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    Okay, you guys keep making fancy new products and all everyone is asking for is improved chargers, and better battery. Not a charger that breaks after a few months whether you're safely using it or not. Nor do we want to keep having to buy the apple chargers to have them work with our phones we want to be able to buy any brand of chargers to have them work and not only have the apple products compatible with only apple products it's just dumb. Also I would like my battery to last longer than a few hours. Now to be totally honest I love apple products! every phone I get it has to be an iPhone but, these are just simple things you guys can focus on and fix.

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    Don't ever buy these cables

    I am a loyal customer for Apple products but when it comes to their cables, they drive me up the wall. I have used this cable to charge my iPhone on a daily basis with occasional syncing. I have not abused or roughly handled it in the 1 YEAR i've owned it. It basically sits on my desk plugged in. I insert and unplug it by the plastic base, not the wire. It's not stuffed into pockets or bags or tightly wound. Even after all this delicate use i found it had become wrinkled at the base, the wire jacket has split and developed a light brown/yellow discoloration along the area where it split. The shielding is also exposed revealing how flimsy these are made. The cable still works but considering it's plugged into an electric source with exposed wiring. No thanks, it's being tossed.

    Apples designers should be ashamed that this has been allowed to go on for so long and that their cables have the same longevity and durability as a styrofoam cup. A cable under normal daily use should start to show signs of wear and defects in years. Not months or a single year. I've owned another one these cables from a previous generation iPod and the same thing happened. It's absolutely terrible and I refuse to spend more of my money on such a poorly executed design.

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    hopeless cables

    Apple cables are very poorly specified. The strain relief is insufficient and the cable sleeve wears easily. They have been like this since I first had an iPhone 3G. Lightning cables have not improved the reliability at all. I am constantly throwing out failed cables and buying replacements.

    It really is time Apple addressed this. It's a joke.

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    Great if you take care of it

    I have only bought one cable in the past 3 years, it was the cable that I bought with my iPhone. I hear and see the complaints and all of them are irrelevant. If you pull the cable from the hard plastic part and dont just jerk or pull on the cable part you dont get the crimping or breaking of wires. I dont know what people are complaining about.

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    Consider changing to Android

    I've never previously owned a phone that lasted longer than the charger. But my I-Phone 5 has just been one long story of terrible cables. The one that came with the phone just stopped working after a few months. I've tried cheap ones, which periodically get blocked by Apple. But today my patience has been blown. Having bought two expensive chargers which were sold as certified in an attempt to avoid 'cable not certified message' they both stopped working at the same time. No doubt some upgrade that I've not been warned about. If Apple can't produce a charger that works then it is totally unfair not to let you buy one that does. I've now got a dead phone with no means of charging. I was considering buying the new I-Phone when it comes out, but I will seriously consider changing to a phone with a reliable power supply as that is basic.

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    Poor Quality

    Had my iPhone 5c for only two weeks and the charger has already broken! The wire has come out of the actual charging component that fits into the phone, exposing the copper wires. Very dangerous! Turned it off straight away, preventing a possible serious accident. Not impressed, Apple.

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    Disappointed - Apple quality slipping

    Along with the charger for my mac pro, this one also seemed to have a life of about a year and a half. Honestly, if they can invent the iPad, why not a cord that doesn't crimp and short out less than 2 years after purchase?

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    Zero Stars, Worst Quality Cables #Shame on Apple

    I love Apple Products, Loyal iphone customer but the cables you make are a piece of garbage. 4 times my cable has either stopped working or broken, got them replaced.

    A chinese 1$ micro usb cable of any other phone lasts much longer than your Nano cable. Why????
    When we pay so much for your iphone, why cant you invest a part more of that amount in improving your cable quality ?

    I dont have the option otherwise these cables are not even worth half a star. #Shame on Apple

    Please pay some attention to the accessories also than just the phone.

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    Lasted longer than my phone did

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    Terrible - waste of money

    I have had to replace my cable multiple times since I bought my iPhone. The end scrunches up and it is unusable within a couple of months. Apple won't replace my charger because I don't have a receipt. I'll be going somewhere else for my chargers until they come up with a new design or decide to replace their broken products.

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    0 star

    I don't support apple anymore I am changing to another compagny... I waisted a lot of money on your charger in two years of use I bought at least 1 each year (if not to say more)... I am done... 600$ to garbage could of bought a new phone with this money...

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    All of mine have stopped worked

    These cables are terrible compared to the older USB cable.

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    Horrendous quality

    Since I got my iPhone charger in the box I had to buy another 4 original chargers and all of them broke to everyday usage. Please, please revise the quality of your chargers.

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    Garbage! Apple is going down hill

    I have been a life long Apple fan, but I have had it with these useless chargers. My cord and/pr block go bad every 6-12 months. Ive had to replace 4 phones, and untold numbers of cables and blocks. I'm ready to try another brand of phone just because of this insane problem.

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    Cord after cord after cord stops working after only a few months. Absolutely disgraceful Apple!!
    Must be how they make the lightning as the 30 pin cord from my iPod Classic is the same one (never replaced).

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    Flimsy and Poor Quality

    The cable started fraying within a couple of months. This wasn't a one-off, the replacements did not fare any better. Not up to Apple's usual standards. My iPhone 4 cable is still fine. Interesting, considering the two sit side-by-side and the iPad cable is not subjected to additional wear and tear. Much less, as a matter of fact.

    It's simply a case of a poor quality product.

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    I would give this cable 0 stars if I could. I have gone through three of these cables in the past 6 months. I was told by the apple store that I physically damaged the cables and there is nothing apple would/could do to replace them. I used the cables at my bedside to charge, nothing more.

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    Poor engineering design

    Might want to consider and arrange customer priorities when designing a product. You seemed to have poorly evaluated the customers needs on cable specification of life expectancy. Have bought several cables now didn't realise there was a monthly subscription fee of one cable per month for charging my phone.

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    Perfect length (0.5m) for desktop use

    Excellent for desktop use to sync and charge my iPhone and iPad. No issues with fraying (but then I don't abuse my cables), great quality.

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    This wont come as a shock

    I am now on my 5th cable in 15 months. My phone spends most of its life sat charging on my work desk, so its not unusual usage. Yes Apple will "occasionally" replace the cable FOC, but put simply, the cable is not fit for purpose. Unfortunately I cannot foresee a change to this issue, as its all about the %'s of faults with Apple. It would however be useful if they could at least reduce the price of the cables to reflect the quality of the product.

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