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    come on apple, you can do better than this. the sheath of the cord is shredded, making charging impossible unless i just so happen to angle the plug-in just right after cursing at it for 15 mins. you guys need to fix this

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    iPhone 5 USB Cable- no problems with ours

    I have owned my iPhone 5 for almost one year. I have never had a problem with the USB cable. My husband owns the same phone also almost one year old and he has never had a problem with his USB cable. I can honestly say our cables are used every day and neither one of us worry about how they are placed (we don't abuse them) on the counter meaning we don't lay them straight.

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    This cable is a bummer

    I've now gone through two of these cables since purchasing my iPhone 5. Can''t understand why Apple hasn't done something about it in view of the number of similar complaints.

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    Is anyone happy with this product?

    My first cord frayed, my replacement just stopped working. My cables have lasted about 6 months each, so I guess I'm doing better than a lot of others.

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    Poor quality

    after purchasing the iphone 5 in February I have had to buy 4 chargers and the one I currently have has just stopped working so tomorrow will have to go to apple and yet again buy another one. I am not happy with this and I think the quality needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. when I had the iphone4 I had no problem with that charger what so ever

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    Everything is perfect but one thing. Color

    I really consider making the apple usb cables, headphones, and power adapter the color of your iPhone. Not much of an issue but it's just something I feel people will like. Besides the color, the lightning connecter itself works perfect for what it's intended to do. I enjoy how it's small, and your able to still plug your connecter to your iPhone on both sides.

    P.s- Hopefully you consider in the future to create the 3 things I mentioned above with colors of the iPhone.

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    It's my third lightning cable.. I now have to borrow from others to keep mine healthy

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    Very disappointed.

    I have recently (in the last few months) updated my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5. I have one charger next to my bed and it has not moved since I bought the phone. Now, all of the sudden, the charger just stopped charging. I still have chargers from the first iPhone and various iPods that work perfectly fine. It is sad that Apple, who is supposed to be the best, would make such a product that breaks so easily. Now that I have provided most of my family with their own iPhone 5, I am going to hate telling them they will have to spend more money just to provide another charger for their phone. Very disappointed in Apple and their lack of ability to continue to make their products last. If you want to be the best, do not make a product that does not last more than 3 months.

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    Still on my original cable, no issues...

    I won't impugn the integrity of the 1-star reviewers - I'm sure their gripes are perfectly legitimate, and I too would be extremely frustrated if it were constant breaking. But I've been on my original Lightning cable for about a year now, and have never had a problem. Like everyone else, I plug and unplug it every day, and it still looks like new and shows no sign of cracking whatsoever. I have a 2nd cable I carry in my bag to use in my car, at work, etc. - no issues there either. Perhaps there have been some QC issues or bad batches, or people are yanking at the cable instead of gripping the plug...?

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    Very frustrating- I give it no stars

    My first cable that I got with my new iphone broke at the base of the plug into the phone connection within a few weeks of normal use. I thought maybe I had gotten a faulty one but after the new one that I thought was expensive and strong did the same thing a few hours ago I am not very happy and feel that apple needs to improve their product and send me a couple new cables until they resolve the issue.

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    None of my original cables work anymore. But the worse thing is that I upgraded from 6.1.4 to 7 and none of the aftemarket cables are accepted anymore. So...I am stuck with one big chunck of useless plastic....

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    Apple needs to fix this!

    I am just over 1 year with my iphone 5 and within the last 2 weeks I have had 3 out of 4 cables stop working. They are all splitting under the head like everyone else's. I leave it plugged into my bedroom at the nightstand and it lays flat every night. Not sure what else I could do to make it work. Very irritated that I have to buy yet another.

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    Awful and overpriced

    The charger is extremely unreliable. It is extremely overpriced and i would not reccomend getting a iphone 5 5s or 5c because of how flimsy unreliable and overpriced this charger is. I am extremely dissapointed and i need a third charger after careful care of the first two. Ive only had my iphone 5 for about 6 months now and i regret it terribly.

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    Very poor, never had such problems with charger cables before.

    I have never once had a phone charger break in all the years I have been using a mobile phone. However in the past year I have had to buy two of these. I know several people who use the new lightening cable and all of them have been forced to buy new ones.

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    I've had this cord for 4 months and it will no longer charge my phone so I'm forced to now spend an unreasonable $25 on another cord. I tried to be a cheaper version but the phone will not accept it. The old charger I had for my iPod lasted 5 years without a single issue. Highly disappointed.

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    This product is great, it gets the job done and is very easy to use. I would say that to those who are experiencing issues with their cable if you take it to an Apple store they will switch it out for free and give you a new. (as long as it is under a year)

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    Absolutely Ridiculous

    IN the past year ive gone through 6 lightning cables all original they are so poorly made they just suddenly stop working. 3 times the cables have ripped open and i ahve spent over £75on cables plus even the iphones not good too my battery is so poor even without me using it it drops 40%ridiculous im ashamed at Apple hope the 5s is better

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    I have had to buy a new lightening cable every month and a half to 2 months. It would always short out and need to be held at a certain angle to work. Yet the old charging cables would last for year.

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    Very poor

    I have now had to request my second replacement cable. When are Apple going to accept that they are supplying faulty goods?

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    So looking over the reviews, others have had the same problem I had and at first I too thought the problem was with my chord. On my iPhone5 I had three to four lightning chords and one of them was sort of scratched up. Thought it was my fault, so I just kept using the other chords. My iPhone5 WOULD NOT charge and I previously had to wrap my chord around or kept it in a certain way/direction for my phone to finally charge. Turns out that it WASN'T the chord at all, BUT the actual phone itself. Luckily my iPhone5 was still under warranty, so anyone who has this problem and is still under warranty, just go take it in and they'll give you a new phone!

    In conclusion, my lightning chords all work with my new iPhone5 (including the scratched up one) and my iPad2 w/ retina display. I am giving it a 4/5 though because it was kind of easy to scratch the chord, but other than that, it works like a charm!

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