occasional issue of not connecting, but a restart of the IPad or iPhone always solves that issue. Works as advertised and will display a high definition picture if used with a good source. For those with problems, try a reboot. Satisfied customer here.

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    Great!!! Worked for 2 minutes..!!!???

    Worked only for a 2 minutes. Such a great life for apple accessories!!!!.
    Please don't ever buy this. Money waste

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    Update Needed ASAP!!!!!

    I really dislike this product. I've had it replaced twice in less than 3 weeks because it wouldn't work on my iPad or my iPhone 6+. After reading others reviews I learned that I have to restart both devices if the adapter doesn't register on them. An update is needed so that this problem doesn't continue to occur. Until then, I suggest passing on the product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Absolute garbage. Using an iPhone 6+; whenever I'm mirroring content that is not stored directly on my phone, the picture is fine. Any streaming content turns into garbage. If a video is buffering, my phone might show it at a less than ideal resolution- no big deal. Somehow, though, that turns into lots of noise and static on the screen. Bands of snow show up across the screen with the loading/buffering circle discernible amongst them. How does that make sense when my phone's screen would show the video just fine?
    I'd return it, but I'm days outside the return period. My mistake for giving it a chance. Waste of $50.

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    Got to reset.

    My adapter quit working like other reviewers. I did the hard reset (hold power and home key until Apple symbol appears) and all was well.

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    Over priced lightning!

    I bought this product and used it for approximately two months and it just quit working. Plus ever since I purchased it it never worked on my iPad Mini. I was very disappointed with this product. I hate to complain about things and be such a nag but for such a small little plug it is very pricey and did not perform very well at all. Please try and rectify this product as I am really interested in re-purchasing it. Thank you.

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    No Longer Works!!!

    I am extremely frustrated with Apple after the ISO 8.3 update. I have an iPad 4th generation and have been using the lightening adapter and HDMI cable since 2013 to watch movies on my TV and now it has suddenly stopped working. I even bought a NEW adapter and HDMI cable but it still will not work. My screen is just black. I am beyond frustrated at the amount of money I have wasted trying to resolve this problem. Apple needs to fix this problem ASAP!!! This is not acceptable.

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    Does not work with my IPad Air but does with my daughter's older IPad!

    i bought this adapter in January and used it to play downloads from ITV and BBC IPlayer. It now refuses to link to my Sony Bravia TV. I just get a blank screen. However, I plugged my daughter 's older version IPad into the adapter and hers works. I am not happy at all. What a waste of money!

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    works great

    Read the reviews, went into the Apple Store at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. I told them about the reviews and that this might not work with 8.3 or you might have to reset your ipad. Well, I decided to buy it and test it out to see if it was worth it. It was. Took my HDMI cable from my Samsung TV, hooked it up to my ipad mini2 and bam, works perfectly with great resolution. So, I don't know why so many people are having problems with this. The Apple store people said it could be the device and/or tv, or even possibly the hdmi cable. But, it does work. It works with 8.3. And my device did not need to be reset for it to work. I do agree the price is kind of high but all and all you can stream from your ipad to your tv without a problem which makes it good in my book.

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    Lighting cable

    I have an av lighting cable that can only be plugged when my battery pack iphone 6 plus cover if taken off otherwise it wont plug into it. It is annoying that it does that. It plugs great when I recharge my phone in the wall plug using the same cover but not when it comes to using it with the av hdmi plug.

    The reviews I have read from others having problem with the av hdmi lighting plug makes me wonder if it is the same issue I have with mine.

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    stopped working

    Worked well for a few days but now doesn't work on any TV, disappointed as I was really pleased with it to begin with.
    Back to the shop for a refund I think

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    VERY DISGUSTED!! I'm DONE with Apple!!

    I have gotten maybe 20 uses of this product, and as of TODAY --- this incrediblely over priced piece of garbage as just died on me!! Unlike so many other poor reviews, I'm fortunate enough to have wasted my money only once. HOWEVER, this 30 pin connection is the single most horrible design this company has ever produced. I have wasted--- FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET well over $200. In charging cables alone!! I'm on cable #9 as I write this

    I've read ALL the reviews regarding the charging cables and now this product, and clearly- YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, APPLE. A VERY, VERY, BIG ONE!! Based on the now hundreds of reviews I've read.... I'm not the only one that feels this way. The fact that you have no interest in either remedying the situation, and returning to the much more reliable earlier connection- DISGUSTS ME!! Your all thieves, and I'm sick of being your victim! I'm shocked you haven't been sued yet, and if I could find a pro bono attorney to take on the task of SUING YOU FOR RIPPING OFF MILLIONS OF US, I would!!

    On a final note, I bought this iPad and i use it on a daily basis to enhance and improve the quality of life for the elderly dementia & Alzeheimer patients I work with every day. It has become a wonderful tool to share programs, games, entertainment and interactive activities. But when I can't rely on equipment that I spend my PERSONAL money on, and then read pages & pages upon complaints and reviews of customers that have the exact same problems, it makes my blood boil! Your customers are not made of money, Apple!! I'm in a VERY low paying field of therapeutic recreation, I've spent my own money on my iPad and accessories to improve the quality of my residents lives, and you as a company should be throughly ashamed of yourselves!! Your lack of care and respect for your customers is inexcusable!

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    Stopped working.

    I had the same issue, connecting my iphone 5 to my vizio smart tv. It worked amazingly for a couple weeks, then suddenly nothing. I wish I had read these reveiws beforehand.

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    Reset works with IOS8.3

    Gotta reset your device after the 8.3 upgrade for your Lightning Digital AV Adapter to work

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product

    This is a great product, I did have issues after I upgraded to iso 8.3 but after contacting apple they suggested a hard reset (hold home key and the power button until the apple appears,, let it reset and it works great again) thanks Apple

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    doesn't work anymore

    I use this with my mini IPad, it was always sporadic, but now it won't work at all. Very frustrating since I like to take my movies with me in my camper. Too expensive to buy a new one, has Apple replaced anybody else's adapter for free or for a small fee?

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    Only lasted 2 weeks

    After using it for around two weeks it stopped working. I was using with my iPhone and it was connecting to my Acura.

    It was great while it lasted, though.

    I'm taking it in for a swap, I hope.

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    Pure Luck Incarnate

    I'm not sure what Apple was going for with this item. I bought it recently and it worked marvelously, but after an incident I had to procure another adapter to replace the previous one. The problem is, as soon as I plug it up there was no picture or sound. I was flabbergasted at this, and I will not waste my time buying another one, becuase I could end up buying another dud.

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