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    Just as everyone else said, they have amazing bass and great audio quality for such a low price. I haven't used any of my other headphones since purchasing these and I love to listen to my music even more. If you can afford them they are a must have.

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    WOW, You nailed it !!!

    Perfect ear buds, completely comfortable and the sound is amazing. I consider myself a serious audiophile. These things are perfect. The ideal balance of base, mid and treble with no distortion in any of the Hz ranges, that and after a few minutes you forget they are in your ear. They don't plug your ear up like other high priced buds do, they just sit there.

    If you're thinking about upgrading, DO IT !!

    THANK YOU !!! It's about time someone got it right.

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    Great Fit

    I had the Bose and other high end ear buds, but these are a great fit and very good sound, I love them. Also feature of on line controls are a big plus too ! Buy them !

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    Great headphones

    I v got them for few days now and they are amazing. They didnt fall of my ear even i was runing and the quality of sound is also great.


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    Really wow... For $30 you can't go wrong... Flat out, the best headphones for that price!

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    Great audio but difficult-to fit ears will be disappointed

    I have difficult to fit ears, and the only headsets I've found that don't fall out are the gel ones, specifically the Bose Mie2. The EarPods are disappointing in comparison: when on a treadmill or when using the in-line remote, the earpiece falls out.

    However, music listening quality is superior to old Apple earphones and only a bit short of the high-end Bose M-Series on the clarity of the bass (which are of course much more expensive but are a popular high-end choice that I also own).

    Voice (call) quality is excellent, on par with the Bose M-series, a little better than old earphones.

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    Apple EarPods

    I got only one word for this: MINDBLOWING!

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    Apple Ear Pods

    I bought these new Ear Pods they are amazing and totally compete against the Dr.Dre headphones but like two days ago the speaker simply busted and now i am wondering if i can exchange it.Overall its a good product and you must take care it by not pulling on the cords much. BUY IT!

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    Just Awesome

    The EarPods is just awesome. I was searching for earphones with deep bass. I had found some, but expensive. I bought EarPods and just enjoyed listening to my musics. EarPods give you the details of music and its layers, so you can hear more from music and enjoy listening the reality of that song. I concluded that just bass is not important, the details of music are important too. The bass is enjoyable too. This excellent quality of sound with this little price is just great.
    If you listen to music with earphones and the quality of sound is important for you, I suggest EarPods.
    Apple always surprise its customers. That's because I love Apple.
    Thank you Apple

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    These headphones are amazing. From the moment they were in my ears I could tell Apple really spent some time looking at the shape of the ear. Other headphones hurt my ears but these do not one bit. The quality is awesome! Apple did a really good job with this new headphone style!

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    Had them on all day!

    The EarPods are so comfortable that i forgot that i had it on me. With the previous and other earphones your ears starts to feel uncomfortable after a couple of hours. With these new EarPods i had them on all day! I feel the need to buy the rest of the family one and normally i don't take time to write reviews but this little thing is just as marvelous as the first unveiling of the first iPhone. Great Job on the design!

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    Comfortability over all else

    I am a video editor and while editing all day a lot of different headphones can become very uncomfortable. The benefit of the new EarPods is that I can wear them all day with little discomfort. However, while I do use them while editing, I switch to different headphones when editing sound. The quality of sound is decent, but a lot of outside noise gets in (I work on the ground floor next to a busy street in NYC). Definitely worth it for the comfort, although I got them with my iPhone, so Im not sure if I would've bought them separately.

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    At first I was quite skeptical about the new EarPods - they seem like products out of this world that I won't trust. I just tried them a moments ago, and I am loving the music coming from the EarPods (not to mention that they won't drop off no matter how hard I try to shake my head lol). Simply the best earphones ever. Great job Apple!

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    Best Apple Headphones Yet!!

    When I first placed the headphones in my ear, I didnt know what to expect. The sound coming from the headphones is amazing, I was honestly shocked. Finally Apple has made headphones to compliment the bass of the music on my iPod. The older headphones always fell out of my ears and it was pretty annoying. Thanks to the new shape of the earbud, the headphones have no problem staying in place. I would recommend these headphones to anyone. I also hope it isn't as fragile as the older ones too. If these headphones turn out to be sturdy, these headphones will be my ultimate favorite.

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    Best pair of headphones I've ever bought.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fit Well & Sound Great

    Apple got it right again. The fit and feel of these EarPods is fantastic, like the ads say, they designed them to sit properly in you ear, and for me they do. I was blown away, when listening to Carrie Underwood, has the sound from these has been greatly improved. Using the headset has a substitute for a bluetooth, the control buttons are a lot more rigid.

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    At first I saw reviews of these Earpods saying that they are not worth for the expensive price tag, BUT THEY WERE WRONG. These Earpods are immensely impressive and the sound quality is just pure fascinating. It even rivals some other high-end earphones (like seriously). ONE MILLION STAR RATING! Great job Apple!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect Bass, but always fall off ears

    The new apple earpods comes with mic and with cheaper price, the sound is amazing compared to the old ones, but the shape still cannot hold it in my ear and can be easily fall off with little movement of your head. The sound is loud enough but still cannot block the environmental sound. This earpods is suitable only for non sport use

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    Amazing quality!

    Surprisingly fantastic quality for such a well priced product!
    I have a pair of HeartBeats that were around £80 when I got them, and these are so much better and fit so comfortably!
    Definitely worth buying a pair!!

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    A Cappella Producer Very Impressed

    I own a small studio and record and produce acoustic instruments and a cappella groups so I know when something sounds good. While the bass is a bit hyped on these, they do sound very good, and for $30?!? I don't think you can beat them. The sound probably also depends on the resonating cavity of your ears, but for me they sound great. Loving them.

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